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  1. SpannerMonkey(smce)'s post in [STOCK] Cannot compile model / Cannot compile part was marked as the answer   
    Hi as  the man said please zip and upload your log,  Some information on what version of KSP you are referring to  is also helpful, as the tanks you mention are not present at that file path in KSP 1.6.x  and have been relocated to the zDeprected folder
  2. SpannerMonkey(smce)'s post in deleting mod was marked as the answer   
    Hi deleting the logs will have no affect on your game, In the case of the KSP.log however it is rewritten every time you run the game, so deleting it will be temporary, it'll just  come back.

    Under normal circumstances the size of the log is an irrelevance,  however if your log is exceptionally large , I'd ask why ?
      In my full non development game I have 68 mods plus the Squad folder, and the largest log that  install normally produces is less than 3MB. This is because the mods i run  do not write much to  the log, they don't need to  as there's nothing wrong. 
    If however you have a messy install, run numerous incompatible mods, out of date or just rubbish mods, you can find that the game performance is slowed , as all these errors are written to the log, this can in a lot of cases result in  the game slowing down, freezing , stuttering and numerous other issues .
    SO the question should be ,  How can i make my log smaller?  The answer to that is fairly simple,  or not,  find the errors in the log, identify the troubled mods , and fix /update/ or remove the offending item.  Or quite simply use less mods per install,  If you like doing things in space, have an install for your space mods, If you are a BDA fan for example  have an install with all the weapon mods. 
    If it's not error related and the game runs fine, why worry , huge logs however , unless you're running a full realism overhaul setup  with 10000 patches, tends to indicate a problem.
    If you'd like to ZIP up 1 of these huge logs and post a link, I'll take a look and see if it's a normal log, or something you should be concerned about.
  3. SpannerMonkey(smce)'s post in BDArmory weapons manager GUI not showing up was marked as the answer   
    Well in that case a copy of your KSP.log will be required in order for the problem to be diagnosed.  Did you download BDA from the github releases page? If you downloaded elsewhere please delete existing version and reinstall a fresh copy from https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/releases
    And retry the game, post only zipped copys of logs , not plain text versions cheers
  4. SpannerMonkey(smce)'s post in Why do planes stop when i get too far away from them? was marked as the answer   
    Hi the reason your aircraft  stop is because you have not installed all the requirements for BDAc,  you NEED to install Physics Range Extender , it is not optional.  It's worth noting that full instructions for BDA installation are very clearly laid out in the BDArmory threads first post .
  5. SpannerMonkey(smce)'s post in Mods not working , Pink Kerbal Helmet was marked as the answer   
    Hi the image you show indicates that a plugin or other file cannot find a specific shader , this could be caused by many things , though without a  zipped copy of the KSP.log all I'm prepared to guess at is that  A, one or more of your mods is not suitable for KSP 1.3  or B the installation of all mods except one is wrong.  
  6. SpannerMonkey(smce)'s post in BD Armory Flight AI was marked as the answer   
    HI if you are talking about the pilot AI not one of the other systems   You can force  the AI to land . only by running out of fuel or manually shutting down the engines, The landing only comes due to no longer having speed and lift, rather than a decision of the AI to put the bird on the ground. There's also an issue in that it can land anywhere, it will not choose an nice smooth site, and if you are operating on the coast then there's a 50% chance you'll be landing in the ocean. Also when force  landed  it doesn't automatically put on the brakes, so it carries on rolling until it encounters a suitable obstruction. 
    While that may sound less than great , it should be noted that the AI pilot is designed for combat scenarios  not general flying. In general most of these scenarios  are reverted  and rerun ,  once the results of the scenario are finalised, with one team obviously the victor 
    The wing commander function allows a little more control but is still combat oriented and works only with multiple aircraft and operates in a similar way to the normal AI with regard to landings
    Your best bet for landing of remote aircraft is likely Burn Together, though that relies on you being in control of 1 of the aircraft,  BT basically mirrors control inputs on a slaved craft , so anything you do is matched by the following aircraft.
    There are however a couple of other very good autopilot mods out there and if it's not combat you're after I'm sure I've seen at least one of those run an autoland procedure
  7. SpannerMonkey(smce)'s post in I think I lost an important file when moving my KSP 1.2.2 was marked as the answer   
    On the same steam tab used to select the 1.29 beta and now 1.3 there is an option by clicking dropdown to select 1.22
    download install that, then copy the whole ksp folder to a new location, then go back to steam and reselect 1.3  and download that,  you now have a safe install of 1.22 and a clean and shiny 1.3 enjoy
  8. SpannerMonkey(smce)'s post in TypeLoadException is spaming output_log.txt full was marked as the answer   
    The mod (CrewManifest )you are using is not compatible with the version of KSP you wish to use, and cannot be loaded as the plugin cannot find the correct references in the KSP code. YOU cannot fix this except by removing the mod or using it in the version it is compatible with. Are you sure you have installed the correct version as I know CM to work in 1.22 . I suspect that you have in fact installed the version for 1.05 ish
  9. SpannerMonkey(smce)'s post in Ship Resource Error was marked as the answer   
    Hi, a couple of things I know, that can damage a craft file leading to ui misbehavior . Remove a mod that the craft prefab depends on,  changing positions or method of  attachment nodes in parts used on the craft prefab,  changes to part models that the craft requires  that  have changed the dimensions  and node positions,
    I would imagine that located in your log somewhere is a reference to that particular craft that indicates the editor could not find the crafts root part.  caused usually by removing a needed mod  or a badly user edited craft file 
    The only other way  i've seen this happen is if by some vague chance the game crashed while saving the craft
  10. SpannerMonkey(smce)'s post in [1.1.2] Warships getting Kraken Attacks was marked as the answer   
    HI this was a known issue for all large vessels particularly ships in 1.12.and even worse in 1.13 There was no fix, aside from smaller lighter vessels. and using KJR, even then most large LBP hulls would explode or fly into orbit when approached by other vessels . The only true fix is to upgrade to beyond KSP1.13 or stop using ships sadly
    I should add that no such problems exist in 1.22 and multiple active sea going vessels can be in scene without issue.
  11. SpannerMonkey(smce)'s post in Can't open KIS kerbal Inventory while EVA was marked as the answer   
    Hi from the screenshot posted above I can see that you have installed the mods incorrectly  the path should be KSP/GameData/KIS or KAS   and your filepath is something like KSP/GameData//KISv1.whatever/GameData/KIS/  .  You need to correct you installation before the mod will work properly
  12. SpannerMonkey(smce)'s post in Mod/addon not loading was marked as the answer   
    Hi which mod are you trying to install? i very much doubt that the instructions asked you to put compressed folders into GameData Ksp mods on the whole consist of text files, image files and 1 .mu file, although bundles can now be used it is unlikely you have downloaded a bundled mod.  No matter how complex the mod is it will always contain those files
    The compressed folder is not supposed to go in GameData 99.9% of mods  are laid out as follows  KSP/GameData/coolmod/coolmodparts/etc.    To correctly install a KSP mod first extract the download, usually a zip, once extracted re read the install instructions,  it is likely that  the download contains a Gamedata folder, if it does ignore that and go one folder deeper,   A typical zip is laid out in one of two ways sometimes  it will be  Dillscoolmod-v-0-1/GameData/dillscoolmod/dillscoolmodparts/   in this case ignore the first two folders as they are just packaging and install dillscoolmod into your GameData folder, do not move any folders from inside the mod and do not move any dlls found in the mod. The other way will be simply Dillscoolmod/dillscoolmodparts/  in this case install Dillscoolmod and as before all the contained files and folders should be left inside the mod folder.
  13. SpannerMonkey(smce)'s post in Large Boat Parts / Vanilla Water Glitch was marked as the answer   
    Known KSP bug and hopefully fixed in 1.2
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