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  1. Your only plus side to getting the K version is that you have an unlocked multiplier, there are no stripped out features. Correct me if i am wrong but even the Non-K Processors have the ability to be overclocked, not as much as the K version but enough to be useful. you are grabbing the 4670 correct?, if so that is a pretty darn good processor by itself. Your gains from overclocking are small, what really makes a system feel fast is grabbing something like an SSD and having low latency RAM. The stock cooler on the haswell stuff is perfectly fine as long as you don't try to overclock it on the stock cooler. The Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus is a decent cooler and a nice upgrade form the stock cooler.
  2. Yes, that APU has an unlocked Multiplier, AMD labels their Overclockable stuff as "Black Edition" and their FX line of Chips all have unlocked multipliers. On the subject of APUs, you would behoove yourself to grab an A10-6800K if you wanted to build say a "Console Killer".
  3. The GTX 760 is a pretty good card for the money right now, it should be able to play most games at High some on Ultra. Rassa, are you sure you have it in the correct slot on your motherboard?, check the manual sometimes it has to be in a specific slot. If not, just go ahead and RMA it.
  4. Does the card power on?, Does your VGA monitor get a picture when the system is on?, Make sure you do a clean install of the latest Drivers from Nividia.
  5. Grab a GTX 760 form a good manufacturer. The ASUS Direct CU II GTX 760 cards are pretty cheap now and performance is excellent also they are pretty compact, if size matters. Your PSU can handle a 760 so no problems there.
  6. Just try not to toss it around when you are transporting it. The chance of the PCB of your GPU getting damaged during transit is low, but there is always a risk.
  7. The PCI-E power plugs are labeled as such, the 6 pin is all you need to plug into your GTX 760, the additional 2 pin is used for larger cards that has 8 Pin PCI-e Connections, its okay to let it just dangle there.
  8. Thats something new, a GPU Support Bracket. Not the worst idea if you can find one or build one.
  9. Not bad, thats a very nice build, your quoted price will be a little lower if you go into microcenter and ask to bundle things together, one they usually do is Motherboard and CPU.
  10. The price for performance of a 660 Ti is not worth it comepared to a GTX 660. A good OC'd 660 from a good company like EVGA or ASUS will run most games at high Ultra, the only game that gives mine trouble is Metro Last Light on Ultra.
  11. Honestly, if you want a bang for buck card, Grab GTX 660. Its got that sweet spot for gaming. My Skyrim has Climates of Tamriel, and project ENB a 2K texture pack and i cant remember which shader im using, The game runs fine at 1080. Do you really need a full tower?, they take up a lot of space. Measure your components and see if you can just find a bigger mid tower. Plenty of them on the market. Something about having your GPU in motion with its only attachment points being where the PCB inserts into the motherboard and a little screw that attaches it to the case. Great mounting for a stationary object, but not if its going to be lugged around. Better to honestly put it the box in came in if you are going to carry it around. Figure the dimensions of your case, monitor and peripherals. Get some soft of packaging material to secure those items, like Styrofoam, or that cutable packageing foam.
  12. Indeed, Its not like you can stuff everything into a bag that's still attached. Taking apart the monitors stand, rolling up cables, things like that. Another thing you may want to be weary of is your GPU, Some people like to Remove it from the Computer and transport it in its own box.
  13. The C70 is nice, Made almost completely out of thick rolled steel, With this comes weight. Maybe grab a decent sized duffel bags and then make foam inserts for your monitor, keyboard, etc. It would take some practice to get quick at dissembling and reassembling parts but, bang for buck Duffel bags are great. Seems like a good price for a monitor of that size.
  14. Some options to consider. If you want reasonably comfortable but sturdy carry handles, You can Grab a Corsair Vengeance C70 Case, Its around 10Lbs so its by no means light. EVGA has been making some Small Cases that are really portable, Lian-Li makes some SUPER small cases, but these are all Mini-ITX systems. A reasonable compromise for Portability would be to Change your mobo to a Micro ATX and then grab the BitFenix Prodigy M. You would be sacrificing a little bit of upgrade-ability for a compact case by switching to a Micro ATX, also it may cost you a little more.
  15. How big is your desktop? What is the size of the Motherboard/GPU/PSU? There are many case options for "Portability".
  16. Not a bad card if its still in stock, I would grab it if it was in my Budget.
  17. That Logitech set is really nice set of Headphones, I have the G35 set which are a cabled version of the G930. Don't get me wrong, they are no Studio Monitors but they sound really good. If you plan on overclocking with Haswell, i would highly recommend getting a beefier cooling system. The Hyper 212 Evo is a nice upgrade from stock, but it isn't going to impress you when you start pushing that CPU to its limit. The EVOs are fast, but after some time they loose that speed, they are made for average consumers and not your more "Hardcore" crowd. The Samsung 840 Pro and the Corsair Neutron GTX are the two that are keeping their sequential read/write speeds over time and that is what matters with SSDs.
  18. Grab the Corsair Neutron GTX, its a little more($20CAD) but well worth it over any sandforce based SSD. Trust me, never skimp on any Hard Drive. Downtime from bad parts isn't fun, not a build goes by that proceeds unscathed. As asked before, Are you really going to be overclocking?
  19. I would look at putting maybe a little bit more into an SSD, if your going to get one. These have been beating every test thrown at them and is only $20CAD more. Its Corsairs controller, its not the dreaded Sandforce controller like the one you selected and its fast as sin and hasn't lost any read/write after doing every benchmark test. I would look at the R9 280X over the 7970, Things will get a little cheaper towards the holidays. Not a bad list at all, the case is massive and comes standard with plenty of fans. Why a Gigabyte over ASUS for a motherboard?
  20. I stand firm that Windows 8 and 8.1 is simply Windows 7, Mobile Edition. Therefore i personally would not spend the money on it if i could pick up a copy of Windows 7 for less. People will still develop programs for Windows 7, it will still be around for awhile just like XP.
  21. Its a Fermi card so i would advise against it. The Kepler cards are fairly cheap and most high end gaming can be done on as little as a GTX 660. But bang for buck wise on new GPUs i find myself recommending either the GTX 760 or the R9 280X.
  22. How about something like this? The CPU will get you by for now. Motherboard has plenty of features to keep you happy well into the future. Cases are personal Preference, so change it if you want. Plenty of Ram at a decent speed. Hard drive is good, a little small but workable. The R7 260X is pretty darn good for gaming across the board. Power supply is Semi-Modular so Cable Routing will be easy, well above required power need. And a optical drive if you need it, if you can boot your OS from a USB that will free up some of the budget.
  23. Xeon's are a reasonable exchange for the i3/i5/i7 series of CPUs. They are marketed for Servers and Workstations but still work good in systems.
  24. Can you post a full spec list? A reminder to all, Intel Vs. AMD Arguments do not belong here.
  25. Why not join us here on the KSP Computer Building Megathread?
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