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  1. Thanks! A few notable developers have broken similar promises as of late 'B€cau$€ Mon€¥' so it's nice to see someone keeping theirs for a change.
  2. I am looking forward to this one. And hope that the promise is kept that people who purchased the game before May 2013 get this for free.
  3. Have you considered hauling up the big tank as part of the initial launch? A fair few versions ago (Back when orange tanks were a new thing) I designed a craft which uses the core stage of the launcher as the fuel tank on orbit. I'm not even sure if it works anymore but it's up at http://jmp.sh/IJt75o4 if you want to take it for a spin - the engine detaches (Last time I checked anyway!) and you can dock the bit at the top on launch to the main tank once in orbit if you so desire (It has its own RCS system to facilitate that). Then just send up some fuel with your craft of choice to top up the
  4. A vertical launch pure rocket SSTO would be easier. You need big tanks and small engines. The closer you can get the launch thrust to weight ratio to 1.01 the better. Slap a Mk16 parachute onto a Command Pod Mk1 then put that onto a decoupler then an inline advanced stabilizer then put that onto a Rockomax X200-32 fuel tank and balance the whole lot onto a LV-T30 engine - There is no cargo capacity on it but it should get you used to SSTO design and flying it into orbit and back
  5. Yes and no - I use a short asparagus first stage but then linear separation for the remaining stages. Because the first stage usually requires the most power strapping a few liquid boosters on the outside does help a lot but once I'm out of the atmosphere there is no need for so much thrust so a single engine stack works just fine
  6. The stock aerodynamics is half of the fun of KSP. If they change it then I would like an option for the Classic aerodynamics so that when I want to mess around with infinigliders and such I can still do so
  7. This thread was inspired by a mission I just flew to Laythe in my Career save (One way probe. May eventually send manned mission now that I have the ARM rocket parts unlocked!) during which I decided to see how forgiving Deadly Reentry was with a Jool aerocapture. After said aerobrake I looked at my map view and found this waiting for me. Yes, that is a Laythe encounter. About 300 m/s later (WAY less than what I thought I would be using maneuvering around the Jool system to get to the same place) I did an aerocapture straight into Laythe orbit and rounded it out to a 100 KM equilateral orbit
  8. Unless you are coming in at interplanetary velocity straight down then I fail to see how you can hit 15 G's at Kerbin. I've aerobraked at a 30km perapsis from a Duna return flight (If Kerbin had no atmosphere I would have been flung back into solar orbit) and I didn't even manage to hit 6 G's
  9. I haven't even managed a manned Duna return yet (Not even in sandbox but I did manage to do a 1-man (Testing a 3-man design) Ike return in Career mode!) so I think I am still a fair way off the Eve return... Good job! Also: WELCOME to the forums!
  10. Today I used skipper engines, 1 Poodle engine and Rockomax X200-32 tanks to hurl a kerbal to Ike, land, get some science and get back home. I had about 750 m/s of Delta V left when I returned to Kerbin for landing so I couldn't make any last-minute stops on the way back although now that my career save has mainsail engines unlocked thanks to that science the launch should be a bit easier on the next mission (Launch power/weight ratio was 1.05)
  11. I think that even Whackjob is having a hard time making something big enough to move a Class E!
  12. My computer just begged me for mercy after viewing that image!
  13. Scott Manley managed to get FOUR kerbals into orbit from Eve. He used the external seats to reduce weight.
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