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  1. The last weekend (I think) I made a silent update. I added the minecraft's guy head.

    Just want you to know that I'm not dead. I have been watching many tutorials to learn and inspire myself.

    And I modeled like 8 more props (downloaded and modify one), and i'm not done yet. After that, all left to do is: texture it, import to the game, test, fix the correct place, and modify if needed. haha gives me anxiety of mention it.

    Edit: here is one of the models that I put my butt on this sunday


    I have to remember how I did to make visible the other side of the glass, like in the fishbowl helmet.


  2. I found that one couldn't download the correct file from CurseForge

    Now is fixed. If you couldn't see the GasMask and the Mercenary11, now you can. So download it, and check it out.

    I also want to make a call for anyone that want to help me to make better textures or variants. for example the Mercenary11 helmet have a ok texture but a little bland in some aspects.

    Edit: I also aded a pair of noses

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