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  1. The Pack two updated to KIS is up! Edit: ALL UPDATED!
  2. Pro Tip: To have less items passing through the ground and exploding, drop them making surface in the kerbal helmet. (or any above the ground surface)
  3. I am updating to KIS, slowly. Pixelated black shades are already updated. Edit: sorry I had the wrong link. But I dealt with it. You can download the KIS Pixelated black shades now. Edit2: The individual links of the parts of the first pack is adapted to KIS now. I am makeng revisions of the models and moving files, and changing texts. expect broken lonks. Edit3: The pack One is Up, I just upload it with the fix for the MaskTypeA Edit4: combat pilot helmet is now for KIS help is welcome
  4. Awesome! Magnifique! Impressive! You replicated the item placement system and improved it a bit. That change anchor mode key, should be in the VAB by default.
  5. There is a link to the KAS wiki in the first page. I'm not sure if cover the module manager plugin.
  6. The Back a kerbal feature that is in the Alt-F12 menu could be really useful for part testing if I could drop a needed part in the scene when I need it. Can be done? Can be done without throwing the part, an instead just placing in the floor where I am pointing? I guess it could need a list of parts to select winch I want. Just with names would be ok. May be a premade list?
  7. Do you know what can complement this parts? An option to turn on the old SAS functionality. Do you remember it? It was very rigid and you couldn't override it with the keyboard when it was on. And the SAS was different to the ASAS.
  8. So cool! I was wishing for something like this. It is there a way to configure it to require nothing to create parts? And make them instantly?
  9. Nice! Glad to hear about the unused key settings. My gess on the icons are: drop, view container, attach, grab, too heavy, can't do, and too far distance. Nice icons and models! Sorry if I ask too much. I'm really excited. Kospy has done him self with this new game changing mod. Pretty sure he have more features in paper. The time will tell what he can show us.
  10. That would be perfect for EVA followers mod. I was hoping you could show the sistem itself, I mean the menu, that little hand when you grab a part, when you are holding a part, when you are placing one, etc. But if you are going to release soon, I guess I can wait. Beautiful ships btw.
  11. Yes Swagatron, I think it works in 0.23 too. (If you have the correct KAS) @Yemo: ha! I saw some of these vides before. What do you want to do with this?. There are two glases in the list. One come with that color already. Both can be changed to other color. The first time I saw that, gave me an idea for another mod. I will left that in secret. BTW. To all: I probably I can't model till past the month.
  12. All of them. Depend on the version of KAS. If KAS is updated this is updated.
  13. I saw that one too!. was pretty cool. it should be somewhere in the forums
  14. I personally have a problem with the current pop-up menus: They usually appear out of the screen, sometimes can't click the buttons if I don't move the screen, or zoom out. Would be nice if they appear centered always. Recurrent problem I think the modder community would benefit from an improvement if any of this is done. Also the players. For the player: The pop-up menu always appear fully on the screen. * may be expanding to the center of the screen of is near to the edge. * may be always centered on the screen * may be draggable, so when you can't see part of it, you just drag it or always
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