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  1. There was this beautiful shot of that ring floating next to the first stage. And it looks like one of the fins did not work, maybe its connected, (or maybe not anymore, and that might be the problem)
  2. Manequin Skywalker, dammit that is brilliant!
  3. I doubt P2P package delivery via BFR would be a thing. Most of our stuff comes from China and Xi Jinpin is investing billions into a new Silk road system to transport goods from China all over the world. I doubt China is going to utilize a transport system that undermines their multi dollar project.
  4. It won't last that long. The stream will probably be up till the TMI. And then some. Till the batteries run out.
  5. I doubt it missed the barge, loss of signal on the barges happened before. It is because the roar of the booster starts swinging the antenna so vividly it can't broadcast anymore. This means the booster has at least been above the barge.
  6. Leme start : I am not a us citizen and do not know how a shutdown exactly works. Thats why I made this thread. Please no politics. Today I saw this tweet : https://twitter.com/gpallone13/status/955118574988865536 Apparently the static fire test is now indefinitely postponed since the government can't support SpaceX with their work. This got me thinking, how does NASA operate during a shutdown? From my understanding a shutdown means a whole lot of personnel can't get paid and therefore do not do their work. And since NASA is a body from the US government I think this also means their staff stays home. But who can;t do their jobs now? I understand that the critical tasks, like the guys in Houston monitoring the space station keep working. (And the us astronauts probably also). But are they operating full strength? Or just as a skeleton crew? And what about the less critical missions? Does Curiosity still drive around to perform science? Is hubble still being operated? How does such a shutdown mess with active missions?
  7. Sometimes you just need to leave the game be for a while. Havent played it myself for 2 months now. Still browse the forums though.
  8. Don't forget that ingress into the capsule isn't just like getting into your car. It takes a team of people to help the astronauts to get into the vehicle. If something where to happen during ingress, the only fast way out is the zipline.
  9. Woohoo! This is so cool! Just slap on a new coat of paint and she's ready to fly again!
  10. Can't remember who'se quote it is but. Either we are all alone in the universe or we aren't. Both answers are equally scary. If there is alien life, would we ever find it and classify it as "living". Just look at Earth. There are so many differences between life on Earth. From humans to trees, from trees to bacteria. Suppose we find life on Europa for example, would we even recognize it as life?
  11. If they based Tylo on Tycho Squad should place a easter egg in the form of a drunk moose / elk on the moon.
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