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  1. After more testing about drag issue: high drag appears on rescaled root part.
  2. what all my part now have drag and lift. That's new? edit: after testing my conclusion is that this part drag/lift doesn't scale properly. (It does scale up) but drag is still too high edit2: there is some weird thing going on with this. edit3: replaced adapter by a single nosecone scale up to 1.875m and now it's the cargo bay that have too much drag. edit4: maybe tweakscale only amplified a bug from the base game as I just found more weird thing with mk3 part on a stock install. edit5: avoid using any mk3
  3. ?????????? (drag) mk3 to 2.5m adapter scale down from 3.75m to 1.875m nosecone black
  4. If part variant is incompatible with tweakscale does it mean that Restock make Vector engine not resizable since it get variant Thanks for your time very appreciated
  5. Was trying a different appproach, get this: It would work in real life.
  6. AtmosphereAutopilot use its own module(SyncModuleControlSurface) to control aero part, engine(custom gimbal module) and maybe reaction wheel(not sure). It disable stock Module(ModuleControlSurface) when installed. When uninstalled the game switch back to stock module. (That's from what I understand) With clean install + MH + BG + AirplanePlus(needed to load the craft) + Tweakcale + MM (no patch) problem still there as tweakscale is the only thing affecting stock part (Shock cone intake, Engine Pre-cooler and Rapier). If you look closely on the picture whe can see that the precooler scale is a bit off(LF too)(weirdly, Shock cone intake infront of pre-cooler has the same off scale). The only thing that could have affect the pre-cooler part in previous install is tweakable everything and a ressource switcher but I'm sure I had none install when I built this craft. PS: If I delete .cfg of the part with fatal error I should be able to play with sxt without worry? PS2: English not first language, am I doing great? PS5: sorry still waiting after Sony (not that I care about it) edit: does Showstopper thing can corrupt more than the save file you've loaded? Because I create a new save to see which part they are.
  7. Just installed sxt, on mainmenu tweakscale say 6 fatal error but I found only 5 in log Edit: my bad, found the sixth. Wondering why research tool wasn't able to see it with fatal as key word.
  8. SyncModuleControlSurface is from AtmosphereAutopilot but should not cause problem. All the exceptions comes from AirplanePlus, no mention of rapier or precooler. Craft file must be corrupted. edit: TMasterson5 airplaneplus tweakscale patch probably not updated for aiplaneplus/ksp lastest version
  10. Get this weird bug (craft built in 1.4.3) ksp 1.7.1 both expansion tweakscale and (tested both same result) I added a new precooler in the middle to show the difference.
  11. Hit a bunch of free falling kerbals with an asteroid in kerbin atmosphere
  12. Your task is to build a plane that can launch a rocket while flying like a stratolauncher. The twist? Payload(rocket) must be attach to the far end of the plane. Like these; Rules -Making History is fine -NO MODS -The launcher has to be a plane: horizontal landing and take off, max altitude= 30km and use jet engine -plane need to stay intact, no drop pod -like in the exemple above payload(rocket) need to be at one extremity(left or right not bot) with nothing on the otherside nor above/bellow/behind or in front. -only one rocket on only on side, can't be in a fairing or a cargo bay -you can't jettison ressource but you can move it around for balancing purpose. -plane need to takeoff/land and fly in the same orientation(don't fly sideways and can't roll 90 degree to maintain stability) -the plane should not need a particular rocket design. -plane should be able to land/take off and fly with and without rocket The challenge is to make the rocket as heavy as possible compare to plane(rocketmass/planemass=higher is better) while following rules. I don't care wath happen to the rocket. And please whe like picture(or video). I might do a leaderboard if asked. ps: english secondary language
  13. Awesome parts pack. Does it reuse stock texture? It fit very well with stock texture. I'm not sure about high ISP solid fuel booster. It should be balanced by higher mass, cost and/or lower amount of fuel. Also I think 7° is too much. Bugs: Flag on Swift shuttle cockpit is floating in the air. A.P.U.S docking port and air lock collide with cargo bay door. Visual glitch between part (intersection) when launched. Ideas: Should add visual indication for outlet position on hull parts and rename outlets to vents. To be complete: Ps: To be clear I'm not saying your addon is incomplete; I'm perfectionist.