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  1. Anyway tweaking, rescaling, retexturing, part switching, etc should be stock functionality.
  2. Can I review a plane made in ex. 1.4.5 with ksp 1.6 ? I want to help with review.
  3. It's weird, one of my plane has been added to the spread sheet a while ago but hasn't been reviewed.
  4. I prefer the actual one. More KSP - ish. Have a much unique look that does not make it feel like if it was just a small version
  5. Part Request Very short cargo ramp size 2 (like the one from mk3 expansion but those are not tweakscalable) Cylinder bottom one flat and an other one less flat. Landing gear ONE GIANT wheel. adapter mk2 to size 2 hollow size 2 side cargo ramp(as large as the part) size 2 elevetor up and down auxiliary power unit (turbine generator) :very low TWR, high electrical output adapter size 2 to mk3s2 (2.5m)
  6. Mathrilord

    Mk3 Expansion - [KSP 1.6] Version 1.4.7 [10/17/18]

    A lot of mk3 part can't be rescale with tweakscale -----> Cargo ramp
  7. Thanks. I understand(or I think so) your point and agree with but at the same time it's not the goal of this challenge. The main idea was to create a challenge KEA like that focus on cargo transport and that allows a wider range of vehicle. As new idea poped in my head I tried to integrate them to the challenge. My opinion is that diversity is good and allow other to participe the way they like. I know it adds complexity but only me and reviewer will have to deal with it. The idea of a delivery system is a good idea and I will add it as transport network, will be optional. Transporting a specific cargo to a specific destination is already a thing. This is the purpose of cargo event. It's inspired by the STS challenge with their mission. I've make it different by making them time limited to keep this challenge alive for longer. As cargo event are optional I also add the prediction system to again keep the challenge alive longer. If you are concern by how to make score fair for any kind of participation/submission well that is why I first make cargo classification and all those stuff. I you think people will give up because of the complexity or the presentation of the challenge then I don't know what to do because for me it's clear and quite easy. If you still think it's necessary to make modification I'll ask you to tell me what and how because me I don't see. The thing is that I don't think like most people do and that lead to me trying to explain things that for me are simple while the other person does understand anything.
  8. Actually I was asking if it's normal that some line of the log start with with missing bracket ( [ ) and non sensible letter or number. It's a bit like if there was a computer error that mix binary or hexadecimal or something. I want know because on my other computer(this one is new) I had one of the four ram array that was broken/desynchronized returning wrong value and it was slowly corrupting all my computer. For KAX bug, I've been exploiting it secretly for the challenge Kerbal Express Airlines because who can say no to free parts!
  9. Would be appreciate to get feedback on what I've done so far, telling me the mistake I've made and is it understandable(what needs more clarity)? Please Important to know that I have a hard time expressing my self even in french(first language). That's why I'm asking you. (To give you an idea I've been doing this almost continually since monday. #veryslow #nolife) Edit: I need one submission for testing purpose, a plane with IKEA mods(Airplane+,KAX,tweakscale) Edit2: neistridlar read the general challenge info spoiler
  10. Nothing. Two try doesn't work, the next one was good. I didn't change anything. Sadly(or not) log have been overwrite and I've not been able to reproduce the bug without actually removing ModuleManager. By the way while I was looking at the log I saw that: OG 13:18:07.401] ValidateKspMinMax, KspVersionMin: 1.4.4, KspVersionMax: 1.4.8 or[LOG 13:18:07.410] KSP-AVC -> Identical remote version found: Using remote version information only. or [LOG99 Is that normal???? and lol (KAX) [ERR 13:19:44.850] TweakScale::PrefabDryCostWriter: negative dryCost: part=size2Fuselage, DryCost=-3.814697E-05
  11. I know it's pretty confuse but I can't write everything in one go.
  12. [Picture go here] Summary: Build the best vehicle to transport cargo, participate to event and cargo mission. Kerbal Express Delivery managers came up with a new strategy to adapt their fleet of vehicles to the needs of the market. KED is a fast shipping company present everywhere in the Kerbol system. Their supercomputer(my brain) use some truely absurd mathematic theorem(my random idea) to predict the future requirements(my will) of the company. They use these prediction to decide wich vehicle they gonna buy to replace to older one. Your task is to offer that match the best their needs for current round of buy. Kerbal Express Delivery want the best of the best, they want cargo-vehicles with high efficiency or transport solution. Your craft will be given a spec sheet by the reviewer of the company with his specification and their notes, then current prediction will be multiply to your spec sheet and the sum of all the resulting numbers will be the score of the craft for the current round. NEW!: To demonstrate the effeciency of your transport solution and prove his usefulness you can present a working and complete transport network. Disclaimer: english isn't my native language (french is) be tolerant for error and weird phrasing of a sentence. I do my best. Also feel free to correct me. Rules *All mods listed are optional, stock always better. -Game version= 1.5.1 -Parts(compatibility confirmed): stock + making history + airplane plus + kerbal aircraft expansion + mk2 expansion + mk3 expansion + b9 procedural wing + b9 part switch + eva handrails continued + mk.1 stockalike open cockpit + K.A.S. + ablativeairbrakes + Wetterwings + mk1 cabin hatch + Kerbal foundries(when updated) + opt reconfig(main) + Kerbonov -other: Bonvoyage + TCA + worldstabilizer + IFS(no parts) + ballast water tank (submarine only) + tweakableeverythingcontinued (no abuse) -STXContinued:(no engine: some are unbalance with stock game)(may get remove) -tweakscale(use with moderation to not get caugth by the police) -dock rotate(use with moderation to not get caugth by the national guard) -AtmosphereAutopilot, optional but please use it. AWESOME -Craft that cause my computer to lag won't be reviewed plus I'll erase them of the known univers. If it make crash my computer well... use your imagination. -Clipping= max 20% of a part volume. To use only for good reason. I don't like evil. Ex: Compressing fuel tank to get more space is bad. -2 craft max per week per person for more take one leave one -Autostrut yes but only for big thing when it's the only way to prevent your craft from exploding when spawning -no addons that affect physic of the game -No free moving cargo in/on a craft -Electric propellers and engines are allowed providing the power comes mainly from battery and/or fuel consumming devices. -No more thant 1 RTG for 25 parts allowed on atmospheric planet. Can't use RTG has main source of power for Ion engine. -You can't use any unfair bug or exploit as a propulsion method. (Wheel Hover bug is ok) -NO NUCLEAR engine in use below 50 km on kerbin -neistridlar can only use Neist Airliner Parts -squad staff and moderator can only use upside down command pod -S.A.S. is disabled on pair day Cargo definition: A cargo(it's a payload, a marchandise, a commodity) can be a lot of thing from fuel and ore to a whole rocket, it's also kerbals. Cargo has a mass and a size and. If a cargo is, for example, a ressource that doesn't have a physic existence in the game, then the cargo have to be in a container. You can submit container. Craft Your craft can be manned or not, if not make sure to have enough power and antenna range. Your craft can be anything that can contribute to a transport logistic. Ground: for wheeled vehicle on kerbin apply the rule for electric engine(extra point for minimal use of solar panel) and no mining. Liquid: you'll need dock to load and unload cargo, we don't supply them. Atmosphere: range above 5000 Km is kinda useless. Space: Temporarly space only vehicle won't be allow for the challenge. Transport Network WIP Submission Guidelines (your craft should): be fully reusable, durable and safe (for reusability, any detachable component need to be reattachable. Ex: in a missile delivery system, missile has to be reloadable+give the price for one) be able to; move cargo from a point to an other (vehicle)/store cargo (container) be the most efficient/effective in any way* (speed, crew capacity, range, fuel consumption and maintenance cost are relative to cargo capacity) have the least amount of part per cargo capacity be easy to use be the most flexible (on cargo configuration) stay stable and manoeuvrable whatever cargo configuration is use (vehicle) be as cheap as possible have a good range of operation (for your kind of vehicle) extra points for style and originality. *Example: If, for the same price, you can buy a big aircraft or an other two time smaller and two time faster, then, they are both equivalent. Complete judging criteria(reviewer secret checklist): Submission rules: Name your company and your craft Describe his cargo capacity A Picture Main spec(that apply to your craft) ex: speed, range, cost, part, cruise altitude, deltaV,... any relevant information like safety stuff pilot manual(how to use it) actions groups and commands needs to be listed in the in game craft description link to your craft file using kerbalx (or steam but steam workshop is bad) do some blabla say wich mod you are using but most importantly if you are using or not atmosphereautopilot What should look like a submission: For reviewer Score, event, mission, round, prediction and badge Event (new post every time) Two things will happen through time; When I decide to, a new round will start(ending the previous one) with new prediction. The second thing will be mission and event. -Prediction affect the score of your craft by redefining how much point worth(multiplication) each stats. You get a badge while one of your craft is on top of the leaderboard when round end. -Event can be a lot of thing but mostly . You may get a badge by accomplishing them on time. You need to post screenshot as proof of success. -Cargo delivery mission: see below. You'll be able to see your score when the google doc(or excel or other) will be completed. Awesome super secret special badge can also be obtain by BlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBla.......... THEY ARE MINE! Find them by yourself! Mission list Car delivery WIP Rocket plane Goal: Make the most efficient rocket cargo plane. Rules: rocket engine only, max 10km altitude Score: 100*range(km)*cargo capcity(mass t)/cost Russian doll Goal: Make a vehicle carrying a vehicle, carrying a vehicle, carrying[...] a kerbal. Rules: Max mass=100t Score: range(km)*number of step/1000 Badge Link -Google sheets need time to do that. This challenge have been simplified to make sure everyone can have fun while doing it. Below are the original rules that you can still follow to get extra point, mention it in your submission as hardcore mode. You should know that they are not complete and may never be, there is a lot of missing elements that only exist in my mind.