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  1. @QF9ESure it does. What: Lander Where: Armstrong memorial How: Smooth landing Style: Takeoff and baby probe. I'll update op with more detail.
  2. The challenge, get on top of something. It can be anything, the VAB, a mountain, a rocket... What you get up there can be anything too. Do it the way you want. The only rule: be creative, no duplicate. Do it with STYLE! For each entry there is a What, Where, How and Style. e.g. For King Kong it would be: Gorilla, sky tower(idk name), climb and aircraft attack + taunt No duplicate: You can't submit an already used combination of what, where, how. If you were to use two elements already combined you must justify it with enough style(epic). Entry List
  3. @chadgaskermanSure stratolaunchers count as reusable but not its fuel to launch AND land.
  4. Plasma blackout... I forgot it's a stock option. Thanks
  5. A 2g relay antenna on a satellite on 600km orbite isn't enough to connect with a probe 5k in the atmosphere?
  6. Oh no! A powerful Kerbol flare knocked out all communication systems. Your mission: Kerbin: Provide us the cheapest solution to rapidly rebuild the satellite network around Kerbin. (full-surface coverage) Rules: Stock, dlc allowed Extra ground station disabled. Extra launch site disabled. CommNet difficulty, to be talked about likely normal. All kerbals must be brought back to the KSC To reuse a part, it must be brought back to the KSC Your cost must represent the full operation, you pay only once for something you use multiple time like a plane, ssto, recovered stage, etc What network configuration will you choose? Will you launch your satellites one by one or all at once? Cheap srbs, multipurpose ssto, reusable rockets? Maybe a tug to move your satellites or a boat to recover your booster? WIP I want your opinion to improve this challenge.
  7. Update: Third engine make it slower Also getting many bugs Engine or blade losing or gaining power every 5s Strut + rotor = problem, lag in vab????? symmetric fairing + rotor remove from symmetry + strut = more laggy and part deleting themself when placed. sas going NAN don't want to stabilize etc
  8. 10t SSTO including 1.6t of cargo. The only problem with this craft is the landing gears. Takeoff speed way too fast at 150+ m/s and landing is hard.
  9. If you really want an asymmetrical aircraft then I can provide one. While testing the Bicloud it broke apart but the remaining half was still flyable. Back to the hangar I reproduced the failure, adjusted the landing gear, rebalanced the fuel, added some control surface and voila. But before flying it I would recommend you to try the symmetrical one before. It fly like a dream, can land on water and can perform the softest landing in the galaxy. It will also teach you how to use an electric propeller with too many blades while being forgiving as it is easy to recover. asym: https://kerbalx.com/Mathrilord/BiCloud-asym regular: https://kerbalx.com/Mathrilord/LoRE-SP-DF-2-4-BiCloud All the instruction are in the craft description for the regular Bicloud. I would recommend right clicking on the blade of your engine and pinning the pop-up window to keep an eye on the blade angle (deployment angle). You change the angle with the up/down translation axis ("i" and "k" on your keyboard by default). Don't change the angle too fast, over angling provides no thrust and reducing the angle is enough to slow down the aircraft (thanks to too many blades reducing it alot can bring the plane to a full stop midair). For the asymmetrical one... sas is of great help but still not enough to fly perfectly straight maybe learn to use trim (alt+ wasd to set trim and alt+x to reset, I recommend the mod trimindicator). The craft is well balanced apart from the engine, for everything I'll let you discover it yourself . D'ONT FORGET to turn on the fuel cells. action group 5 (Wait they might be already on, I don't remember... Not my problem! You can look at them, they are in the cargobay) EDIT: Just saw your video and you saying you won't use instruction... Good luck
  10. I've acheive 351 m/s by brute-force but I can't figure out how to shield engine from drag. An electric engine in a fairing won't spin. Each rotor have 16 blade R-25 and 2 EM-64, so a total of 4 EM-64 powered by 7 fuel cell array. As you can see rpm isn't at maxium so adding a third EM-64 will increase speed. My approach is that since rpm is limited, you can instead place the blade on a bigger part to increase their relative airspeed.
  11. Result of the last two days(x5 the number of craft)... please someone stop me! note: second plane from the left, two mk2 cockpit facing each other in the back there is a blimp-like aircraft, fly... weirdly I'm trying to build a pushback (aircraft tug) @HyperDraco You can advertise a lower range if you want.
  12. @HyperDracoDo I need to remember you this? 1700+ m/s LoRE HST-3-8 Missile Rapier max speed is just under 1750 m/s edit: panther max speed (can go faster by flying lower) dry: 696.3 m/s @ 11000 m wet: 906.5 m/s @ 15000 m Whiplash 1503.5 m/s @ 21000 m (btw at this speed and altitude mk2 cockpit will melt, inline too) 1492.0 m/s @ 21500 m (safe for mk2 inline only) 1478.4 m/s @ 22000 m 1443.9 m/s @ 23000 m 1396.0 m/s @ 24000 m (still not safe for mk2, over 1400k in internal temp.) 1364.7 m/s @ 24500 m (safe for mk2 but it's limit, 1396k) around 1336 m/s (couldn't maintain speed) @ 25000 m max altitude above 26000 m interestingly flying lower with reduce throttle is more efficient for my test craft so with mk2 stay below 1350 m/s btw inline cockpit are NOT better thermally speaking. inline cockpit will heat as much as a "nose" cockpit which is dumb. edit2: inline coclpit are the same for external temp. but are around 100-200k colder for internal temp. so you would be fine with a mk2 inline higher= lower max speed lower= higher max speed edit3: @Darkuss At 22000m your Daedalus cockpit will burn at 1352 m/s and is fine at 1349 m/s (if you are flying level) I wouldn't go above 1345 edit4: 1350 m/s @ 22000 m = 1400.7 k int. temp. and still rising(VERY slowly) 1349 m/s = 1399.8 k edit5: 1349 = 1400.4 after 1 hour and 24 minutes of flight
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