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  1. Tailless delta are generally pitch unstable. That's just how it is. Also, your canards are probably stalling while trying to correct for the pitch up moment.
  2. Can I be so bold as to request a fine control feature, maybe akin to Procedural Parts? I'm building a ~1:1 replica of, as jonrd463 correctly guessed, a Starfighter (NF-104A) and while your addon has been of great help, I feel the current minimum size and increments to be too rough for finer engineering.
  3. As the title suggests, it seems like radially attached parts (fuel tanks, landing gear, etc.) that have been offset will reset to their default position on loading a saved craft in SPH. Bug does not occur when reverting to SPH from launch with correct offset positions. Anyone else got this?
  4. Barely past M1.2 around 6km and procedural parts tank attached to AJE (2.0.3) engine overheats and explodes. Gonna go investigate and then report back.
  5. Tweakables suck! It doesn't allow for the kind of precision adjustment that I feel is needed. Can't we get input fields instead? Regardless, this is a total PW-killer. Thanks a lot!
  6. Any chance of a user-adjustable .cfg for this? The cruising shake is a bit much when I'm doing Mach 3 at high-altitude, leaving me unable to read the RP monitors.
  7. Mistake: The 3rd stage decouplers will decouple both the SRBs and the liquid-fueled boosters with fuel still left in them. Second mistake: No update on Win64 progress.
  8. KSP 0.25, Win32. Entering 0 in the Mach speed field and clicking the button in the stability deriv tab causes FAR to crash.
  9. Center of mass problem. In the graph it shows that as you pitch up, the CoM moves further forward relative to the CoL, which will decrease pitch stability even more, like a positive feedback loop. It's a really tricky one to solve because it usually involves having to redesign your entire craft, the location of fuel tanks and how the fuel tanks drain. Adding cargo into that equation makes it even harder. Good luck.
  10. Because the intakes were designed for KSP, not for real life scales. And I assume the AJE team gave them an intake area matching the size of the model. Real military jets are huge, especially compared to the tiny Kerbals. [spoiler=]
  11. You can physically rotate (Shift+W/S for pitch) your craft in the SPH to see how the CoL behaves during different angles of attack. You can also use the FAR lift/drag graph for the same purpose but I find just rotating to be a lot quicker and easier to test.
  12. Good that you reminded me. It's a bug in the inlet MM patch. The same intake appears 3 times, so it gets 3 times the intake area. You can fix it by removing the other 2 duplicate entries.