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  1. The stock clamp has one as well. It's so your stuff doesn't run out of power while sitting on the launch pad. Also no need for super sized font....
  2. Sorry for the late response but I think this is a great idea. I really like the idea of putting them on a timeline but I would do some digging and find out which ones were based on previous tech directly and make those dependencies. For instance, the Saturn 1B was made up of 8 Redstone tanks clustered around a Jupiter tank. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturn_IB
  3. The old FASA has the craft files. You can install old fasa and then overwrite it with this one and it will fix a ton of bugs. (Install Old in GameData . Extract Fasa Light, Paste over old fasa directory in game data. Overwrite - yes.)
  4. I didn't' want to strait up copy the original (On the left), so I added some flair and hit it with the spice weasel. Bam!
  5. Yea, most of the work is the model and the textures. Also I have a lot of experience making game ready models in many, many engines. They all require basically the same setup so I should be good. Barring any weird model import setup or absence of mod tools it will be ready day 1, or at most day 1 and a 1/2.
  6. I have a pretty good track record for keeping up my mods. FASA started in 2013 and I just put out a patch for 1.8. I mean that's longer support than a lot of published games. All else fails I'm cramming it in KSP1. Like BB's in a Christmas pellet gun.
  7. So I have decided to re-create the original KSP classic parts in the new KSP2 game. I plan on making them from scratch and drawing on the original parts only as a reference. I'm going to start with these parts below and then add more from there. Also there is no KSP2 mods section so I'm just sticking the post here....
  8. Hay its updated Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..............................
  9. Light version of FASA I fixed the RCS bug and stripped out all other mod dependencies like RPM and the reflection plugin. It was just throwing errors and didn't work anyways. Legs are still broken. I don't use them anyway so they are gone. The Gemini lander is back though. I also removed the Apollo Command Module, LES and the Lunar Module with its legs. I didn't make them and don't own them so they had to go. Also they are almost the same as the stock ones now so just use them. This is the version of FASA I play with so have fun. You can fix FASA 5.44 with FASA Light... You
  10. This is programmer art. It is just a placeholder until a UI artist makes the real deal.
  11. I bow before no modder. I was here in the beginning, long before the great purge. When the light of Felipe was bright and all mods where new and good. I have brought forth my own light upon Kerbal kind and the light persists. The shadow I cast is as a mountain at sunset. As others struggle to emerge from it I continue on, forever marching to the horizon. All kidding aside LinuxGuruGamer does have some great mods BUT, I was here first, still call dibs. TLDR version- Been a creator here a while and want to keep making stuff.
  12. I would like to make the first unofficial mod for KSP 2. I know what your saying "How can you mod something that hasn't even been released yet?". Well that's easy you just start making game ready stuff and just cram it in on release day. I'm making several assumptions. The game is in fact mod-able in a similar way as KSP 1 "Drop and play mod folders and such". Polygon and texture memory will be higher. "Educated guess on how high" A modern PBR shader setup. "Roughness based?" The parts I am creating are different enough from stock parts to be fun/useful.
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