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  1. I would also like to see more nuke stuff, engines, RTG, also should use nuclear fuel cause why not. Second is more solar panels.
  2. Milestones are already in game. Just in case you want to argue over semantics now....
  3. The "F" is for Frizzank......
  4. Yea that one was just the re-skinned original I think, before I completely remade it.
  5. raidernick- Yea, probably should just start a new thread at this point considering I started this one more than 5 years ago, and haven't posted any real updates in a few years. Crazy that people still come here after 5 years, me included.
  6. Yea, FASA is a mess now with current version of KSP. If Steam Workshop support ever gets added to KSP I would update it but for now you can use the RSS version.
  7. yea the FX of the new particle is now somewhat automatic. So if you have something that puts out a thrust of 1 you get the same sized plume one every thruster. So a 10x thruster set to operate at .1% looks like the same thrust as the generic 1x thruster on 100%. I dont know if i explained that well but the FX is based on the thrust produced and not necessarily the thruster itself.
  8. Right click on part, rigid attachment..... No added part count, and no extra physics calculations. Every game engine and computer has limitations. You CANNOT build whatever you want and expect 60 fps. The only other option is a popup during build telling you your trying to use too many parts and it stops you from launching. No one wants that, it's part of the game. But again your not playing the game, your trying to build a super star destroyer and launch it in one go, for which the game rewards you with a 5 fps launch and possibly a glorious explosion.
  9. Two options do fix this. First in the options make sure show extra actionable is on. Then in the editor you can right click on a part and make it ridged or use auto struts.
  10. This is awesome - Gemini Paraglider
  11. Added inverse color variants.