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  1. I need help with a flag

    Rotated and adjusted colors to be moho brown...
  2. I agree that it could use some more contrast either by color and/or more details added.
  3. Concerning complaints about the cost of DLC

    I stand by my rant. Continue to ignore if you wish.
  4. You paid what $20, 5 freaking years ago for a game with hundreds of hours of game-play and now EXPECT EVERYTHING AFTER THAT TO BE FREE??? Your like the old lady at the fast food restaurant that pays a $1 for a cheese burger and expects Gordon Ramsey to cook if specifically for them. This game has given Way, Way,Way,Way,Way,Way,Way,Way,Way, more back to its fans than any game I can think of in recent history. Yet you still find it absurd that after 5 years of free stuff they want you to finally pay for extra content! As a professional developer it hurts my soul to here some of these comments about Squad. Your more than happy to spend 40$ in add-on for some click-bait cell phone game, but when actually quality comes along you huff your chest and tilt your nose up at it like some self imposed uber game critic. This, this is why only crud games make money anymore. Why every game has to be free with paid add-ons, because its the only way you will give up $0.99 for 327 hours of gameplay. By the way, you would still complain about spending the $0.99 for 327 hours of gameplay cause anything less would be robbery. Even though you spent twice that much for a soda last week you didn't even finish.... It takes hundreds of man hours to create just one hour of gameplay. Game devs have to eat and pay our bills just like you. Don't like the game, then don't buy the expansion. But if you do like it you better sure as heck cough up that $15 for the DLC and not say a freaking word about how your not getting your moneys worth. Would you want someone at your job to suggest that you should come to there house and bake another pizza for them for free cause they ate the first one too fast?
  5. Im really glad more people are diggin into launch clamps! Sorry for the missing files, it was done a while ago. Updated.
  6. Any plans to update to 1.2.2? Thanks 

    1. frizzank


      No, not at this time, maybe sometime later I may update some stuff.

  7. Chopper Parts

    Update Made it easier to control (More SAS Contol). Improved air flow to intakes. Increased tail rotor power. Fixed animation on tail rotor.
  8. Chopper Parts

    Just an experiment to see if I could create helicopter parts that do not require a plugin like firespliter. Kerbal doesnt like engines being on top of the center of mass so it freaks out if you leave the gimbals on. Also parts are not textured. Comes with- 2 blade commercial prop 4 blade industrial prop tail rotar Air intakes Skids Props
  9. [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    The FASA versions comes with craft files for each of the iconic builds. I can't speak for RO or RSS. I did this a while a go, it may not help, but it's fun!
  10. Hey theres a glitch with the lens landing legs what do i do?


    1. frizzank


      Dont use the landing legs... they broke....

  11. [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    Your probably going to fast, turning too early or are using some other mod with it, RSS RO? Keep your speed below terminal velocity. White atmospheric fx appear when your going way too fast Turn slowly at 5 degree increments starting at 20k meters. This is different for RSS and RO.
  12. [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    Yes, but only vector based women.....
  13. [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    People- "Hay frizzank, how come your not updating FASA yourself?" Me- "I've been busy." People- "But FASA is awesome and I want some of those new sweet shaders and stuff, also legs are broken." Me- "Well Shiperoids has been taking up a lot of my time. It just got released on Steam early access." People- "Can we get a link?" Me- "Sure" If anyone should get a chance to derail this thread after 3 years of work, it's me.......
  14. [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    Dont know for sure, have not tried it, but when I rotate engines in the VAB it still tries to correct its flight path and go strait so it should work.