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  1. frizzank

    [1.3] FASA RCS Stock-Like Mini Mod

    Yea, FASA is a mess now with current version of KSP. If Steam Workshop support ever gets added to KSP I would update it but for now you can use the RSS version.
  2. frizzank

    [1.3] FASA RCS Stock-Like Mini Mod

    yea the FX of the new particle is now somewhat automatic. So if you have something that puts out a thrust of 1 you get the same sized plume one every thruster. So a 10x thruster set to operate at .1% looks like the same thrust as the generic 1x thruster on 100%. I dont know if i explained that well but the FX is based on the thrust produced and not necessarily the thruster itself.
  3. Right click on part, rigid attachment..... No added part count, and no extra physics calculations. Every game engine and computer has limitations. You CANNOT build whatever you want and expect 60 fps. The only other option is a popup during build telling you your trying to use too many parts and it stops you from launching. No one wants that, it's part of the game. But again your not playing the game, your trying to build a super star destroyer and launch it in one go, for which the game rewards you with a 5 fps launch and possibly a glorious explosion.
  4. Two options do fix this. First in the options make sure show extra actionable is on. Then in the editor you can right click on a part and make it ridged or use auto struts.
  5. frizzank

    [1.3] FASA RCS Stock-Like Mini Mod

    This is awesome - Gemini Paraglider
  6. frizzank

    [1.3] FASA RCS Stock-Like Mini Mod

    Added inverse color variants.
  7. frizzank

    [1.3] FASA RCS Stock-Like Mini Mod

    I could add storage space inside the RCS tank, but I am reluctant to add anything not RCS as its just suppose to be an RCS mod. Also parachutes can be moved inside geo and still work fine.
  8. frizzank

    [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    I didn't make the Apollo RCS (Denny), but it looks like its RCSthruster as its transform. If that doesnt work you can use one of the ksp mesh extractors and look at the object names there.
  9. frizzank

    [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    To fix this you need to change the rcs module to this
  10. frizzank

    [1.3] FASA RCS Stock-Like Mini Mod

    Thanks for this catch. Re-uploaded with fix.
  11. frizzank

    [1.3] FASA RCS Stock-Like Mini Mod

    Isp for the 45 block should be the same as the stock one. Other ones are a bit high and need some tweaking. I like that they have some benefit otherwise you could just use the stock ones and turn off the other directions in the action menu. The retro one has a huge amount of thrust and burns through fuel quickly. The higher ISP is to offset that fuel usage some.
  12. DOWNLOAD Click here to download FASA_RCS I decided to make some stock-like RCS blocks I thought were sorely missing from the base game. I like the new making history expansion but I didn’t like the absence of new RCS thrusters to go with it. RCS 45 is similar to the stock one just at 45 degrees. Lastly is a powerful single direction RCS for retro thrust applications.
  13. frizzank

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    I posted the same thing in the steam forums where they are freaking out as well. Links in steam don't copy and paste well. I am not familiar with a EULA case involving 3d models but if you have a ruling I would like to see it. Otherwise it’s just conjecture. Actually, most people have it backwards for legal advice. It’s illegal for someone who is NOT an attorney to give legal advice, or an attorney to practice law outside of where they are licensed. As for giving actionable legal advice, I am giving information for which anyone with google could find on their own. So no advice, only information. The point here is the EULA is a contract and many times courts have ruled that if you have a EULA it supersedes copyright law, and if you can get around accepting the EULA you have a case against it. In the case where the cops seized your computer by mistake, (the evidence would be inadmissible because the warrant was not for you and constitutes an illegal search and seizure) But anyway, the search was there to find a criminal act (violation of copyright law) while the EULA would be under civil jurisdiction. So it’s one or the other, not both. Never trust anything on the internet without a legitimate source for that information. Otherwise they are just talking out of their butt….
  14. frizzank

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    I like how people just make up stuff with nothing to support it. An example of how this fictitious spider would play out for Take2
  15. frizzank

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    The New EULA, Take2 and You... I included sources so you know I'm not just spewing madness out of my rear end. I don’t understand what the pitch forks and torches are for it’s a standard EULA. No one can force you to sign a contract. You are free to decline the EULA. If you are a minor it is unenforceable. If you can play the game without clicking accept then it is unenforceable. As is the case with KSP You are legally allowed to backup data on your own computer for safe keeping (US law). You cannot enforce an illegal contract, or a contract with a minor. (If the EULA said you can’t make copies but you’re just backing up the data then that part is un-enforceable.) If for some insane reason they did come after you for making a personal back up copy it wouldn’t go well for Take2. The courts would rule that the EULA was illegal, and it would void all the current EULA’s for KSP. This would give everyone free rain to do whatever they wanted with the software as long as it complied with general copyright law.