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  1. HDR and bloom are IMHO, essential to representing sunlight in an no-atmo environment. There is no skyshine, so shadows become much deeper in contrast to lit regions, and the sunlight is whiter and more intense. Looking at footage from the ISS and older video from apollo missions demonstrate this. Obviously a balance needs to be reached as to how intense these effects are, but again IMHO, KSP has lighting that is too flat to really give that impression of being in space. Naturally, these effects should be player adjustable.
  2. I might be derping really hard on this one, but every time I try and download Restock (tried Spacedock and Github), I get RestockPlus instead. What am I missing here?
  3. Just noticed the hummingbird engine exhaust doesn't expand at low atmo pressure. Intentional?
  4. I don't suppose some parts to make this: Could be in the next update of NF Spacecraft? Some hummingbird cowlings (Perhaps with monoprop in them to take advantage of the extra volume) and a symmetrical clamshell fairing? I tried using a mk3 loading ramp, but you lose about half the volume and it frankly looks ridiculous. The N-Series in NF Boosters has the cool flip-top, but is too big for many launches.
  5. Comparing your LV-N to the Rocket engine design overhaul document, it seems clear that for at least some parts, you intend to stick pretty close to the concepts in that document. Are there any parts that will be a notable departure? Or any parts shown by Squad for their upcoming release that you intend to do differently?
  6. Is there planned to be a Cargo version of the Gojira? Any thoughts on how to do the flip-top nose with the canards on there?
  7. With 1.6 seemingly bringing the update for many, if not all of the remaining stock parts, how is that influencing development of ReStock?
  8. A couple of suggestions/requests: The really big, 10m hydrogen tank sphere. 1. Can it please get configs for fusion fuels, or can a fusion fuel variant in this size be made? Similarly, can a version of this tank be made that can store electric engine fuels like Argon? 2. Is it possible to have this tank collapse down for transport, fitting in a 5m or 7.5m fairing? Antimatter containment tankage. The ring is awesome, but really limited on fuel, while the larger, traditional tanks are only in one size. Could we maybe get some half-length traditional tanks, and/or ring storage in larger sizes? EDIT: Adding to my last... Would it be feasible to add a sort of far future Aeronautics? Potential ideas being a pure electric jet engine or thermal jet engine that uses reactor heating to heat intake air, acting as a radiator while doing so? I imagine such a system would have it's cooling effect coupled to thermal output of reactor, determining thrust, or alternatively, have cooling determined by available thrust. A similar idea could apply to SABRE-style combined cycle engines, at least while in air-breathing mode. Compared to a NTR, such a system would likely be heavier as thermal transfer hardware would add weight, but there might be real payoffs if run on a fusion power source. Going a step further, would antimatter injection at the combustion stage yield significant thrust? ISP of such a high thrust engine would likely be poor if using onboard remass, but if it were airbreathing? For this to be implemented, I imagine the addition of electric and thermal jet engines at the usual sizes, as well as SABRE equivalents. In addition, there would probably need to be a variant of the standard nuclear reactors that have aerodynamic fairings over them, for incorporation into aircraft fuselages. These could hypothetically be an extension of the mounting options present in existing reactors. Slightly off-topic, but I'd like to see some Mk2 form factor engines in the NF Aero pack. OPT used to have a sweet looking Mk2 engine, like a linear aerospike SABRE, but it was wildly OP and no longer in the pack, from what I can tell. It'd be nice to see a NF Mk2 SABRE and maybe a turbojet, like the F22 inspired one in the Aero pack already (I think), and of course, the electric and thermal ideas as seen above. Of course, with Restock on the books as well now, I can see all of this being low-priority. Though aero parts should be simpler than the open trusswork of space parts, at least from a modelling perspective.
  9.[/img] Version 1.5.1 SpaceDock, but problem only occured after grabbing the dev build on Github. It persisted after deleting the Tundra folders and replacing with the new Spacedock version (1.2.1)
  10. I must have derped badly, because I am getting a crash on selecting any Tundra part, due to 2 B9partswitch modules trying to handle the same resource. Modules B9Fuelswitch and TE_Fuel. I have deleted old versions of Tundra Tech and Tundra Ex, and installed the new versions, but issue persists. I am unsure what to change to resolve the conflict.
  11. Oh, I really like NF Launchers, they compliment the larger launch parts in Making History rather well. I am hoping to see more station parts and construction parts in 1.85m size, or at least some thematically similar adapter parts for the existing part set. If I were to wishlist the parts I'd like to see: -Adapter to suit 1.25-1.825 and 1.825-2.5 -Adapter to 1.825 to tri and octo trusses -Station parts to suit 1.825 form (mostly adapter cones again, but some 1.825 habs and labs would be cool, maybe vaguely soviet styled?) -NF Launcher part like a really big version of the mk3 passenger cabin, for BFR styled rockets, possibly tapered to 3.75. Also possibly an aerodynamic 3.75m nose with command function. A lot of the adapters can be ad-hoc copied from existing parts, with the scale edited, but that lacks the level of polish as a bespoke part.
  12. @Nertea, will you be adding parts in the sizes of the Making History parts? (ie: 1.85m and 5m) It seems like there would be room for a few more adapter plates for tri-hex and octo-girders, in NF Construction, and some thrust plates. Adding new propulsive or power parts would probably be too massive an undertaking, but the above collection of adapter plates, and maybe a few tankage options (maybe a single option, with adjustable length (similar to the high end fusion and AM engines) would offer a "low hanging fruit" option.
  13. Further to my last, having two fusion reactors and a fission reactor (for charging) all on the same vessel causes the fusion reactors to reset as well. Pure speculation, but maybe the smart output generation is seeing no power requirement from the reactors and shutting them off?
  14. Getting some weird behavior with fusion reactors. If set to D/He3, they will not start, despite ample fuel tanks directly connected. They just flash on for a single frame, then reset to charging from 0%. What is it that I am missing?