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  1. I need Linux/Mac OS support because with the way Windows is going I'm about to abandon it. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  2. They should all be in here, Kerbal Historical Institute
  3. A brown dwarf planet, <----- see that last word? Same goes for Pluto, a dwarf planet, it's still a planet no matter what NDT says.
  4. I've written codes for robots before, about 12,000 lines. It isn't too hard once you know the language. To write a .craft file you would basically need to learn the "language".
  5. I believe SoonTM is a registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment®. We can use "When it's ready, but don't ask whenTM".
  6. By the time they get far ahead, the ram will be outdated because of speed, and most likely the ram will also be outdated because the processor will need to be replaced, which means the mobo will need to be replaced, which means new ram will be required anyway. The other two points I agree with, but you could spend the money elsewhere and be fine with 8gb of ram in most cases. 16gb if you mod a lot I guess. @scribbleheli and everyone else using SSD, make sure you back up any important files you have on an SSD. When a SSD dies a lot of time the files are not recoverable.
  7. Does NASA cheat when they use a Russian made engine? No. Did Russian cheat when the made the Buran shuttle? No. We are a community helping one another.
  8. You go in your KSP folder and find the .craft file and upload it somewhere like Dropbox and then post it here: The Spacecraft Exchange If you are using mods make sure to list them. I think to share a save you upload the persistent.sfs file, but I may be wrong. Saves are in KSP>saves>"Yoursavedgame" Ships are in KSP>saves>"Yoursavedgame">Ships>SPH or VAB If you have Steam it's Steam>SteamApps>common>KSP... If you are on Mac, I'm not sure. Any file sharing website will work, like Dropbox, GoogleDocs, MediaFire.
  9. If/when it is released for PS4 I will be buying it even though I already have it on PC. My PC is showing its age and I don't want to buy a new one for one game, plus I don't use it much anymore. Options are always good. I do hope there is a physical disc, maybe even a CE, that would be sweet.
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