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  1. The Jedi Master

    The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    When you come back to it after almost a year.
  2. The Jedi Master

    Thanks KSP team :)

    Thank you for the fun times this game gave me. I may have left, but I'll never forget. And maybe I'll come back.
  3. The Jedi Master

    Official 1.0 MEGA Hype Thread!

    Your pilot has returned.
  4. The Jedi Master

    Best quotes about KSP

    "It was going great, until it exploded." --Scott Manley EDIT: Ninja'd...
  5. The Jedi Master

    How Internet Ideas Work

    This video is an absolute must-watch for anyone who has argued on the internet until their face was blue.
  6. The Jedi Master

    Modding Monday:

    I thought the modder hated Curse. But besides that, good choice!
  7. The Jedi Master

    Human Space Program

    Gene made this game. He's still working out the bugs for career mode. For example, the 'Congress' mechanic is too budget-cut-happy.
  8. The Jedi Master

    Flag-planting captions- what do you write?

    "This flag marks the spot where (mission name), crewed by (crew names), landed on the surface of (body name). (something cool)"
  9. The Jedi Master

    Return Of The Jedi

    Gooddog! I'd recognize that fighter plane anywhere! Ah, our resident Australian! *brofist* Good to see you're still here! Yes, I am looking forward to the ridiculously massive ships that everyone else seems to have. And the other Australian! Go Australia! Bill! I'm afraid to say I don't recognize you, but it's nice to make your acquaintance! I will be downloading the game soon.
  10. The Jedi Master

    Return Of The Jedi

    Starwhip! I remember you. Love your rendezvous/docking tutorial. That's good. Like I said, I'm glad no one burned the house down this time. It used to feel like I couldn't leave you alone for five minutes... Nice to meet you, Yukon! I hope we get along well together.
  11. The Jedi Master

    Return Of The Jedi

    Ah, old Sal. I remember you. If I'm correct, you're the first guy I met on this forum. That big, friendly smiley face is always nice to see. Yes, I am making this a reunion, so what?
  12. The Jedi Master

    Return Of The Jedi

    Hi there. Remember that one guy who used to post here all the time about pretty much everything? Yeah, you're looking at him, buddy. I've gotten a new, reasonably high-end laptop, and I've been meaning to play KSP on it, but I haven't been. Might have something to do with the fact that Kingdom Hearts is my big fandom at the moment. I've been writing a ton of fanfiction, you know that? I can PM you if you like KH. Anyway, I'm coming back, hopefully for real this time. You guys are great, and I can never bear to leave you too long. Hey, you didn't even burn the house down while I was gone this time. So yes. The Jedi Master, master of the Mission Report, is back in action.
  13. The Jedi Master

    Valentina's Day community contest

    I was expecting many things. Adorable was not one of them. Nice choice.
  14. *claps* Happy birthday! I have a feeling this love story will have a happy ending.
  15. The Jedi Master

    ...And A Happy New Year!

    Do tell! I have time.