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  1. Found the answer to this issue. You need to install the Toolbars mod as well in order to gain access to the UI for SmokeScreen. This dependency isn't mentioned at all anywhere and I just happened to see a random comment somewhere mentioning the Toolbars mod. Hope this helps someone in the future.
  2. If you have the Steam version of KSP, it will be on the games page in your Library. Your DLC expansions will be listed in a box and you just need to uncheck the expansion. See this screenshot
  3. Could have been, I don't know. Even after I uninstalled all of my mods and fresh installed KSP, I still had the issue. I have all of my mods installed again now, the only thing not installed is the Breaking Ground Expansion and the issue is gone. I haven't tried re-installing the Breaking Ground expansion though. It's possible uninstalling it fixed the issue and re-installing it will be fine.
  4. I had the same issue and was never able to narrow down what caused it. It ended up going away when I deactivated the Breaking Ground expansion, but left the Making History expansion active. Also when I had this bug, I couldn't do and EVA reports or collect surface samples, it's like the ghost parachute was blocking me from clicking the Kerbals.
  5. Hi, no matter what I try, I can't get the SmokeScreen mod to work. The UI for it never shows up when I'm launching rockets. I've tried launching multiple versions of KSP, multiple versions of SmokeScreen, installing with CKAN, installing manually, completely fresh installing KSP, installing SmokeScreen by itself and installing it with other dependent mods. I can't figure this out, anyone ever experienced this or have any ideas?
  6. Hi, I'm having an issue trying to get this mod to work. The overlay for it isn't showing up at all on my screen when launching rockets (no "Smk Scrn" button). I've pretty much tried everything I can think of to get this working, but no luck. I've tried with KSP ver 1.6.1 all the way up to the most recent, ver 2.8.2 of SmokeScreen to the most recent, with various other mods, and on a clean install. I tried installing SmokeScreen through mods that are dependent like RealPlume and still no luck. I'm all out of ideas. Let me know if I can provide anything to help figure this out. Thanks. EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out. This mod needs the Toolbars mod to gain access to the SmokeScreen UI. Unfortunately this isn't mentioned anywhere as a necessary mod and isn't included as a dependency in CKAN either. By sheer luck I saw a comment mentioning both SmokeScreen and Toolbars mod in the same comment and decided to try that.