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  1. 7000 views! Thank you everybody! I don't know what will come next, I'm still searching for an idea, but for now, vacations!
  2. Here's my second, and more ambitious, animated short. The goal was to tell a little story (based on a well known gameplay situation) without texts or audible dialogues. It's still made with Illustrator and After Effect. Hope you'll like it The cast from left to right: Bob, Jeb, Valentina, Kevin and Jean-Paul.
  3. Obviously, a trip to Duna, with David Bowie's space related song for soundtrack.
  4. It would be the french word fo a she-Kerbal.
  5. Thank you all! Here a closer look at Valentina in her EVA suit
  6. It's hard to make a cinematic video with the game. So, I thought, "it might be easier to recreate everything on illustrator and after effect " . One small jump for a Kerbale New film! Rescue Mission(s) youtu.be/71xrhQ-XjCU
  7. http://gfycat.com/AllFamousElephantbeetle http://gfycat.com/CrispShorttermElkhound
  8. Thank you, and don't tell me what to do. I'should not have to bother myself by searching a lonely post in the 10 last pages.
  9. Same thing for me. This is annoying, I only use the mod for tweakscale robotic.
  10. A placeholder? What the...? To say "Do not reply please" is the best way to get a reply. Oh, I'm so sad.
  11. I understand, all right, thank you . Is there a good tutorial for this mod? I mean for beginners, who never programmed before? How?
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