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  1. SuperFastJellyfish

    Space Nuclear Power

    Faster process to make Pu-238: Edit: DoE link -
  2. SuperFastJellyfish

    Cotton growing on the Moon
  3. SuperFastJellyfish

    Cotton growing on the Moon

    Is this the beginning stage of China's version of terraforming? (not my drawing)
  4. SuperFastJellyfish

    For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    Strange. Maybe they were doing maintenance. It's marked VGR1 for me:
  5. SuperFastJellyfish

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

  6. SuperFastJellyfish

    SpaceX Discussion Thread Essentially, a foam-filled bag and a deorbit motor.
  7. Castor angle is the technical term.
  8. I ran out of likes for the day. Thank you for posting these pictures.
  9. SuperFastJellyfish

    New Horizons

    I had to constantly refresh it, but I was able to hear the important bits.
  10. SuperFastJellyfish

    New Horizons

    Confirmation that the recorder is full! Awesome!
  11. SuperFastJellyfish

    New Horizons

  12. SuperFastJellyfish

    New Horizons

    Not just you.
  13. SuperFastJellyfish

    New Horizons

    Hopefully, the software on New Horizons is different than NASA's Eyes. :p
  14. SuperFastJellyfish

    New Horizons

    Out of likes