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  1. JAXA Launch Thread

    That thing came off the pad quick-fast!
  2. ULA launch thread

    That's normal for the Delta IV. Excess hydrogen around the launch vehicle.
  3. ULA launch thread

    Burn, baby, burn!
  4. ULA launch thread

  5. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The vacuum version of the Merlin engine on the second stage.
  6. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Article a friend just linked me. More pics of the roadster.
  7. The most kerbal flat-earther I have yet to see

    I predict the actual launch will look something like the first few seconds(0:33 to 0:45) of this video:
  8. The first Electron has arrived at the launch site

    Scrubbed for the day.
  9. Apollo 17- 45 years ago to the second

    @bfeist is the creator, methinks.
  10. Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    How unfortunate.
  11. Whats your favourite Launch Vehicle?

    Saturn V Von Braun posing with V beauties:
  12. Do You BELIEVE there is life outside Earth?

    According to the Big Bang theory, everything exploded from a singularity(or as close as reality gets to a singularity). Looking at the oldest known existence of light, the cosmic microwave background(~400,000 years after the big bang), you can see how uniform the universe was back then. From this you can extrapolate that everything coalesced from the same general material across the universe. To think that we are the only corner of the universe to develop the self-reproducing chemistry called life seems completely impossible to me.
  13. 50 km long cave discovered on moon

    I think it's the ruins of the stardrive section of a Galaxy-class starship: It must have passed through a subspace anomaly that reversed the tachyon flow in order to crash into the Moon centuries in the past.