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  1. If you mean Breakthrough Starshot then that is a phased array of ground based lasers up to 100GW of power on a tiny payload. The photon recycling concept is something else...the Photonic Laser Thruster.
  2. Bombardier beetles react hydrogen peroxide with hydroquinone in a reaction chamber until it blasts out of them through a gimballed nozzle.
  3. I'm no physicist, but I doubt either effect significantly affects our view. The density of the heliosphere follows the inverse square law so it quickly loses its ability to obscure our view. The bow shock arises from the velocity of our star through the galactic cloud. This movement creates a low density interface between the heliosphere and the insterstellar medium. The density is just too low to affect our view, AIUI.
  4. Two of the four possible sample sites from here: Sandpiper with 16ft box truck units for scale-ish: Osprey with grizzly bear units for scale-ish:
  5. The docking cam looks like my KSP docking cam...all over the place haha Edit: Apparently, it's scanning before attempting to dock.
  6. Dig an underground flame trench that ends in a gun barrel shaped shaft, and you can probably blast small payloads back towards lunar orbit with the exhaust. Like a small scale version of Pascal-B's test shaft in Operation Plumbbob.