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  1. SuperFastJellyfish

    Rocket Poster

    Pegasus is still flying, afaik. Edit:. Here's a list of current vehicles by country.
  2. SuperFastJellyfish

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    SpaceX was bought out by ULA!
  3. SuperFastJellyfish

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Just click on the dot/star to the left of the thread title, and it'll bring you to the last post you've seen in that thread. (If I'm understanding the problem correctly )
  4. SuperFastJellyfish

    Tiangong-1 Re-entry

    This is the link to the bigger version. It doesn't seem to be working anymore though. According to this site, a guy on Reddit named Heaney555 made it if you want to seek him out.
  5. SuperFastJellyfish

    Tiangong-1 Re-entry

  6. SuperFastJellyfish

    Favourite real world Rocket?

    Saturn V would be my number one, but the Sprint ABM is a close second:
  7. SuperFastJellyfish

    Magnetohydrodynamic(?) Propulsion

    The only place I've heard the term 'postage-stamp sized craft' was the Breakthrough Starshot concept, but that uses a ground-based, phased array of lasers, afaik. I'm at work otherwise I would look it up.
  8. SuperFastJellyfish

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    CST-100 Starliner
  9. SuperFastJellyfish

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    They look like modified propane roofing torches.
  10. SuperFastJellyfish

    JAXA Launch Thread

    That thing came off the pad quick-fast!
  11. SuperFastJellyfish

    ULA launch thread

    That's normal for the Delta IV. Excess hydrogen around the launch vehicle.
  12. SuperFastJellyfish

    ULA launch thread

    Burn, baby, burn!
  13. SuperFastJellyfish

    ULA launch thread

  14. SuperFastJellyfish

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The vacuum version of the Merlin engine on the second stage.