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  1. I love visuals so here is the Sprint ABM in all its glory: Specifications: Height: 27 ft Max diameter: 4.5 ft Weight: 7,600 lb First stage: 650,000 lb thrust for 1.8 sec. Second stage: 150,000 lb thrust for 2 sec. Acceleration: 1st stage - 130 G, 2nd stage - 90 G, Maneuvers - 60 G Max velocity: 10,200 ft/s Warhead: W66 thermonuclear warhead (a low kiloton range neutron bomb)
  2. Problem resolved and the new T-0 is in 8 minutes.
  3. Some good news, and some interesting science from Insight:
  4. That was a great video. Thanks for posting it! Edit: Here's part 2:
  5. I hit speed bumps head on as(in my mind) the chassis handles the load better than the shearing that happens when you hit them at an angle. I'm sure it depends on the type of suspension, but vehicles are made to go forward for a reason.
  6. Maybe I love KSP too much, but that was awesome!
  7. As I understand it, they found a part of a nebula that had part of a spherical chunk taken out of it. Multiple observations confirmed the sphericalness of the chunk so they assume it's from an explosion. As a layman, I don't understand how that confirms a huge explosion. Why isn't it an explosion that happened billions of years ago that has expanded to this '15 milky ways' size? I have only read this article though and am no astrophysicist. :p
  8. Pretty cool 10 minute overview video of Curiosity's journey that Youtube recommended to me today:
  9. ~6 minutes to launch Edit: Holding at 5 mins for unexplained reasons Edit2: Countdown resumed Edit3: Aborted and launch window is closed.