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  1. The Fedor montage was pretty great.
  2. Dig an underground flame trench that ends in a gun barrel shaped shaft, and you can probably blast small payloads back towards lunar orbit with the exhaust. Like a small scale version of Pascal-B's test shaft in Operation Plumbbob.
  3. Thank you for this. I've been to a coral shop a few times(years ago), and would have thought that this was already known because they sell coral fragments on little dime-sized mounts like they show in the video.
  4. I kinda like that it's veiled in secrecy. When it finally comes to light, it's going to blow all of our nips off just like Christmas morning used to.
  5. Could be a blowoff valve venting from overpressure that happened to also ignite, maybe.
  6. The flame tower just fired up, as it were.
  7. The creator is @bfeist, methinks. Fine work, sir.
  8. What type of star/s did these eyes evolve under? You can make up whatever eye-like sensor you like, depending on the star's dominant wavelengths(IR, Visible, UV, Xray, etc. )
  9. 'It will be joined by a co-orbiting Hubble-class space telescope that can dock for propellant supply, maintenance and repairs.' Cool! I don't recall hearing about that. I wonder if they'll release images into the wild like NASA does. Since space is mostly for prestige, maybe they will.
  10. That was bureaucracy 'okaying' launching outside of spec...not the SRBs' fault.