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  1. 27 minutes ago, Mars-Bound Hokie said:

    You could try adding the pictures individually in a specific order. Impressive flight time, by the way.


    One question: how did you get the craft to not catch fire?

    I've done this way, thanks!

    Anyway, I've noticed that the fairing and a structural tube are a great insulator for the rest of the plane, I think that this should also works with an inline cockpit instead of the Mk1 Crew Cabin, I will try it in the next days

  2. 4 hours ago, klesh said:

    I've recreated this to what I think is an accurate degree, but in vacuum testing I'm not seeing anything unexpected.

    Perhaps since your decoupling is happening fairly low in the atmosphere (28km), its drag that is pushing it back at unexpected speeds?





    Edit:   When I rerun the test performing the decoupling in the atmosphere, indeed I do see what you're experiencing.  The interstage shoots retrograde at a rapid pace, and slams into the 1st stage.  Since this only happens in the atmosphere, I am going to posit that atmospheric drag is the culprit. 

    Edit#2:   From what I learned about drag values being displayed in the PAW's in this thread, it would appear the drag values on the interstage 5m decoupler are astronomical, resulting in the pullback you're seeing.  Observe in the following screenie the YP value of the interstage 5m decoupler being at 19.48. The shroud part of the interstage is not right-clickable, so I don't know what values it might have, if any.  Perhaps @DMagic would be kind enough to confirm what I'm seeing and/or offer an opinion as to whether this YP value is off the charts or expected.



    Thanks a lot! It's indeed like this, I've tried again putting the rocket in orbit with the cheats and it worked flawless, hopefully it will be patched soon :/ 

  3. Hi guys, after some years I'm finally back to KSP and I want to start a new career mode game w/ some mods, actually the mods that I wish to use are:
    -USI Life Support (plus base parts)

    -The whole Near Future Pack

    -Interstellar Extended

    -Classic Mechjeb, Kerbal Alarm Clock, etc

    - Clouds and graphic improvements


    -Some parts pack like SpaceY



    -Others minor mods



    Now the problem is that I have so many parts in my sandbox test-world that it's almost impossible to truly understand and use everything

    Does this kind of problem still appear in career mode? Or with the progression it's "natural"? 
    Also what do you suggest for improving the total parts count? (i.e. I don't think it's necessary to have 192739 2.5MT LF/O tanks)

    Thanks in advance!

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