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  1. @TaxiService That's what I've seen, too. Every time I test it with CNC (or any other mod someone reports a conflict with) it works fine. I'm sure that there is something about the way Science Relay is calling some of the CommNet methods that causes errors somewhere. But people can always just turn off the connection check in the settings menu to bypass any vessel connection restrictions.
  2. I think the comm connection requirement for the stock M700 scan is hard-coded, so there probably isn't much you can do about it. But if you are using SCANsat you can just turn off stock resource scanning (or just disable the Instant Scan function) and scan with the M700 the SCANsat way.
  3. I've never been able to replicate any of the problems related to Science Relay crashing with other mods. It seems to be related to mods that do something with CommNet, but it always works fine when I try it, even when I've tried with all of the mods people who experience the bug are using. Since I can't get any replicatable group of mods or situation to cause the crashes I can't mark it as incompatible with certain mods. So my only suggestion is that if Science Relay is causing crashes then don't use it. And no, to my knowledge none of the science management mods are related (ForScience and Automated Science something, might have been related at one point, but I think they have diverged quite a bit). That isn't related to this problem anyway, which is about freezing and crashing, not momentary hiccups.
  4. DMagic

    KSP Weekly: Curious about Mars

    KSP doesn't have an API, just code with lots of public fields and methods. And the base game and DLC share the same code, some of it is locked off if you don't have the DLC installed, but the code is the same.
  5. The layers may all be in use, but probably not all of the time. Maybe try to find a layer for VAB part icons, or something like that.
  6. DMagic

    DialogGUIImage help

    How are you generating the texture? And do you know if it is working correctly. If you want to quickly verify that the texture works you can draw it with OnGUI. GUI.DrawTexture, or something like that on the OnGUI method. (On phone, so I can't give a real example).
  7. I gave it a D. I feel like the engine plates and a few of the Soyuz parts are well done, the engine plates especially as they fill a role that wasn't really accomplished with mods (I think there were one or two that made some kind of interstage fairing) and make engine clusters and mismatched engine sizes in the middle of a stack work much better than before. But overall the parts are mediocre at best. Squad seem to have continued their strategy of passing off parts to interns or people working on them on the side (is it too much to ask for a consistent color palette within parts of the same family, or something like stripes that match up...). I'll take others' word for it that the engines are unbalanced (the Saturn V replica engines seem like a particularly disappointing oversight), but there are many other issues that shouldn't have made it to release or seem like poor design decisions: drag issues with the variants (it's a shame they went for the most bare-bones version of variants), geometry errors on a fuel tank, fairing problems, service bays that are too small for any real use, the absurd RCS on the Mun lander, so many attachment nodes that the little structural panels are almost impossible to use (maybe use variants to cycle through different attachment nodes), and so on. And did anyone compare the preview versions of the parts with their final counterparts? I remember some UV unwrapping issues that were pointed out for the Mun lander that I immediately noticed in the final version. So I wonder how much of a "work-in-progress" those version really were. The mission builder is the real problem though. It makes no sense to me. Why would people go to the trouble or learning how to use the rather finicky and complex builder, only to shut out all console users and anyone who doesn't have the DLC from being able to play them. When you can just come up with a mission/challenge, write your own rules and restrictions, and post that on the forums it seems a little redundant. I understand that an in-game, formalized challenge system could be interesting, but this implementation, and as part of a DLC that instantly divides the player-base makes little sense to me. And given the dearth of community missions, and the complete lack of interest in the Squad missions (each one gets one or two replies compared to the old challenges that would get several pages), it seems like others think so, too. It's mostly just disappointing. This is the only time that I'm aware of where Squad has dedicated a very long time and a lot of development resources to a single, gameplay-based aspect of KSP (compared to something like upgrading Unity, replacing the UI, or just improving the code and performance of the game as in 1.2). The other gamey parts - science/tech tree, contracts, strategies, Kerbal professions - all seem like they work whipped up in a month or two with little concern for how well they actually fit in or work. For contracts they spent several versions progressively making them a little better (test launch clamps on the Mun ), but they are still fundamentally the same. And the Kerbal professions and science system have been haphazardly added to and changed over several versions, but I wouldn't call any of it much of an improvement, they are just a little different than they were at first. Strategies... So it's a shame that the mission builder is so boring. The problem is, is that I can't think of anything that would make for a worthwhile DLC. The presence of mods basically makes the obvious idea of selling more parts almost entirely pointless, and given the quality and attention paid to these parts, I would say insulting. Multiplayer never made sense to me for KSP, it just seems fundamentally not designed for it. I can't see anything really interesting that could be tacked onto the game as DLC.
  8. DMagic

    KSPedia Creation Tutorial

    I recently discovered a simple way to modify KSPedia entries to add custom effects. Since these are all standard Unity components you can simply add any script to a KSPedia component and have it do whatever you want. It requires coding, but not necessarily anything complicated. The example I have is of making a kind of simple GIF (I don't think actual GIFs are supported by Unity's image formats). I make a KSPedia page in the standard way, add an image, then add a custom script to it that cycles through multiple images in a given time frame. This is the total code required for this effect: using System.Collections; using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; namespace UniversalStorage.Unity { [RequireComponent(typeof(Image))] public class KSPediaImageCycler : MonoBehaviour { [SerializeField] private Sprite[] m_Images = null; [SerializeField] private float m_Delay = 3; private Image _image; private Coroutine _cycler; private int _counter; private void Awake() { _image = GetComponent<Image>(); } private void OnEnable() { if (_cycler != null) StopCoroutine(_cycler); _cycler = StartCoroutine(CycleImages()); } private void OnDisable() { if (_cycler != null) StopCoroutine(_cycler); _cycler = null; } private IEnumerator CycleImages() { WaitForSeconds wait = new WaitForSeconds(m_Delay); while (gameObject.activeInHierarchy) { yield return wait; _counter++; if (_counter >= m_Images.Length) _counter = 0; _image.sprite = m_Images[_counter]; } _cycler = null; } } } This script has to be compiled and the plugin added to your Unity Assets/Plugins folder. This means that anything you want to add to KSPedia has to be done in a separate .dll assembly than what you might already be using for KSP, since anything referencing the KSP plugins can't be imported into Unity. What you do is select the Image component that you want to use in your KSPedia page, then add this script to it, then add all of the files that you want to cycle through to the m_Images array. You can set the time between changes by setting a value for the m_Delay field: Then make sure to add the plugin to your mod folder in KSP's GameData folder (if you don't the KSPedia page will still work, it just wont use any custom scripts you've added and the log file will complain). The result is this: This could be expanded to do basically whatever you want within the limits of Unity. You could add things like buttons to make the page interactive, or even add a working copy of a UI if you really wanted to. I haven't done any testing. But I think this may be due to texture compression, or the lack of compression, and textures with dimensions in powers of 2. When you add a sprite to Unity with a size that does not conform to a power of 2, a full size page of 2048*1536, for instance, it won't get compressed, or at least not to the same degree as a 2048*2048 texture. So maybe the best way is use separate textures for each image element and just make sure they are all powers of 2, probably 512*512 or 256*256 in most cases, and set compression to Normal or Low. For this single test page I had four sprites of about 400*500 and I was getting a ~800kb .ksp file, when I changed them all to 512*512 the file size was reduced to ~200kb.
  9. @wile1411 Like I said, the ResetExperiment method is basically the same thing as reviewing the data and clicking the trash/recycle icon. And it is the same method used by any reset right-click menu functions and action groups. So it wouldn't make sense to require a scientist to do what you can accomplish just by reviewing the data or pushing an action group button.
  10. Requesting that mod authors use a standardized set of tags, and that was already attempted when tags were first added, is kind of like using standardized thread titles (ie [KSP version] Mod Name [Mod Version] [Date]) or a standardized folder layout for zip files, or even a standardized system of writing a date. None of them will ever happen. I don't think there is any getting around the fact that a forum is a terrible place for browsing or searching for mods. It's great for mod support and discussion, but not much else. Threads with the most activity will always stay in the top few pages, but thread activity has little to do with popularity or usefulness, MechJeb probably gets 1 post a week, but it gets 100,000s of downloads for each version. A dedicated mod site is what we need, and for months was what Squad talked about providing, but instead we have the sort-of useful Curse, which got a bad rap from the start and has never really recovered (Space Dock has hundreds more mods available despite being around for a year or two less than Curse), and Space Dock, which is great, but mostly amounts to be a download hosting site.
  11. @vardicd What are your SCANsat resource scan settings? And what resources are you using? If there is anything not from the Community Resource Pack then it probably isn't supported by SCANsat and you'll need to add support yourself (and probably remove support for any unused resources if there is not enough space for them). @Gilph It looks like there is a bug in those readouts. It's just reusing the same number for some reason. I'll fix that for the next version.
  12. @wile1411 That's not a bug. Reset Experiment means to dump any results currently stored in the part and allow for new collection again (basically the same thing as click the trash can or recycle button in the experiment results window, except this function will clear out all data for parts that allow for more than one set of data to be collected at a time). Clean Up Experiment External is the method for allowing an EVA scientist to reset an expended experiment, like a goo pod, or the recon telescopes. Those are two very different things.
  13. DMagic


    The "hiccups" are caused by the garbage collector cleaning up unused memory. I don't think there is any significant difference between how this process works in 1.4 vs earlier versions (Unity 2017 vs Unity 5). It's possible that some aspects of stock KSP have been cleaned up to generate less garbage, but I doubt there is much of a difference. The real improvement in this area came with KSP 1.2. In general stock KSP is pretty good about garbage, it's mods that are the problem. Install a few poorly coded or inefficient mods and you jump from a few 100kB of garbage generated per second in stock to dozens of MB per second.
  14. DMagic

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    It could be an interesting method for helping people adjust to Mars gravity. Start out at 2/3 g, or something like that, and gradually reduce it to the ~1/3 g of Mars. As for living space design, it seems like everything would already have to be designed vertically, rather than laid out horizontally like an airplane. You are taking off and landing vertically, so it makes sense that the space would be laid out like a tower with many floors connected by ladders.
  15. @Ker_nale The "Next Orbit" button (make sure that the Replace Maneuver Gizmo Buttons option is turned on from the settings menu in the stock difficulty settings window; the arrow buttons switch to other maneuver nodes). It will only show the Next and Previous Orbit buttons if they are actually possible (the orbit must be closed, and Previous orbit is only shown after Next Orbit has already been clicked at least once). Mixing this with other maneuver node mods probably won't work right, and you should expect problems if you do so.