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  1. Unless it's drastically changed from the version running in 1.5 it should be easy to disable it completely (and even if it is different I can't see them making this harder to do, given what they have said about it). The 1.5 version is running in its own MonoBehaviour that you can just disable to basically turn off all stock dV functions. I think the idea then is to insert values from other mods into the stock system, that way you wouldn't lose things like the 1.5 maneuver node dV and burn time indicators.
  2. My guess is that there is just too much reliance on automatically generated drag cubes. The small and large variants make sense here, but for the medium variant it should just have its YP drag cube value be hand configured to match the YN value of the corresponding fuel tank or other structural parts that are likely to be used. This sort of checking should be a basic step in the design process: Does this variant's drag cube match the intended gameplay usage of the part? If not, then go in and fix it by hand. This isn't the only place this problem is biting them, as far as I know (maybe this was fixed in 1.5) the structural tubes still don't have corrected drag cubes for their size, instead they rely on automatically generated drag cubes which are well known to fail on hollow parts.
  3. That's a pretty slick looking UI. I guess it's time for me to retire Basic DeltaV now.
  4. DMagic

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    These are the best close ups I've seen:
  5. @JadeOfMaar Definitely not a mod. Inserting the bars into the stage readout like they are in the video is a little more complicated than how I'm doing it. And no one else has a dV display mod like that.
  6. They are hard to read, but are dV numbers for each stage. Though, I feel like I've seen that idea somewhere...
  7. I actually though it already did that, or something similar to that, I think it does for TWR, but I guess not for dV. That's relatively easy to change, it might not work correctly all of the time, but for most cases I think I have a solution (it works fine with the Kerbal X, at least). That's a good idea, too. I need to make some changes to Basic Orbit anyway. I agree this looks more useful: The smaller hash marks are still at the 2 and 5 levels, but the scale only goes up to 10.
  8. @Gordon Dry It looks like that might be a floating point problem. Do you know what the actual thrust of the engine on that stage is? It seems to be jumping between something slightly less than 10 and something slightly higher than 10. @Psycho_zs This kind of edge-case handling is a little out of the scope of this mod. It's also a tricky thing to handle, guessing which engines people are possibly going to use. I take your point about TWR up to 100 isn't all that helpful, though.
  9. DMagic

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Yeah, but I have a hard time believing that the intended abort site is relatively close to the shore, about midway between the landing zone and LC37, which is an active launch site. It seems likely that all that spinning put the rocket off course, just not off course enough, or in the wrong direction enough, to end up on land.
  10. DMagic

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Close to the shore, but not close to the target. The landing zone is way off to the right, almost at the right edge when the rocket hits the water, I think. Also:
  11. SCANsat version 18.9 is out; get it on Space Dock. It includes some performance improvements for background scanning (about a 50% reduction in processing time with lots of scanners at high time warp), a fix for Metal Ore scanning with Extraplanetary Launchpads, allows for deeper layers of sub-moons in the celestial body lists, and fixes a typo in the science result localization tags.
  12. Tracking Station Evolved version 4.1 is out; get it on Space Dock. It fixes compatibility with RSS and any other planet pack that changes the home planet name. It also allows for deeper layers of sub-moons to be displayed in the tracking station list.
  13. @X1machinemaker1X I think this is fine for 1.4 or 1.5. There is no general rule for this, every mod is different and every KSP update is different. @RB101 There are probably some resource scanning modules that need to be updated for some of these parts.
  14. @fatcargo You could attach your own MonoBehaviour to the slider thumb (if the DialogGUISlider class doesn't provide a direct reference to the thumb object then you can just get it yourself with GetComponentInChildren) that implements IPointerDownHanlder and IPointerUpHandler. Then do what you need in that script. I'm not sure if this would intercept the events from any existing handlers on that thumb, if it does you could use your MonoBehaviour to pass the events down to the other handlers.
  15. @MaximumThrust I don't know what the state of SCANsat is for KSP 1.3.1. There is a note about some changes to the anomalies in the patch notes for 18.5, so it might be fixed there, but that is for KSP 1.4, and old versions won't be getting any updates. @Trolldemorted I've seen some reports of problems with CC in its thread for KSP 1.5, so I don't know if there will be problems here, and if there are it's something I can do anything about.