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  1. @h0yer One part with four science modules? That probably won't ever work right if you want it to sync up with the animation. You could try setting one of them to have an animation and disable it for the others (set experimentAnimation = false, and delete the animationName field).
  2. I'm wondering if anyone can give these new contracts a try: They are a complete rewrite of all the SCANsat contracts, so old or current contracts won't work and will be removed. To use them you'll have to download all four files from the GitHub link, delete all of the existing files in the SCANsat/Resources/Contracts folder, and replace them with the new files. Obviously Contract Configurator is required. There will be a lot of contracts listed using the new definitions; each planet will have its own dedicated contract, and several for the one-star contracts. They will still work fine with planet packs as they use CC's internal mechanisms for expanding a single contract to cover all bodies. One-star contracts: Only offered for the home system bodies and only for one scan at a time Two-star contracts: Offered for any orbited body outside of the home system and ask for the three earlier scans (lo res alt., biome, M700) Three-star contracts: Offered for any reached body outside of the home system, or the next 2 bodies on the list (KSP has an internal ordering for which body comes next) and ask for the high resolution scans (hi res alt., Narrow Band) They all have requirements that should be clearly stated in the Mission Control scene (unlock the part/s, target body must comply with the requirements detailed above, must not have completed all of the scans asked for). And if you aren't using SCANsat resource scanning the resource contracts should still work simply by doing the stock M700 resource scan. I'm looking to see if the contracts are all offered when they should be, and not when the shouldn't, and whether or not they do something weird, like offer duplicates. There are currently no limits on the amount of these contracts that can be active at one time, if you want you can uncomment the "//maxSimultaneous = 10" line in the ContractPackScanSatOfficial.cfg file to set whatever limits you want.
  3. @vanishingeagle Mods go in the GameData folder, not the GameData/Squad folder. So you should have: GameData/SCANsat GameData/Squad ...
  4. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    Do the Part Tools not support the new (not new at all ) Particle Systems components? That's horrible if you still have to use those clunky old Particle Emitter / Animator / Renderer components. I suppose it's probably not that difficult to come up with a way to just export Particle System asset bundles and plug them into the parts at runtime, it's just a lot more complicated than it should be. The same presumably goes for PBR shaders. But I don't think it supports that by default. Right now .NET4.5 support is an option in the player settings (and it's marked "experimental"), so I'm not sure if it's something that KSP or mods would actually be able to use. I think the change from Unity 5 to 2017 is much less significant than than the change from 4 to 5. And the update from KSP 1.0 to 1.1 (where they switched to Unity 5), and all the changes that entailed, wasn't actually all related to Unity 5. The new UI probably took up an enormous amount of development time (recreating the same UI in a different system is really boring, tedious work) and it didn't actually have anything to do with Unity 5. So I wouldn't expect to have an excessively long update time followed by another broken release like we did with KSP 1.1.
  5. Basic DeltaV version 2.1 is out; get it on Space Dock. It fixes some issues with the stage panel readouts and also disables all calculations while in flight mode when the map view is open.
  6. @Nightside I think it's a timing problem, Basic DeltaV is trying to do something before KSP has set the values, it's also possible that the vessel simulator is the problem; it's hard to be sure, but I never noticed it in 1.3.0. I caught some of the times when it happens, but it looks like it's a more widespread issue.
  7. That may be, but the version that is actually linked to in the download section of the first post has out-of-date dependencies, so problems are to be expected.
  8. Probes Plus seems to be including version 16 of DMSA (it crashes at ca_landv_cam_s1, which is the first part with a DMSA module), version 19 is the latest and works fine in KSP 1.3.0 and 1.3.1. That said, it still crashes for me in 1.3.1; the output log shows it failing at: PartLoader: Compiling Part 'Coatl Aerospace/ProbesPlus/Parts/Antenna/antenna_cone_toggle/antenna_cone_toggle' Which has a data transmitter and a FSmeshSwitch module, I think it's the first part with a FS module. Maybe the FS assembly is old, too?
  9. @mkalaska It seems okay for 1.3.1. There were no changes that I'm aware of related to anything Orbital Science does, and it doesn't have the same issue that causes some mods to directly crash KSP. @1990eam Any planet pack should work fine. There will only be default science results since any custom planet requires custom science results text, but otherwise it will be fine.
  10. Version 18.1 is out; get it on Space Dock. It has been updated for KSP 1.3.1, but should work on 1.3.0 (and v18 should work in 1.3.1). A few bugs have been fixed: the list of celestial bodies from the big map should work properly and show all scanned bodies, the narrow band scanner requirement should work correctly when more than one resource is loaded, and the BTDT should show some info about anomalies even if they haven't been scanned from orbit (also some potential platform-related issues with the BTDT display should be fixed). Terrain color palettes are now loaded from the GameData/SCANsat/Resource/SCANpalettes.cfg file. If for some reason the file is deleted or moved a new copy with all of the standard palettes will be generated. MM can be used to patch in new color palette definitions. The selection of color palettes from in-game works the same as before. @Jebs_SY I removed the MM patches for the ASET MFD panels because all of the relevant data seems to have been added to the ASET configs. But both before and after doing that all of the ASET MFD's worked fine for me. Maybe some other MM patch is causing problems, it doesn't seem likely, but I can't think of any reason why the panels would be affected in that way. @Tyko I didn't modify the waypoint selection system. I noticed that on the zoom map the waypoints seem to match up almost perfectly with the mouse icon tip, but on the big map they were off by about 10-20%. So I'm hesitant to add any offset since I think there might be some map size, map type, or maybe even screen resolution dependence on how much of a mismatch there is.
  11. Probably tomorrow, the crash is because of the settings menu that Squad thoroughly broke for 1.3.1, it just requires a recompile. But I need to test a few other things to make sure nothing else is broken.
  12. Basic DeltaV version 2.0 is out; get it on Space Dock. It is updated for KSP 1.3.1 and does not support KSP 1.3.0. It adds the readouts to the flight scene along with several options to restrict these readouts available in the stock difficulty settings panel. You can also display the readout only for the current stage. The readouts are only visible in the flight view, not the map view.
  13. @wile1411 Do you mean like the progress nodes messages ("first orbit", "first launch", "speed record xxxm/s"), the things that show up in the toolbar messages window? For the actual progress nodes and whatever reward they give you can use either CapCom or Contracts Window +, both of which monitor and display that information. And since that data is persistent it's not just for the current scene. If other mods use that window to provide data then it wouldn't be picked up, just the stock progress messages. That information is very different from the screen messages, and while it's probably possible to just intercept it when it gets posted I probably won't go to the trouble of doing it.
  14. @Tyko I see the waypoints being offset just a little, maybe 15-20% of the height of the waypoint icon, I think the actual mouse location just doesn't correspond exactly to where to the tip of the mouse pointer is. I can try to offset it a little to compensate.