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  1. The contracts in this mod don't use contract configurator, so you can't do much with that. Most of these contracts have some basic requirements that have to met before they generate, but those are generally pretty simple, like reach orbit once, or a few other basic signals of progress. And to have the relevant parts unlocked. There are extensive config files to modify most aspects of the DMOS contracts in the mod folder. Otherwise they should generate over time.
  2. I seem to remember having various fixes lined up for US2 that hadn't been released. I think everything is up on the dev version folder of the repo. Assuming everything is still working there it should be fine to take over and fix this up for 1.12.
  3. Tracking Station Evolved Version 7.0 is out; get it on Space Dock. This update fixes the hidden sorting buttons at the top of the vessel list, they were hidden underneath the new stock alarm UI element. It also fixes a bug related to changing the stock vessel type filters if all vessels should be hidden. I was not able to replicate any issues with vessels not being able to load, as mentioned above. Let me know if anyone else runs into this or any other new issues.
  4. It's a problem with the way the BTDT works that has never been dealt with... The part needs a full overhaul in the way it works, but it's always been too much trouble. The only easy work around is to change the max altitude in the part config.
  5. Probably some changes to how the vessel lists work in 1.12.2. This mod kind of pokes around in the stock tracking station functions, so changes to those might be breaking things here. I'll try to look into what's causing it.
  6. The orange color readout on the bottom of the map indicates that you haven't scanned the Mun with the anomaly scanner at the position if the mouse cursor over the map. Keep in mind that the anomaly scanners require the surface to be in daylight during scanning. You can turn off this requirement in the settings menu if you don't want to deal with it.
  7. If it needs updating I will do so, but I haven't seen any problems yet. Do you have some planet packs or planet rescale packs installed? It looks like the scan status indicators on the small map are solid orange, which generally indicates being too low or too high. The SCAN menu part of the right click menu should indicate what is going on.
  8. Yes, that's the general pattern. The high resolution scanners mostly have lower fov than their lower resolution counterparts.
  9. @linuxgurugamer I commented on Github about it. FOV is a bit convoluted, but basically the scanning map is a 360*180 array of the whole number lat/long coordinates for the surface. The FOV defines how many whole number degrees around the vessel that will be scanned. https://github.com/S-C-A-N/SCANsat/blob/release/SCANsat/SCANcontroller.cs#L2539-L2611
  10. No they are saying this mod isn't supported anymore and won't work with newer versions of KAS. The Breaking Ground expansion provides a set of parts that are more or less the same as these (but without some of the hassle), so there isn't much of a point updating and supporting this mod.
  11. SCANsat version 20.4 is out; get it on Space Dock. This version prevents the overlay window from opening when it shouldn't.
  12. The reappearing overlay window will need a hotfix. Should be out in a few days.
  13. Version 20.3 is out; get it on Space Dock. This update fixes some issues with the big map data not being updated, drawing visual maps of the new gas giants, along with a few other bugs and issues related to resources, and some missing localization fields. It also includes some adjustments of part masses. It also includes new UI features related to resource overlays including small resource overlay color legends on the big map, zoom map, and planet overlay control window. The big map and overlay control window also feature quick tools to adjust the low concentration cutoff for resource overlays and a shortcut to the color settings for the current resource. There is a new resource setting option to hide resources in the UI ("Hide Unused Resources" in the Resource Settings tab of the Settings window) for planets that don't have any of that resource (this is not generally an issue with stock KSP resources). For instance, if there is a resource config that sets the Mun to have 0 Ore, then all of the resource selection menus will hide Ore for the Mun. This can keep the UI from getting cluttered with useless fields when using multiple resources. When this option is enabled the unused resources will always be hidden in the UI, regardless of whether you have scanned for resources on the planet. Since this could be considered a kind of cheat, you can disable this option. When disabled the unused resources will still be hidden, but only after scanning with either the low or high-resolution resource scanner to beyond the Scanning Threshold Level that can be set when stock resource scanning is disabled (you can disable stock resource scanning, change the threshold level, then re-enable stock resource scanning if you want to change this in the UI). There is also a new field in the settings file to disable visual maps. This could be useful for people having performance and crashing issues with SCANsat v20.x. If disabling visual maps solves the issue then it is a good sign that there are memory problems, as the visual map feature can consume a significant amount of memory. This field can be found in: GameData/SCANsat/PluginData/Settings.cfg. The file may not be present until you run KSP at least once with SCANsat installed. The field to change should be at the bottom of the list: VisibleMapsActive, set this to "VisibleMapsActive = False" to disable visual maps. There is no in-game method to change this setting.
  14. Update for the map data issues should be out next week. Just had an endless series of minor issues that I've found with the new update that have delayed things. @omG?! The old part models won't be replaced. Any active vessels or craft files will still use the old models. The models and scanners are all new parts, most with significant difference in size and shape, so they can't really be a direct replacement. Regarding problems with RO and maybe other planet packs. I'm thinking this may be a memory issue related to the new visual maps. An option to disable them might at least be useful for troubleshooting purposes.
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