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  1. Is there any reason for the 3 week backlog of Space Dock submissions to NetKAN?
  2. @SuperNaturalCD Did you apply the changes to the prefab? The object you are editing and the prefab saved on the disk are two separate things, any changes made in the editor have to be applied to the prefab, either by dragging the object into the folder again, which will create a new prefab, or just click the "Apply" button in the top-right.
  3. I don't think that's what it says at all. Dev notes have always emphasized that the developers try not to break mods if they can help it, but basically every update breaks most mods in some way, minor or major. Maybe things are a little different since they are talking about expansion vs. regular updates (which is, or course, to say nothing about changes in 1.3.1 and any potential regular updates), but I wouldn't expect many plugin mods to just continue working with no changes.
  4. This has probably been asked before, but does CKAN provide any method for preserving certain files during an upgrade? I'm thinking in particular of settings or configuration files that users would want to keep. In my case these would always be in the PluginData folder, and would always be created after the mod is installed (the files aren't included in the download package). There are a few issues related to this, including the oldest open issue, along with 653, and maybe 1610. But I'm not really sure about the status of the issue as a whole.
  5. One Window version 2.0 is out; get it on Space Dock. It features a few additional settings. The print-to-log button has been replaced in the top-left corner with the settings toggle button. Clicking this will cause the new settings menu to slide in at the bottom. It has three functions: The old log file button, a button to cycle through four different font sizes for the messages, and a slider to adjust the UI scale for the window (the stock, master UI scale also affects the window scale). As for filtering, there isn't much that can be done. The only things inherent to messages that can be used for filtering is the screen position, the actual text content, the color, and the duration of the message. Color and duration wouldn't seem very useful, and text filtering is tricky, since it would just rely on matching exact text patterns. And once a screen message gets to the point to where it can be detected externally (i.e. the point where it is actually moved to the screen canvas) any information about its source is gone. For the most part the messages that most people are probably interested in are posted in the upper-left corner. The lower-center and upper-right positions are rarely used, and don't usually contain information that you would want to store. The upper-center position has lots of important messages, but these are usually things that only matter at the time they are posted. So I would just leave the upper-right and upper-center positions on, and forget about the others, but if you need them for some reason the messages are always being logged, so they will appear if you turn them back on.
  6. There is a simple (to describe ) way to fix it for all mods: make everything with the Unity UI. Find all of the old mods that still use the old IMGUI and replace them with the new UI, and never release a new mod using the old UI. Problem solved. You still need input locks for things like text input fields, or for when you need some other form of keyboard input, but that is relatively simple.
  7. I would guess it has to do with shielding the parts inside of the new service module. The cargo bay module shielding is tied to the cargo bay door animations, and the fairing probably have their own special way of marking parts as shielded, so this new module probably needs something specialized, too.
  8. Basic Orbit version 7.1 is out; get it on Space Dock. It contains a few bug fixes, slight UI tweaks, and fixes for phase angle and inclination calculation errors. It also changes the title of Terrain Altitude to Terrain Height. And adds an indicator for post-maneuver target-relative inclination. This readout is combined with the standard post-maneuver node inclination display, and is only shown when the maneuver node and target share the same orbital reference body.
  9. New modlet: One Window; get it on Space Dock. It provides a single location to store all on-screen messages. You can control which messages are displayed (all are captured, even they aren't currently displayed) based on their on-screen location using the icons in the top-right. Some time and location information can also be toggled using the icons in the top-left, along with allowing messages to be displayed in both the window and on-screen, and a button to write all of the current messages to the log file. The window only displays messages from the current scene, it has no memory or history of past messages. Check the first post for more details and download links.
  10. @Kerbal101 Terrain Height, yes, I think that was a problem of self-editing. I need to update Basic Orbit anyway to fix an error with the terrain height calculation when on EVA (it fills the log file with errors, but shouldn't cause any other problems). Also, in case you don't know, you can move the readout panels, just click the "Drag" toggle for each panel in the toolbar menu. Vessel information is conspicuously absent from Basic Orbit, I've considered adding a panel specifically for it, but have never really worked on it. For Basic DeltaV I've fixed the current stage info to work reliably (and in a much simpler, more coherent way), so I should have an update soon with the readouts in flight, with options to only show the current stage. I've also added in some options for carer mode restrictions, and/or for crew requirements. I haven't added localization support for any of these mods because they all have very tight space restrictions. In these mods there are readouts or text strings in some cases that have been tweaked with no room for extra characters. Some of these restrictions have already been alleviated to some degree, but it still makes things tricky.
  11. @drtedastro The terrain color palettes are all hard coded. I can look into making them configurable, it probably won't be that difficult, just a matter of loading them from cfg files.
  12. The KSPedia tutorial goes over some of this stuff more explicitly. For selecting the prefabs that you actually want to export you just drag the object from the hierarchy into a folder in your projects tab. Here the "Template.Panel" object has been dragged into the KSPedia Tutorial folder, it's basically just an image. You do the same for each prefab in your project. But you don't drag the Canvas object down (KSP has its own Canvases), and you don't drag anything else down, like the EventSystem, or anything within a prefab. You don't have to wait until you're finished with the project to do this. You can drag the prefab down into the folder at any time. When you want to make changes, you select the object from the "Hierarchy" tab, make whatever changes, then, from the "Inspector" tab on the right, click the "Apply" button, this will update the prefab (which is a separate file saved on disk). This button (and the "Select" and "Revert" buttons are only available if you have already dragged the object into the assets folder. To make an asset bundle for export you have to select all of the prefabs you want and assign them to an asset bundle or create a new one from the little button in the very bottom right: Be sure to only select what you want to export, not things like the Unity Scene file (you can also export asset bundles with other things like sprites, or audio files, but that's another story). For question 3, about the Awake method, any class that you start using KSPAddon has to be a Unity MonoBehaviour, which has several methods that are called by name (Awake, Start, Update, etc...).
  13. Is this part from the tutorial not working? Like I said, there is more detail in the KSPedia tutorial linked at the top, but it's pretty simple for basic assets, as long as the Part Tools are properly installed. I actually don't bother with Part Tools most of the time, since I usually use Unity 5.4 (there are Part Tools for that version, but I've heard there are some problems and I've never bothered with them). You can just add a simple script to your Unity project to build an asset bundle. I don't have said script on hand, but it's simple enough to figure out if Part Tools aren't working for some reason.
  14. @TK421 Are you sure the same thing doesn't happen without Portrait Stats? PS doesn't do anything with Kerbal levels, and if Strategia isn't being careful about capping Kerbal levels it could lead to problems when KSP tries to assign the correct star icon for the Kerbal portrait.
  15. @FungusForge Try it without the mods that change docking ports.