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  1. Version 19.1 is out; get it out GitHub. This version fixes compatibility with Kopernicus. It might also fix the contract loading errors, but that hasn't been tested. It also adds new scanner info groups to the right-click menu for all SCANsat parts and fixes the SCANsat modules on the stock resource scanner parts. This version wasn't built against KSP 1.9, but a quick test shows everything working. The new planet textures do make a difference in the visual map quality, too! Since I didn't add any pictures yet, here are some examples of the new features: New visual scanner instrument by Nertea: Collapsible PAW scanner info groups: Visual maps: KSP 1.8 Kerbin KSP 1.9 Kerbin
  2. @Invaderchaos Yes, there is an issue with the on demand loading of planet textures with Kopernicus, this should be sorted for the next release. @flart Moving the anomaly scanner to the high res visual scanners is planned. Like you said, it helps to give a valuable gameplay purpose to each of the scanner types.
  3. @Galland1998 The waypoints you create with SCANsat are stock waypoints, the same as you would make with the KerbNet interface. You can delete them by going into map view and (I think) right clicking on the waypoint icon itself. I don't think you can edit them (at least not without editing the save file). There is a dev version up on the the dev thread. It is mostly meant for testing the upgrade process at this point, and you can't downgrade to a previous version without losing saved scan data, so proceed with caution.
  4. SCANsat version 19.0 is out; get it on Github. Changes Changes made to scanning database format Requires one-time update of saved scan data which will be performed the first time KSP loads a save file with SCANsat v19 or higher installed Downgrading to an older version of SCANsat will results in a loss of data New visual scanning mode Generate visual maps of all planets Generate maps with a new visual scanner instrument (Part model and texture by @Nertea) Requires the surface to be in daylight for the scanner to function Significant changes to high resolution resource scanning All resources are scanned from a single scanner type now Various bug fixes Known Issues KSPedia entry still not functional Resource concentration values in scanner right click menu not implemented MM patches from other mods related to resource scanner may not work correctly
  5. @amarillo114 There are a few KSPedia entries on those parts, if the KSPedia isn't broken... Basically, just deploy the pods somewhere in the same area as the hammer to get the max science. You can jettison the pods in most cases and they won't explode, but play around with the jettison force when going to low gravity places. There is no interaction with any of the stock science parts. @Sirius K I'll have to check the part to make sure it's working right. It should be able to work from at least a few meters away, provided that it's pointed at the ground, there are big red arrows on the side that point where the ground should be.
  6. The only way to do this practically is using coroutines to run the calculation over time. SCANsat basically does this by generating the maps over time. DOTS or any of the Unity Job system isn't a possibility. All of the DOTS systems are still in experimental form in Unity 2019.1, and none of the packages are included with KSP. It wouldn't matter anyway, since the PQS height calculations all use regular Unity game objects and so wouldn't be accessible from a different thread. DOTS has very strict limitations on how the code must be designed to work with multithreading. KSP (and KSP 2 in all likelihood) was designed long before that was a thing for Unity, so it will never be available in any significant way.
  7. Should work fine in the tracking station. Not sure about running on a different thread, though, you might have some weird errors pop up because of it.
  8. Hey, regarding CapCom;


    Would you consider adding a "sort by alphabetical" option? Since most contract titles start with their mission type (position, science data from, rescue, recover), it'd effectively be a "sort by type" option.


    It's an amazing mod btw, it changed the way I played.

  9. I believe the waypoints aren't loaded in the KSC scene, so SCANsat has nothing to show. This could have changed at some point, though. And the celestial bodies aren't loaded in the editor scenes, so SCANsat can't pull any data from them to display the maps. The most that could be done might be to save the last map state and display that in the editor (which has been suggested a few times over the years), but I think that would be fairly complicated to implement. Nope. It would get very crowded for one thing, it also causes some performance problems, both from the orbit calculations that constantly need updating, and from displaying all those dots. As far as I know SCANsat is working fine in KSP 1.8.1. There are some warnings that get spit out into the Unity Player log file, but I don't think those actually cause any problems, those types of warnings have been present to some degree for a long time (and in dozens of mods), though you generally needed to run KSP with the Unity debugger enabled to trigger them.
  10. Maneuver Node Evolved version 5.0 is out; get it on Space Dock. It has been updated for KSP 1.8 and includes the long-ago-promised maneuver node panel tab allowing for easy maneuver node position editing. This thing: @Gordon Dry I'm not quite sure what the problem you're seeing is. But those tracking station buttons work fine for me. When first entering the tracking station no vessel is selected, so they aren't functional, but after selecting a vessel they always seem to work fine. I'm not sure what stock behavior is.
  11. Just ignore everything but the SCANsat and SCANsat.Unity projects (unless you are working with the MechJeb integration). That mono project stuff and the SCANassets project are all left over from very long ago.
  12. Science Relay version 6.0 is out for; get it on Space Dock. It is updated for KSP 1.8. Let me know if there are any problems running it.
  13. Version 0.22 is available on GitHub now. It is updated for KSP 1.8.
  14. Basic DeltaV version 6.0 is out; get it on Space Dock. It has been updated for KSP 1.8.
  15. DMagic Orbital Science version 1.4.3 is out; get it on Space Dock. It has been updated for KSP 1.8 and fixes an issue with the Universal Storage 2 science parts and the Community Tech Tree. There is no coordination between the two. Kerbalism changes lots of things and trying to chase down all of that and make everything compatible is too much work. Regarding Orbital Science and Universal Storage 2. This mod provides alternate versions of several science experiments added by this mod that fit in the US2 wedge bays; there are no US2 version of the stock science parts included by this mod. Universal Storage 2 itself adds alternate versions of the stock science parts.