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  1. As Andy81le mentioned I'd not heard of anything failing on the 1.0 release so hadn't recompiled for the release as seems to be working fine, am looking into it this weekend. Time being a premium commodity for me at the moment.
  2. I've only just managed to get v1.0, but is good to know the older version is still working, will do a recompile and get that up anyway asap.
  3. Updates were on my local github, I'd forgotten to sync it, they are up now. Will have to have a dig around for the fineprint marker object so I can gen the retro, shouldn't be too tricky to do.
  4. The obvious one that springs to mind would be a retrograde marker for this sort of situation then you would be able to align your craft so that your retrograde moves towards the mission marker similar to what you do during a docking maneuver. I've not played around with these types of missions yet, do you have the option to turn the marker off if you are not actively working on that mission at the time?
  5. Enhanced navball updated to v1.3.5 due to bug on previous version with early career gameplay
  6. It does, but if you take a look in the logs the mod is currently generating a lot of errors due to manevuer nodes not being loaded in the code under early gameplay. This should be fixed as of v1.3.5 which is now live on Curse. Thanks all for the help finding this one
  7. Thanks for the extra information, I hadn't tested this in career as was unaware that the tracking station changed the navball setup I take it this is what you are seeing: I'll take a look into putting a fix together. Will keep you all posted.
  8. Could you provide some more details? The Ghosting should be following the motion of travel, prograde/retrograde, Not sure which vector you are referring to. If possible a video of the issue could be helpful on this one.
  9. Enhanced navball updated to work with 0.90: Enhanced-Navball-1-3 v1.3.4
  10. Recompiled for 0.90 Should be working fine now, check curse for 1.3.4
  11. Reading this I think I see where the confusion is, I was trying to provide a prompt on the button as to what it is going to do, but think with the button depressed being it's current state and the text being the state that it would be when click leads to this confusion. I'll look into clarifying this next update but aethon's instruction should resolve. as far as moving icon without the toolbar is possible, just requires messing in config file and maths
  12. using toolbar mod allows for easy moving however without it the icon position is controllable by some manual edits to the config file: In GameData\EnhancedNavBall\Plugins\PluginData\EnhancedNavBall\config.xml This entry controls the position: <rect name="IconPos"> <xmin>184</xmin> <xmax>216</xmax> <ymin>0</ymin> <ymax>32</ymax> </rect> allow for a size of 32X32 xmin-xmax, and same on ymin-ymax and you should be able to locate this anywhere on the screen. i.e. xmin - 0, xmax - 32, ymin - 0, ymax-32 w
  13. ENB now updated for 0.25, stock parts of mod have been removed or are optionally overriddable by the mod.
  14. Mod does sort of work, however the icons are duplicated and you will see a certain amount of overlaying. I have just finished finalising the update, was hoping to bundle some other changes with the release but those will have to wait till I have had more time to work on them. Note this is part of the 0.25 update, is actually how squad's implementation seems to work, but I have made this an option within the settings. I've also overridden the arrow within the mod with ghosting as per original mod release, although I have exposed the option to disable this within the setting screen for the mod.
  15. Might be a few days for me to get the update together, 0.25 release came out late last night for me and I have other obligations this evening. It is on it's way
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