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  1. Hello, I used to run this visual pack over a year ago: https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/astronomers-visual-pack-interstellar-v2 And now I got a decent computer than can run... well, a top tier computer and I would like to have a beautiful KSP, but I see the mod is quite outdated now so I'd like to ask - What do people use these days for visual enhacement?
  2. If the car were to turn the wheel faster than that, it would go forward. The plane does not apply maximum thrust, it just applies minimum, yet it is enough to go forward regardless of the speed of the conveyor belt under it.
  3. I made this simple video. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12852456/Video_1443743476.mp4 Left one is a car powering its rear wheel at roughly the same speed of the conveyor. Right one is a "plane" with a 20kg mass and a 2 thrusters outputting 0.1N, which was the lowest I could assign them to. This proves that the plane does take off regardless of the treadmill.
  4. The photo is not very clear, but everything is connected to the power source, then a LED, then a 220ohm resistor, then to the -3v part. I will try and return the glowing one, see if it shines again.
  5. Hello! I have the following circuit: I'm a begginer in electronics and I coded this in python using a raspberry pi, it counts in binary to 7. It works great, there is just some odd thing that makes me curious: The red LED is much more brighter than the other 2 when counting, and if I happen to touch the red led when the circuit is off (Or even if I hold the positive side out of the breadboard while leaving the negative one going to the resistance and then ground) the led turns on very dimly. I replaced the red one with another and this behavior didn't occur. Why is this?
  6. Yeah, I noticed that, it was quite risky. But, what gets it going down that the angular momentum cant keep it stable?
  7. Hello, recently I came across this video: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12852456/bike.webm My question is, why does this happen? The bike simply slides off as if nothing were keeping it up right. Obviously, the bike is going very fast. Isn't the huge angular momentum of both wheels supposed to be strong enough to keep it upright?
  8. I remember completely derailing my physics class when I asked this last year, haha
  9. Hey man, I could use some help installing this, starting with how to install Planet Factory CE? I checked their forum thread and it only has the source, do I have to put your files IN the source and then compile, or compile then put yours...? I don't know =/
  10. Hey guys I have a question -- Where is the compiled plugin download? Or do I have to compile it myself from the code? Thanks.
  11. The PWings dev said he's already making it compatible and fixing some bugs in the way, so I will just contact the Firespitter dev.
  12. sorry I was unaware of that I changed and made it compatible, thanks for the assitance! Have a kitten:
  13. Thanks, I will modify these and possibly Procedural Wings, I will upload a hotfix if I'm successful. I see they call for "FARWingAerodynamicModel", can I just change this to NEAR's aero model? If so, what's the name of it? Further analysis tells me no.