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  1. I sense a 1.1.2 coming shortly. Now most my landing leg based ships are going bonkers and explodes
  2. Safely accomplished return flights to all planets and moons, back in .21 or was it .22. Apollo style with 3 crew, where two landed and one remained in the command module.
  3. 2200h after I converted to Steam. Played it since first public version. Pretty often it's just running while I'm away disciplining the kids.
  4. That is not the same bug. The state says it's preattached, not docked. Your struts should've popped as well.
  5. I built a rocket and crashed it. It was back in 0.8 or so. The crashes are more spectacular now, but not so frequent.
  6. Here is one I discovered yesterday. In IVA, double click a window to get a better view outside.
  7. I don't use KJR, but I'm still cursed with this problem. Have been since .23 I think. I use stations and dock alot using Romfarer's docking cam. Claw's quick and dirty fix works most of the time, except when I use shielded ports. I think I saw a post about the nosecone version (that's why I'm here). Don't know what to do with the inline versions yet. edit: found it and it worked :-) typos
  8. Twice Using truss instead or as a supplement to landing gears.
  9. A while back I sent a research team to Eve. I designed a pretty nice lander. It is certified for two crew members and capable to take off from as low as approx 3000m AMSL. I picked a landing site on a crater ridge at about 4500m. Since they were going to stay and research for a while I sent two landers, two rovers and a research station. The research station was placed on a peninsula at sea level, a short drive from the landing site. All was well and the crew began to settle in when disaster struck. A software update caused the landing legs of all crafts to suddenly retract. The research station was undamaged as it had a flat bottom, but the landers tumbled into rubble...... I was in need of a rescue plan. This time I decided to go big. The goal was a sea level capable ship with room for 3 crew members. I was hoping it could go SSTO from Kerbin, but I had to put on some extra drop tanks. "Banana Peel" staging. It had to be refuelled in both Kerbin and Eve orbit. Requiring a massive amout of fuel and work. It's so boring I forgot to take pictures. It's OK the pictures would be boring anyway. From Eve orbit I did F5/F9 based "Simulations". It turned out to not achieve it's goal. Landing was easy, but it required a very flat surface. They are hard to find even at sea level and failing the sea level capability as well made the ship unusable. I did however find a nice flat surface at about 2500m. A flag was planted and takeoff was rushed to prevent it from wobbling to pieces. The crew is now in orbit and waiting for a return window. As a backup I fortunately sent a modified 2 man lander, and it works. Just need to send one more.
  10. Build a bigger Eve return vehicle. Maybe capable to take off from lower elevation. That's what I went for after I did the "normal" Eve ascent. This time a 3 man capsule... Doubt it will make it from sea level, but maybe from 1km. Stock + mechjeb and docking cam.
  11. I made a decent Eve ascent vehicle not that different from Brotoro's. It has two small lander cans for the crew, and worked from elevations of 4km an up in .21. It flies under it's own power from Kerbin to Eve, but needs to be refuelled in Kerbin orbit and before Eve descend. I've tweaked a bit on it after .22 to compensate for the wobbly landing gears. Will test it this weekend. Think it's better now.
  12. I decided to land everywhere possible"Apollo style". Meaning 3 crew command pod, 2 man lander. Also added a Hitchhiker for crew comfort. It worked. Moho expedition needed an extra supply of fuel and the Eve lander was hard to do. Other than that it went fine.
  13. Given the physical properties around, I don't even think it is in this dimension.
  14. I did it, Apollo-style. Picking up the lander Free return trajectory Somebody's upside-down Jeb and Bob honoring a great man and a great achievement
  15. Buy it. You'll be glad when the savegame is broken and you have to start fresh. You make so many mistakes in the beginning anyway.