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  1. Fair point. I am unaware of your local situation and how that might affect your purchasing decisions. Purchasing ahead is not sensible in situations where hardware can be ordered at will, but if that is different locally, what is sensible might very well change. Thanks for reminding me that the things I take for granted are not a given at all
  2. I would advise against buying a bit now now and the rest later. Hardware loses its value quickly and there is no benefit in being stuck with the choice you made in advance. Save up and buy the whole caboodle when you are ready.
  3. Ryzen seems to be the logical choice. The AMD chips are beating Intel all over the board, with the exception being the 7700K in specific gaming scenarios. Some would argue that is not even the case, as there seems to be evidence that the higher frame rates come at the cost of lower minimum frame rates and more stutter, yielding a less ideal experience. However, if you spend the money you save by going for the Ryzen chip on a better GPU, you will still end up with better frame rates for the same money overall. That is before taking other factors into consideration, like the eight cores providing a plethora of calculative power for anything decently multi-threading, beating the 7700K handsomely in those cases. Some suspect games will be optimizing for more cores more and more in the near future. Others have also mentioned the ecosystem probably being a better bet in the long run. Intel tends to drop sockets after a generation or two and since they currently are in full panic mode, they might even do so quicker, or release chips that are not as well polished as before. The whole Intel X299 thing does not bode well. Ryzen is where its at right now.
  4. To me, dissecting animals and various animal parts has been an invaluable experience. Even though it is regretful that an animal has had to die for it, it certainly did not die in vain. Other than learning facts about biology, it has created a sense of awe for the complexity and elegance of nature and the realisation that humans are not much different from other animal species. It has fostered feelings of kinship and the need to protect these things that are obviously so very delicate. I do not think that images in a book could ever have conveyed this at the same level. Simply existing means causing suffering and death. The act of cleaning your kitchen lays waste to millions of lives in the form of bacteria colonies. Eating means taking away the only Earthly possession other organisms have and consuming it. Driving a car causes thousands of beautifully diverse and complex bugs to be splattered to death with no usefulness or significance at all. The best we can do is to reduce the suffering as much as we can, to honour the lives that have to be taken for us to exist and to make sure those deaths are of as much use as possible.
  5. Spending money on something new that does not have new technology seems a waste. Look for something nice on the second hand market. That price/performance is hard to beat when buying new.
  6. I did say it is pure physics that is limiting progress. As we often see with technology, the initial leaps and bounds come from trying many different techniques and strategies. By now, things have calmed down to refining a process more and more.
  7. Looking at the Intel line-up and the strange limitations and sudden announcements, Intel went into full panic mode. That is a good thing. The market has been stagnant for far too long and with that kind of research budget, we should have had something much better by now. It pretty much is a textbook example how competition is good for the consumer and a lack of it not. It is pretty much pure physics that limits the development. No sudden jumps, just incrementally understanding how things work better and better.
  8. That mayor in Family Guy, among other things. The fact that he got his own kooky character on such a show should be an indication that it is a known and remarkable man.
  9. This might interest you guys too: The fact that you need to explain yourself at all was your gravest error.
  10. The title should be a clue. They are giving away 5 million copies of Payday on Steam. Giving it away for free without it costing you any money while being a gift! Imagine that! Get yours while it is hot.
  11. The kernel is what matters most. That is the bit of software that governs the most basic operations of a computer. The Linux kernel is probably the most wide spread one. Even though Linux is doing moderately ok in the desktop world and very well in the server world, Linux's claim to fame is that it is (or can be made to be) a very light kernel that can run on pretty much every four transistors stuck together. This means that Linux can be found in a whole host of devices, from the obvious smart phones (Android) to quad copters to heaters to routers to even the most unlikely devices. Apparently, Linux is even used in things like baseband chips of phones, which means that some phones have multiple Linux kernels dedicated to separate jobs. No one will ever see it, but in the background it is doing its job. We only know about these things thanks to dedicated security researchers.
  12. Where can I find it? Your channel tells me This channel has no videos.
  13. Has anything been recorded, then?
  14. Has any actual streaming taken place by now, or it is still an announcement?
  15. That is the face parents fear, because it inevitably means a change right after.