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  1. Has anyone else noticed that the Navball orientation on launch is different? I hope this is a bug because after 7 years, I don't know if I can unlearn that.
  2. Does this mean we're finally going to get stock clouds for atmosphere planets?
  3. When April Fool's backfires: "this is awesome" ... I guess now they will have to do it :D
  4. The most important question is: can you light vented fuel on fire?
  5. @Rajarjit not my image ... I pulled it off Google ... not sure where it originated.
  6. I haven't build a rover for a very, very long time so I decided to make one and send it to the Mun. I was extremely disappointed by the physics bugs ... I was on relatively flat ground and my rover will not stop sliding even with brakes enabled and controlling it is a lost cause. Here's the craft data from the persistence file: VESSEL { pid = 32558883af7c48888a2fa9fad1cbdbbd persistentId = 2753479933 name = Mun Rover type = Rover sit = LANDED landed = True skipGroundPositioning = True vesselSpawning = False launchedFrom = LaunchPad landedAt = display
  7. But graphical stuff is pretty easy to port within the same engine (Unity).
  8. Are they coming from the work being done on KSP2? I know they have rebuilt the KSP system with updated graphics.
  9. The Grand Slam Passive Seismometer is worthless. Just make it detect normal seismic activity on the planet instead of making it based on crashing vehicles into a planet to make it useful.
  10. Nice work, but how about some more "space" parts, like functional Habitat/science modules for stations/bases?
  11. I deployed everything using a scientist, I will give it a shot using an engineer, thanks! EDIT: that was it. The part descriptions/stats need some tweaking to illustrate this concept more clearly.
  12. I have the first three new outpost modules deployed on both the Mun and Minmus, but they do not appear to be working. Either I am doing something wrong or Squad's implementation of this new functionality was never tested: Either way, this content update was a failure of QA or usability. Based on the readouts for that image, the equipment isn't functionality, but there's no indication of why. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the content that is being added, but the execution of this was extremely sloppy.
  13. This expansion is great! When I saw the title, I thought there would be deployables in the form of ground-based/inflatable habitats or space station modules. I really hope this is something you have planned in the near future or if it just hasn't been revealed to be a part of this DLC.
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