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  1. Rovers are useless

    I like rovers, I like to do stunt jumps on other bodies. F5 is my friend.
  2. If you find bugs, make a bug report, supply your logs, they will be addressed.
  3. Just to say that KSP can use up whatever you throw at it, there is no magic PC that can handle any craft. I have an I7@4.2Ghz, 24GB RAM, SSD@500MB/sec and I am having to be careful just how many mods I load because I am running out of RAM (sometimes KSP is using 20GB out of 24GB), visiting some stations in my save slows my computer to a crawl. I do not imagine moving to a newer Unity will affect this very much because I am just supersaturating KSP, it is an issue with how I am treating KSP as opposed to KSP not being efficient enough. I am thinking of moving KSP to the 32GB machine just to get a bit of headroom. I think my point is, however large your glass, it is always possible to fill it. That said, I think the minimum spec for KSP should be a machine capable enough so that a user can fly a 30 part craft anywhere without slowdown. Of course it will run on lower spec but you should not expect a green timer if you do.
  4. From Spain returning to the space

    It is not on CKAN. You can find it here Just install it like any other mod (put the folder into GameData) although I would suggest that you read the documentation very carefully as it changes some things (like making a manoeuvre node and how the map works) which are quite important. As I say, I would get used to RSS and RO first if you do not want too many changes at once.
  5. From Spain returning to the space

    To be honest the biggest challenge is going to RSS/RO. Principia just makes things work how you imagine they should in RL which allows things like ballistic captures etc I would suggest easing into it all at your own pace. Maybe just go RSS, then add RO when you are used to the scale. Add extra realism as and when you feel like it until you are happy. That's the main thing, getting enjoyment from the game.
  6. From Spain returning to the space

    One extra step that can be taken after installing Real Solar System and Realism Overhaul, is Principia. It gives proper n-body physics to KSP. This sounds scarier than it is. Mostly it works very similar except you can make all those crazy orbits impossible under normal KSP physics. lagrange points for one. You can properly recreate all those missions like Voyager etc because the craft will act like it should. I would suggest getting used to RSS and RO first, they add a lot of different stuff compared to stock sized system. It is mostly the same, but different enough to be very interesting.
  7. A.I. Kerbals in EVA AND IVA

    I have wanted this for years. I do not have much hope left for it though. It might happen with KSP 2. I support your suggestion. My preference would be for kerbals to be able to go from a craft to science experiments, check them all then return and repeat. It would allow science over time, something sorely missing from EVA ground based science.
  8. Start screen, the pool

    Gotcha. Have voted.
  9. Building Engines

    looks interesting. In KSP I would like to see engines that can be upgraded on a part by part basis, which would exploit the same code and allow upgrading as well as making engines from scratch. I like this idea.
  10. There will be no multiplayer. All the signs are there to people who see them. Heck, we have yet to see any progress on a relatively simple Dv readout. Still, these threads pop up every now and then and they play out and fizzle by themselves when nobody agrees how to deal with, or whether to even have, warping. Crack on.
  11. Start screen, the pool

    I do not understand the second voting question. Until it is made clearer I cannot vote. EDIT : Every time I play another game and all I have to do is press escape, then `exit to desktop` I am reminded of my extreme frustration in just leaving the game when I have to press escape, click to leave the game, wait for assets to unload, click to go back one menu, click again to select exit, then click AGAIN TO CONFIRM! escape, click, click, click, click to confirm should be escape, click. I would accept an `are you sure` at this point. Of course what I actually do is F5, ALT-TAB to desktop, select `close window` to shut down KSP. The menu system is so frustrating and slow I simply do not use it.
  12. Yes it has and I am not responding to the ever more desperate attempts to make it worse. I agree with the OP. We should be able to delete the node we can make when we have no comnet access.
  13. I think you may be taking this a little too seriously. Try to separate `game` from `reality` a little, it will help you keep some perspective, eh? But to rebut, and point out where you contradict yourself. This could allow destruction of a manoeuvrer node, the precise topic of this thread. It would not allow instant control, manually, of throttle. Of course the situation being described in the OP means even that signal cannot be sent. But they cannot execute them, which is what I said. Executing is 99% of the job. Point at what you like, without execution you go nowhere. It would appear you do not otherwise you would realise that the limited control, oh sorry, Limited. Control. can not possibly operate using the mechanism you say it should follow, I notice you conveniently ignore the word `instant` as well. So, first you say that a single bit can be transmitted then this single bit can let a user control a craft but not send any information to the craft or have any control except the ones you like, instant throttle control for example. How do you propose that the signal which both sends and does not send information and can control and not control the craft gets around the planet which is causing the signal to be blocked? I will give you a clue, it cannot. There cannot even be a single bit sent when you lose connection to KSP. Maybe have a proper think, sort out what it is you actually think, then if it makes sense and does not contradict itself come back to the thread when you want to discuss rather than have a row. EDIT : Before you return, remember this thread is about the fact you can make a node without a signal but not destroy one and a call to allow a player to destroy the node they just made with no signal...
  14. Mobile Version of KSP

    Yeah, modern tablets and phones knock the socks off some of the potato based equipment some players currently use.
  15. Working Kerbals

    I have long wanted semi-autonomous Kerbals. It would be good for them to have the ability to check experiments regularly over time, which would be a nice new game mechanic. Also to maintain working equipment, wander between preset areas etc. It would bring missions to life. Especially longer base missions.