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  1. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    Rather interesting news to just drop, like it was nothing. Interesting density of into in those two sentences. EDIT : They only did it to bore you
  2. As it seems threads about wanting mods in stock seem to be taken over with people saying why they do NOT want mods, or particular mods, in stock I thought a thread should be started where people can say which mods they do not want in stock, and why, without derailing another thread. Now it is possible to say `There is a thread for that` I most likely will not be commenting or responding to quotes, just started the thread so people would have a place to discuss this sort of thing
  3. Mods in Stock

    No, that is exactly the point. One man's meat is another man's poison. Just because a new feature cannot be removed is no basis for an argument for it to not be included.
  4. Mods in Stock

    That can be said of any feature, it is not a valid argument.
  5. Mods in Stock

    As soon as a feature is integrated into the stock game it ceases to be a mod and is then stock. Like docking for example. I bet you use docking even though that used to be a mod.
  6. Concurrent Missions

    Early in my playing I sent a craft to every body in the system all at once. With much assistance from KAC and alarms and auto warp stop. I cannot find it now but the map screenshot when most of the craft were on their way was rather cluttered. They all had a kerbal onboard and during the time it took to get there flags were introduced in an update so I was the first player to plant a flag on every body in the system you can land on although admittedly more through luck than planning. It was for the `grandmaster` challenge.
  7. I voted no but not because Jool would not benefit from more moons. Instead I voted no because IMHO more moons would benefit Dres to a greater degree. EDIT : Also another reason is because I would prefer to have more to DO on a moon once you got there rather than there be more moons on which to do nothing.
  8. I can't seem to find the links in your post for your craft @Julien Kerman Isn't this thread a repository, not a showcase? Nice craft though
  9. So obvious now I read the words. +1 from me.
  10. KSP Weekly: Cassini’s Grand Finale

    I do not think they are doing nothing, just waiting and not releasing an already made product. I reckon they are working on it right now, which would explain the Work In Progress images we keep seeing (shocking I know) Coding is not instant you know, the idea to do something takes hardly any time but the implementation of it can take AGES. As more info comes out it is plain that there is more than just a contract manager being made, part failures, extra launching pads, placing various craft about the place, these are all new features for stock. If someone has made a mod that does similar then they own copyright on their code so Squad cannot use that and they will have to redesign the wheel from scratch. In fact it may even be harder if someone has made a mod because you have to avoid using the same code by accident. Coding takes months and months, more if you do it right. What would you have them do in the meantime? I want updates on how they are doing.
  11. KSP Weekly: Cassini’s Grand Finale

    It would be very handy for the default orientation to be on the same plane as the ground you are placing your craft onto. I can see it being a great pain to try and get the alignment of the craft to be the same as the ground manually.
  12. It has been done, someone made a fully reusable craft that fuelled itself and could land and take off from Eve meaning it was capable of anything. Search for `SSTO to Everywhere` There are a lot of good tips in that thread. EDIT : Here you go
  13. Of course. If there is not a risk you may need to use some RCS then you have over-engineered your craft.
  14. That was always the only thing you could ever do which was cheating. If you break the rules of a challenge then post your entry and claim you have not broken the rules, you have cheated. In all other situations you have been having fun playing the game.
  15. Everybody has missed what is actually going on. There is no physical plaque. You only see it on your screen, not on the flag, so there is a chip in the plaque which has enough storage to store a few lines of text. When you click on the flag it relays that text to your suit and shows the message via bluetooth or something. It is programmed the same way.