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  1. If you and your son want to play together I would suggest downloading DMP (dark multiplayer mod) If you want the stock game to have multiplayer then I am guessing you can already see this question has been visited before and causes a huge thread where people say why they think it will not work. Squad did at one point say they wanted multiplayer in the stock game but it has been a long time now and they have stopped saying anything about it. The long and the short of it is that currently the best option is downloading a mod, I would not hold your breath for Squad to put the feature in the game. Hope you get to build your station
  2. I like my first stage to get me to the point that I could use an Ion engine to circularise.
  3. I wasn't saying anything about how it is decided whether to include the tube or not, just that the tube can be optionally included using standard game code already implemented. Of course it would be better to choose yourself rather than the program choosing for you. Crew transfer would need to depend on the tube though.
  4. You cannot learn from a mistake you have not yet made. EDIT : This is one of the best ideas I have seen in a while. You could set how many levels deep it goes until you have all part options available for the whole craft by clicking on the root object. Wherever that tiny g-force meter is, you can get the science from it by clicking on your pod. EDIT 2 : Just like engines and their buttress covers or shrouds.
  5. I would rather a small light lit up and a muted `bing`. Having a speed indicator showing your speed in Mach would be just as good IMHO. EDIT : Rather than letting me know when I pass mach 1 I would rather know when I was at max Q...
  6. Looks interesting. Orbital speed is about 800m/s so that should happen fairly soon. Escape velocity is about 1000 or thereabouts (IIRC) so I expect to see that at some point. It will be interesting to see if the speeds get over 2km/s. That would allow interplanetary transfer from the arch...
  7. I think it makes the title seem Otherowrdly. What do you think @SQUAD?
  8. That was a very long way to say that tier 0 would have been in the game except for the complaining. If it were in the game then it would be far more likely to be worked on than now when it basically is in the bin. To the detriment of gameplay. There is not a single case I am aware of in all my time on this forum where complaining about anything prompted squad to produce better work. The only response is either to do nothing or to remove the focus of complaint. With only those two outcomes is complaint something you would want to see?
  9. You have not said what the problem is or linked to the post where you say what the problem is. We do not know what you did so we cannot say what was wrong about it.
  10. I will stop you there, yes it did.
  11. The barn. The barn was something which IMHO was better included than excluded because I value gameplay over getting a texture perfect. Where is this `ignore user` feature? Until this point I have never considered using it on this forum. Personally I would rather users adjust their behaviour instead of making others put them on ignore but that would require a sense of perspective and awareness of self in order to work.
  12. Or you could follow the path I took when dating someone who complained no matter what I did. I just did what I wanted because they would complain anyway.
  13. If I could make a suggestion? Obviously by posting you were wanting a critique of your post and feedback on it. If you could refrain from looking at, and by implication commenting on, works in progress, specifically regarding textures, then the people making it would be able to get on with their job. We also get to see WIP parts which the rest of us are quite interested in seeing. People who care too much about textures should only look at finished textures or be involved with making them, it seems there is no sensible middle ground possible IMHO More seriously : Historically too much complaining has lead to a game less good than it otherwise would have been and so is counterproductive. As someone who cares about Squads game, which I play, I want it to be as good as possible and so, whilst a certain level of feedback is good, too much complaining leads to a degradation of game quality. One example of when complaining becomes too much is when the complaining is at the level of subtle effects on rivets on a texture for a WIP part. One way to recognise you may be complaining too much is if you ask to not be shown WIP parts because you know you would complain a lot if you were shown them.
  14. I thought as much but I thought I would mention it, at least the next person who comes along will (in theory) read this and have an answer. Thanks for stopping any more.
  15. I came here to start a thread about this so I will join this one. If there is a limit, it only affects new locations. Old, long locations are still displayed.