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  1. KSP Weekly: The Grapefruit Satellite

    You have gone from `they are not native english` to `they are a small company` to `you are just feeding you own vanity` to `I am a mod maker`. What is plain is that you do not have a particular reason against what I said, you are criticising it for no other reason than to feed your own vanity... I do not have to explain myself to you.
  2. KSP Weekly: The Grapefruit Satellite

    Why does my mentioning it bother you so much? You could have just let my post stand yet now there is a back and forth disrupting the weeklie's thread. Why don't I give them a break? Because I do not think I should seeing as they are a for profit business, not a mod maker working for free. Why don't you give me a break? I'm not a business, I don't get paid to post...
  3. KSP Weekly: The Grapefruit Satellite

    That is a false dichotomy, we are not presented with that choice. I would rather have a weekly post that someone bothered to read even once before they posted seeing as they get paid to do it because they are a business...
  4. KSP Weekly: The Grapefruit Satellite

    How about no? It is plain that at least one of these errors are as a result of someone using cut and paste to make their sentences and is nothing to do with English not being their native language. That is just sloppy it is not a language issue. Stop making excuses for a business...
  5. KSP Weekly: The Grapefruit Satellite

    Did the guy who knows grammar go on holiday early? issues with both the base game and the expansion. The team is also working on some new pre-made missions for you
  6. There very much is. It is plain. It has been stated. Back on topic, I agree the stock game is not very much fun without a Dv and TWR readout. EDIT : And if you look back through the thread you will find that the post where I said you will find it was many many hours before you posted So when you ignored my call for a compromise and used inflammatory language like `tyranny by majority` afterwards simply because I said more people wanted it than did not then accused me of not reading what you said I hope you can see why that was frustrating. Also, I do not think you are right that the majority matters less than a minority. If you truly want the compromise, notice when people suggest it, suggest it yourself, and stop being so binary in your interpretation of what is being posted. Nobody wants to force you to have a readout you do not want. If you continue to insist they are then don't get upset at me when you get called out on it. If you agree, agree. If you do not, do not. But please stop with the wind up language that is only flaming this thread up. I know you have been part of these discussions before where the conclusion was that an optional Dv readout would not detract from your game but would enhance the game of others. Why you choose to act as though that is not the case I do not know. So, I ask one last time
  7. So don't refer to my call for compromise as `tyranny by majority` if you want a sensible discussion. Try reading my posts, understanding them,and replying to them properly instead of a knee jerk reaction, eh? Then you will see that it is your perception that I am calling for there to be a choice which is false. We are still stuck on number four. AGAIN... Yes, the only conclusion that can happen which does not upset anyone. Yet people carry as though this has not been said many many many times. One way of judging this is to note that it is always the same four people who say they really want to calculate by hand, who then go on to ignore that everyone asks for the readout to be optional, and carry on claiming they will be forced to have one and that this is a reason for nobody else to have one in stock. This is not a valid reason, it is not helping. It is also rather disingenuous.
  8. It is not an argument for tyranny, it is making the point that while some players like to do calculations by hand, the majority of players do not and to ignore their wishes is to have a minor elite dictating policy to everyone else. To argue against it is to essentially argue that a dictatorship (or rule by established minority) is more valid than democracy (if you want to go to political systems) Now that really is something we should avoid. EDIT : This, we both agree on. The need is not limited to console players though and it really gets tiring and overly trite when features are dismissed with "Someone has already made that into a mod"
  9. point 4 They envisaged it as more fun than it actually is unless you regard typing numbers into Excel `fun` also point 3 This could be point 6 actually, console players do not even have the choice of KER or any other mod so any solution MUST be stock. This would eliminate fun for the majority of players (IMHO) once they want to do something like a tylo lander, or many things outside kerbin SOI. Yes, we know you would still enjoy it but you are not the majority of players.
  10. So many times we have had this thread. By now we can all agree some basic points so we can move on. 1, some people really do like to calculate Dv by hand 2, many many more people do not want to do this even if the maths were explained to them 3, a lot of players get turned off by the lack of information in the stock game 4, if a Dv readout were to be introduced there is no reason it should take away from the game of the players who do not want to use it. 5, of course a Dv readout would not cope with every single case 6, `5` does not matter because the people who build those `edge case` craft are mostly the ones who do not care so much about Dv I see from the posts above we are at `3`, could we move this on to the conclusion please? The conclusion is that it should be introduced, as an option, and with a caveat that it is not perfect in every case. Then we might get onto the conversation about a transfer window planner... point 4
  11. I too am looking forward eagerly to RO etc moving to 1.3.1. Thank you for your work on this mod
  12. Does KSP v1.4 really have spyware in it?

    It reminds me of that picture on the web `stop liking things I don't like!`
  13. Does KSP v1.4 really have spyware in it?

    I did it for you.