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  1. SPRE - An avant-garde experimental indie game about a futuristic spree in a galaxy full of aliens.
  2. Nailed it down, man. I am a hipster of this book; I read it before it was cool. I mean, I read it before it got officially published and got put up for movie. While it was still a self-published e-book.
  3. Aw, sweet! I just watched the film yesterday (and I remembered I MET TIM ALLEN WHEN I WAS 5), so this is a blessing to KSP + Galaxy Quest fans!
  4. TAKE ME OUT TO THE SPACE CENTER! So long, I'm headin' to the STARS!
  5. Shame. Such a shame. I'll look for you, probably on "spacebattles", 'cause that sounds neat.
  6. Wait, wait. Why not Reavers? Reavers are a much better alternative. I'd like to buy that Firefly-class Transport across the used spaceship lot from here.
  7. They're already fighting each other. MOVING ON!
  8. 10 out of 9 people agree: Kaylee Frye isn't the cutest character on Firefly. Untrue Fact Telling Machine. Now available on Facebook Phone.
  9. So? Didn't fool anyone. Reavers, on the other hand...
  10. "Every man there go back inside or we will blow a new crater in this little moon."
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