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  1. Quick message... I've not abandoned the mod. I've just been busy elsewhere recently. Hopefully soon, I can make some time for some further work.
  2. Not yet! I was planning on implementing a way of sending spare parts to the station, I've just not gotten round to it yet. But, it is on the list of things to do. When I get around to doing some more coding, this should be a priority, as its not so difficult to do really. Glad you like the mod though, thats always nice to hear
  3. OK, I should make an update about whats happening. Since the release of 0.21.1, I've not been playing KSP at all. I'm pretty disappointed with the performance of the game, and for a plugin developer, its a living hell. Make changes, compile, load game, quick test, exit. The load, test, exit parts take FOREVER, and this is not fun. I'll be keeping an eye out for a performance update, and then we'll get cracking again. It doesn't help when we have the sun out, and lots of heat either (as I've said before). As for modelling, Jareth is in a similar situation, with real life and summer holidays taking over, so no progress has been made. A prototype for an IVA for the Orbital Lab was under development, which should include science equipment inside the capsule. This mod isn't dead, its just having a bit of a sleep for a while. If people continue to use us, and keep the discussion going, that would be great
  4. Just in case anyone was wondering why I have HyperEdit... I use it for testing my mod.
  5. Yes, KerbaltekAerospace.com. Couldn't resolve the domain name. That is when I used a "isitdownforyou" or whatever, which reported it was up. So, definately a DNS issue. Germany. Yes, I used an earlier version of HE, so I must have been to the site once in the past. Don't ask when. I don't know We have a small LAN at home. Everything else was resolving fine at the time. The good news is, the next day, I was able to get to your site fine. You just might want to chase up your hosting provider to see if they had DNS problems on Saturday.
  6. Not a problem at all! I've been too quiet also. Work, and the heat we've had in Germany does not equal a good time for concentrating in your spare time. Good luck with your postgrad! (whats your subject btw?) I'm very glad to hear about your Karmony Sciences Modules. If there is anything I can help with, then give me a shout!
  7. Version 0.4.1 has been released! No changes in this version, beyond compiling against KSP 0.21.1. Any new versions will be compiled against the latest KSP at the time; but, for those wanting to remain on KSP 0.20, you can use 0.4.0. See the first post for the downloads. I have also finally introduced a proper license, as it is becoming more of an issue these days. I have checked with King Jareth, and he has agreed to the license for his parts also. The license I have selected allows for anyone to modify and distribute the mod, as long as it is done for free, and gives me and King Jareth proper attribution for the work we've done thus far. Further information regarding the license can be found in the first post. As for further development; I have done a little since 0.21 came out, but, it looks like I need to wait for an update to Kethane to let me do what I want. As for parts, that I keep promising, they will come! Keep an eye on this thread. And, as always, ideas are welcome! Post here, or on github!
  8. Website is down for me....Not for everyone. Seems the DNS provided by your host is somehow not available everywhere.
  9. I think you should remember that you have bought early access. If you expect it to be a final polished game, then you did not check what you were buying.
  10. This would seem to suggest otherwise. But, we'll see what a forum mod does.
  11. One would imagine that you can say goodbye to this is relatively short order.
  12. For those of us who are older than NG (and are known as Trekkies, and not Trekkers, as seems to be the case post-NG), it appears the impulse engines on the original NCC-1701 Enterprise were also red. But, I've not found a decent shot from the original series (and I mean the original series, not the digitally remastered version ). Can a fellow Trekkie confirm this for me? I'm curious
  13. Now that 0.21 has been released, I will get a fully compatible version out this weekend. I do not expect any issues with the current release, but, its always nice to compile your plugins against the latest version of libraries it requires. I also plan on keeping the current release available, but, all new development will be with the newest release of KSP. The next planned update will most likely be parts... This might be the answer to my question, but his answer is a little confusing actually. I can't see how the size of a cell would be the same everywhere, if the number of cells stays the same. I would expect the number of cells to stay constant, and therefore the size of the cell to be variable, or if the cell size stays constant, the number of cells to be variable. So, I'm confused. I think I'll PM Majiir to be on the safe side. For the record, I would actually expect the number of cells to remain constant, with the size varying.
  14. If you're doing a GUI, then may I suggest you look at: A GUI framework for modders? I hate needing to roll my own, especially if someone has already has a nice framework to use
  15. And this is then exported to XML by whoever maintains the github repo for the XML documentation, right? On a slightly similar vein, does this kind of thing exist in Xamarin Studio (aka MonoDevelop)? I've noticed that the code completer is EXCELLENT at parsing the available libraries (much better than CodeBlocks that I use at work), but does an Object Browser exist? I bet I've missed it in some really obvious place