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  1. An engineer I have great respect for calls it all a bunch of rubbish and hogwash. Check out his fact finding report here.
  2. I remember this happening (unintentionally) about a year or so ago, I think they called it the "great coffee spill of 2013" during the last upgrade transition. Good luck with this update, hopefully you won't have the same headaches as the last one.
  3. I'm a very big fan of MechJeb. It does most of what Kerbal Engineer does plus it helps new pilots out with some autopilot abilities until they figure it out for themselves. Later, when you're tired of the tedious task of keeping the nose on point for those 3 hour ion burns, it's very handy for that. Alarm Clock is another very handy tool. I avoid most mods mainly due to the fact they usually bring in a lot of bug/stability issues, though I'd love to load most of them up if but they all played along nice together.
  4. Well, atmospheric braking is about to change a lot. Now we need to get even bigger ships into orbit to carry more fuel. Good luck getting back off of Eve!
  5. I couldn't figure out if your challenge was to recreate your first mission, or if you were just recalling your first mission as an example. I took it as you wanted us to recreate our own first missions. My first real mission attempt was to make it to Kerbal Orbit, so here's a modern recreation of that flight. Landing wasn't pretty in this case, but the pilot survived! Feel free to handle the (what?) scoring.
  6. Dang this is one tough challenge, nice! And yes, under 8 minutes is definitely possible as I'm dancing on the 7 minute mark at the moment. All I gotta do is nail that impossible landing...
  7. For the majority of the trip, yes. I did open it up to 5 m/s at the flat lake beds, but even that got pretty wobbly and down right scary at times. And yes, I do recognize Harris from the "original" Lost in Space.
  8. MinMus circumnavigation completed. I video capture the "exciting" parts of this two day journey on a polar land trek around this planet. The rover is the Ark III, as a homage for an old land rover from way back... the . My Ark III is powered by a quad core nuclear reactor for nearly unlimited power supply. Much thanks to Mechjeb for allowing the cruise control while I laid back in the lounge area of the rover and played Space Invaders on the large screen plasma.
  9. I'd wait for the proof of concept from the OP to show that the rules can at least be accomplished. This could quite possibly be one big mission impossible.
  10. If you're using MechJeb, that mod is the root of a LOT of the wobble. On the ship you're docking to, be sure you have the SAS turned on to maintain a lot of stability. Here's a post I made some time ago very similar to what you're describing, maybe you can find some ideas within.
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