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  1. Does somebody have got more information ? I have got this: 15km orbit, inclination 80° I got a ship in this orbit and landed another on the northpole but the ship has passed by several times now and noo flickering
  2. And should I use special graphic settings to see it ?
  3. Well i read all the tutorials i have found with google and watched some youtube vids but ive never seen it by myself. Is the orbit of the boulder known?
  4. Can someone tell me how to find the "magic boulder" ? I have been searching for days now. Do i need special graphic settings to see the flickering dot ? Is there a helpful mod etc? I hope you can give me some advices:-P
  5. .. and what are the best graphic settings to see the "flickering" best ?
  6. Does someone know the exact orbit of the magic boulder or how to find it ?
  7. Wouldnt it appear if i search in the correct height? Maybe as a white dot on the map in the height oft 15km when its right below me?
  8. !!! Is it possible to spot the "magic boulder" easter egg / monolith on ike with mapsat ?
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