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  1. I don't know what happened but Strategia popped up in "my" CKAN now. With "CustomBarnKit" no longer being flagged as outdated by CKAN I was able to easily install everything fully automated. This is what it looks like.
  2. Sorry I should have taken the time to proof read what I wrote there. What I meant to write is that Strategia is missing from CKAN. All its dependencies are available but in the case of CustomBarnKit the version is not compatible with KSP The other dependencies I have not checked. I am running CKAN build v1.20.1-0-gd41fe54 (beta). I even pulled the latest CKAN build (at least I think thats the latest build since its the master branch) from github to make sure I am not running an old version.
  3. That was the first action that came to my mind but that was followed by another realization which is that my first thought-of action was so obvious that somebody else must have long taken care of that. I can't believe me to be the first who notices the absence of Strategia from CKAN. CustomBarnKit, ContractConfigurator and ModuleManager are present in CKAN. If you for instance could confirm the actual absence of Strategia in your copy of CKAN I will take it upon me to write up an issue on github.
  4. I am having issues using CKAN to install Strategia. It does not show up in KSP even with using Filter "All". Now smart me resorted to installing from ckan-File (Strategia-1.5.0.ckan); at least I tried but it failed since Custom Barn Kit is not available for KSP 1.2.2 according to CKAN. Haven't even checked all the other Dependencies. What I want to know is if Strategia in its most recent version along with its dependency chain as a whole is compatible to KSP in its most recent version? To me it looks like as if that is not the case and I either have to manually install (there is no force-insta
  5. Is there any mod out there that allows the storage of any kind of liquid/gas-based fuel in all types of containers that previously were only capable of holding a single type? For instance that mod would allow the storage of monopropellant in fuel tanks that are strictly for liquid fuel and the other way around. Using the search engine looking for "fuel" yielded over 120 pages worth of mentions of that particular word and I couldn't come up with any better search term. I am asking for this because I am playing science mode and I lack certain container sizes for certain fuel types
  6. Seems to work for me as well (GTX 780 Ti on 1.0.2). So far no crashes. Thx bud!
  7. Currently I am experiencing extremely slow download rates (~50kb/s). Are there any mirrors out there? A quick google search for "ksp-win-0-90-0.zip" turned up zilch.
  8. Thats a nifty little plugin! Is there any chance you could provide some other maybe numerical cue to indicate the balancedness of the vessel? Because what I have seen from my quick spin I gave it is that the center of mass gets really small to a point where you cant see it but it is still there. Actually knowing that is is zero would be fantastic rather then having to second guess the placement. Also what the guy before me said. That would make your plugin even more compelling!
  9. Just in the very unlikely case that I am wrong I shall say that you probably don't need it.
  10. Thats why I asked the author to provide an option where you can chose the 'ratios' of the attaching sides freely. I am hoping for a positive answer here.
  11. Welcome! I'll not only point you towards 10 great/essential mods but also introduce you to the greatest tuber -for me at least he is- on the topic: Most of them should be 0.20 compatible by now as well. Enjoy Ah and for when you plan your everyday fuel needs, here are two nifty maps for just that purpose: #1 http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/25360-Delta-V-map #2 http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/20993-Request-Delta-V-maps?highlight=delta
  12. Kinda figured that for myself. Now what would be cool if you could make the actual diameters for both sides dynamic as in the user can choose those. That would be fantastic because this way I could produce adapters for literally every part as long as the basic shape is supported and is the same on both sides.
  13. Thanks a bunch for this awesome tool. Would it be possible to generate adapter parts with this as well? Lets take a decoupler as an example that could receive a 3.5m part on one side and decouple a 2.5m part on the other side. I hope this makes sense. EDIT: Looks like you already have sort of an adapter function in your tool. I am not sure how to employ it though. What would "1 to .25" exactly mean? Is it a literal adapter from 1m to .25m or is it a ratio as in 4:1 ?
  14. Thanks for this cool Plugin! I think I just came across a bug. The delta-v stats do not work for me: As you can see TWR is being calculated. Delta-v not so much. Any ideas? [EDIT] Its an issue at my end. Made a fresh installe and used only MechJeb. Works like a charm there. Have to figure out which plugin breaks MechJeb. Hooray! [/EDIT]
  15. Using this mod once you flip the "Throttle Control Steering" switch on your VTOL engines they work as long as the actual engines are activated. They do not depend on RCS activated nor on any sort of throttling. So what you do is you assign two action groups to actually putting the engines in "Throttle Control Steering" and one action group for toggling the engines. That way you have full control. Its a bit of chore going through the action group list with a lot of those engines even when placed in symmetry > 1.
  16. Thanks for noticing. Didn't know Its the novelty you make it out to be. Especially since there is a mod around that adds "Throttle Control Steering" to VTOL engines: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/draktec-vtol-engines/ Without that mod any efforts of mine in that direction would have been fruitless.
  17. Well the RCS ports and the LFO-powered control system (I assume you are talking about the Liquid Engine Thrusters - couldn't find any information on that abbreviation ) are merely a measure to enable maneuverability of my rocket during ascent and in vacuum since I am employing parts with a 5m diameter. The purpose of this whole station comes down to being a refueling station primarily. I haven't really put much thought in the big picture.
  18. I you actually want the thrill of a computer assisted docking maneuver where you still play a role check out Lazor Docking Cam: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/lazor-docking-cam/ It allows you to see from the docking port's perspective in a little window while providing all the vital information for a successful docking by instruments. I positively love it!
  19. Had to push back my plans for a couple of days but finally got around to give it a go. Here is the result: So it does work! I even squeezed a rotating actuator between the truss and the docking port. Saves me the hassle of aligning the ship for docking at least on one axis.
  20. I got this thing into orbit and docked with my soon to be space station. Will be trying to dock onto the struts later this evening. I'll keep you apprised of any progress.
  21. Thats why you have oxidizer afaik. In case you are using custom parts check if your tanks come with oxidizer. Also maybe between between your engine and the fuselage you have a part thats is not able to crossfeed fuel. Things like decouplers and such.
  22. Hey! Is it possible to group/merge parts in staging. I am not talking about the major groups titled with numbers rather then the groups within the major groups. Say I have a 8x4 small engines which all fire at the same time. Those clog up my staging during assembly enormously. Can I just group them in a way that they collapse? Thanks in advance!
  23. Thanks for the replies. Already modified the setup and introduced hinges between the truss and the fuselage like so:
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