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  1. So Queqiao is set to launch in 6 minutes.. anyone got a live stream i can watch?? edit: so it doesn't look like there is a livestream for this launch so here's some information on the mission: Some Dutch science going on even for this mission nice...
  2. cypher_00

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Kinda happy it got scrubbed.. didn't see the launch warning on my phone. I would have missed a launch after seeing 4 launches live.. hope i don't miss it again tomorrow...
  3. cypher_00

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Good sep all is good yay now its time for SCIENCE! btw some Q&A about how TESS is different from Kepler: Go find those rocky planets!
  4. cypher_00

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I think its amazing to see that fairing part falling just about 20 seconds before the entry burn.. it must be landing pretty close to the drone ship.
  5. cypher_00

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I am not sure about recovery but if you put the stream at -13:50 and look at the 1st stage cam i swear i can see one half fairing falling down through the sky... edit: sorry not sure about the time in the stream because its still running but its right after she says something about the turbo pump still running good.. edit2: It's at T+ 6:13 mission time...
  6. cypher_00

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Yeah I am still amazed every time they pull this off such accuracy
  7. cypher_00

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    All looks nominal so far. Good launch! And bullseye! landed right on target!
  8. cypher_00

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    And TESS is just in time as Kepler is running low on fuel.
  9. cypher_00

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Hope everything goes well
  10. That's not true you will need a next gen graphics card but nowhere near $5000 You can get a titan card for 208 euro Two of those in SLI should do it if they would support the new tech. I expect the next gen cards to be able to handle it for a bit more then 500 euro... Also look at this for some ray tracing science: You don't sell a new feature like that if you have to spend $5000 to be able to use it...
  11. Not a game but i think the Unreal engine is still in top of graphics quality.. Especially when ray tracing is going to be used in new games.. Just look at this: Remember that this is rendered in real time.. It's getting very close to the pre-rendered quality we are used to from movie CGI...
  12. cypher_00

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Stream is live hope they get the boat out soon... Havent seen this posted btw.. Falcon Heavy Center Stage "Landing"
  13. Oof his second chute only opened seconds before landing and they where attached to the back of the rocket so he landed nose down.. Looked like the speed of a car crash with about 30 / 40 Kmh.. They say next he wants to build a Balloon capable of going to 100 Km height.. Maybe he should have saved his budget and started with that.. allot safer..
  14. cypher_00

    Your Wallpapers

    I currently use this one from a screenshot i made of FFXV:
  15. cypher_00

    Stephen Hawking has passed away

    A sad day.. I wish he lived long enough to witness the birth of the theory of everything but it wasn't to be.