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  1. Pan's weird shape

    Hah Hyperion looks like a teenager with Acne
  2. Pan's weird shape

    Iapetus which is also imaged by Cassini has a ridge but it's not really clear what caused that one.. Saturn sure is a interesting system.
  3. Pan's weird shape

    Cool. I was guessing that Saturn's gravity was squeezing these moons into these shapes but according to the wiki info of Atlas it actually is captured material that accumulates around the equator and the size is related to it's Roche lobe. Very interesting.
  4. Pan's weird shape

    Cassini has made close up pictures of Saturn's moon Pan: It sure is weird looking with that ridge..
  5. Blue Origin Thread (merged)

    Too bad.. managed by luck to start the livestream 30 seconds before launch then it gets aborted a few seconds later.. Hope I remember in time to watch tomorrows attempt..
  6. Anyone knows what the mission is? He seems to be installing some new hardware. That rotating dish is awesome BTW need that in KSP Aaah he just made a Selfie This is the best live stream I've ever seen!
  7. OMG space walk going on. I just saw a glove..
  8. They have now found a second star with large dips in its brightness. EPIC 204278916 with dips up to 65% What could it be?
  9. Turns out the "there is a 12 year pause in global warming" argument is also not true: [url][/url]
  10. [quote name='adsii1970'][URL=""][/URL] <--- former NASA scientist. To believe that man and his industry is the cause of all global climate change, how do you explain the end of the last ice age - long before man was anything more than a hunter-gatherer?[/QUOTE] Roy Spencer also believes in Intelligent Design and he calls Global Warming deniers "Global warming Nazis".... Yes.. he calls the same group where he is a part of "nazis".
  11. "Chemtrails - Solar radiation management" Say what?
  12. A team from the University of Delft is trying to break the European height record. Their goal is getting to 50Km. They use the following interesting combination: "This engine, the DARE developed DHX-200 Aurora, runs on nitrous oxide as oxidizer and a mixture of sorbitol (coffee sweetener), paraffin (candle wax) and aluminium powder as fuel." Read more here:
  13. Ooh nice! Thanks for posting. I've only read Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! Which was a lot of fun. Such a cool person.
  14. Water on Mars?

    Are you sure? The image info says it is the Horowitz Crater and that is located on Mars. "In 2011 it was announced that images captured by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have suggested the presence of possible flowing water during the warmest months on Mars, as shown in images taken of Newton Crater and Horowitz Crater among others."
  15. Macross Missile Spam -> The only way to go

    What if instead of trying to go stealth by cooling things down you do it the other way around by deploying a swarm of thermal decoys that blind the enemy's sensors?