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  1. Awesome. Trick is that, when you use KIS/KAS, you have to attach part, close doors, open inventory, drag object into it, delete object. Still, workaround is here. IgorZ is trying to counter that "open by default" feature, at least thats what he wrote on KIS/KAS thread.
  2. Workaround: WRT lowered landing legs etc. You can overcome this with: - attach part on VAB craft - set retracted/folded position - open inventory - drag said element into inv. - delete element.
  3. feature: Make garage parts/doors able to take conf per side - ie. open garage has two sides, two doors, only one open limit. feature: might be related to KIS/KAS, but parts start as "open". This cause problems. Can default state of parts be set up as "closed" ?
  4. Hey Igor: 1. I was almost sure its part of KIS/KAS, maybe I squeezed another mod update in one go. My bad. Im not very keen on all details. Did not play KSP for quite some time, so Im catching up on progress. 2. Great. Thank you. 3. Indeed, I will, once I figure out which mod adds this. Thank you. Looks like you are doing exceptional work here - mod and response time.
  5. Just a minor hint - add description in garage adapter ---> "'R' - us to switch attachment initial point" (Yeah, Im kind of noob with this) Also, Ive encountered and odd issue. Ive deployed a base with that round nice main module, 4 side tanks and some other parts as day 0 base. Ive set up adapter, garage part( that slim smallest part. Once I attached leg to garage part, it sprung open on attach, whole base jumped a bit and... whole garage section was gone(once I regained focus on base) - it did not explode. Edit: I tried to reproduce it, so far on joy. Another issue: all parts sta
  6. Good to know, thought it has something to do with placement( K&K ore tanks and that modular block) - though it is weird, spaceengineers, ksp and one other, landing gears/legs are a problem.
  7. Ach, well, missed that. anyway, just for reference: KIS/settings/EvaPickup.maxdistance Well, currently weird stuff I face: - attaching K&K landing foot can lead to explosion. - if there is that landing assist block connected to planetary central hub. it seems to be ignored as connection worthy, when I try to attach garage adapter.
  8. Yes, I dug that option, thanks. WRT positions. I have said rover, with 3.75 container. Trick is that WHEN I stand next to bottom part of it( rear end of truck/rover) I cant access it inventory. I have to walk under, closer to center of mass of container, to access it - that is, with standard. This is what I meant by "focus point". It seems like containers are being treated like they are singular points, rather than bulky objects?
  9. Inventory range? Is there any limit? Ive forged a cargo rover with one of those KIS contaiers (3.75m). One that looks like if will fit a truck. Problem with it is that it seems like I can access inventory close to center of its mass. Rather than whole container being focus of access, only middle section is. This makes it hard to use it as cargo rover part. For some reason it seems that my response did not make it: IgorZ: Nope, regarding my last comment - no errors in log. Up till now, KIS/KAS is up to the task.
  10. Well. I had a problem with inventory. None of pods had it after update( and mods upgrade). Not even in the KIS/KAS containers. So... What I did. I removed all modes and applied them in batches, just to do a QSort on issue. After whole ordeal, the context menu is back. So either, it required a reset to "pristine condition" or some sort of rebuild of indexes, if any?
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