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  1. It looks like he's trying to sing dubstep.
  2. Dead for the second time in my career save.
  3. He was probably thinking "MORE BOOSTERS!" I just edited some gameplay video. This time it's my Minmus trip. Accidentally killed another Kerbal (Bob).
  4. I accidentally killed Jeb on my very first 0.22 gameplay video for YouTube. I'm also not using quicksave, quickload, or revert flight buttons.
  5. Gameplay footage from a few days ago, but just uploaded it to YouTube.
  6. There does seem to be something off with the way the landing legs rebound. I mounted an engine pointed downward to increase force on a lander that I knew could sit near full extension. I compressed the legs all the way down and they only rebounded about halfway. Raising and lowering a single leg caused them all to kind of pop back to where they normally were under the weight they were supporting.
  7. Which one? My one that I record YouTube videos in is SteevyTable since that is my YouTube name. Otherwise I have "Experiments" and then my main one for myself is just called SteevyT.
  8. I think every single one of my career mode rockets has been called "Untitled Space Craft" so far.
  9. Not sure about that one, I saw it in a mod for KSP 0.21 that Scott Manly reviewed.
  10. Because it would be a "warp" drive. It doesn't actually add or subtract any velocity from your ship, just moves it to another location. From a stationary observer, the ship will have the same velocity where it ended as when it started.
  11. I throw 6 on the 1-man capsules, but then again, I don't really care how the rocket looks, the single starting parachute is enough to bring the pod, 6 goo canisters, and a communicatron back safely.
  12. You are only getting 20% of the science transmitting that you would bringing them back. However, the thermometer, barometer, gravimeter, and accelerometer should all transmit 100% rather than the 80% or whatever they do right now. They are just storing numbers, those should be able to be transmitted intact.
  13. There are different crew and EVA reports for low and high orbits around Kerbin, Minmus, and the Mun. (Or at least one of the reports is altitude dependent, I forget which one right now)
  14. Just kind of curious, what is the maximum amount of science you can get from the Kerbal universe? That is doing every experiment possible until they all return 0 science.
  15. I currently have the thermometer unlocked, no clue where the NERVA is. Haven't seen its node.
  16. You can do some really cool engine clusters with the small cubic strut. I think that was the thing a lot of (if not most) people used it for.
  17. How the SAS does seems to be very heavily dependent on ship design. I have some that it holds rock solid, others it lets wiggle around a bit, and yet others it oscillates, although I haven't encountered any death shakes yet.
  18. I found a way to make radial decouplers using the beams and stack decouplers since there aren't any radial decouplers for a while.
  19. Without science, I never would have thought to EVA while re-entering Kerbin atmosphere. Got something like 25 SCIENCE for that one.
  20. EVA's while flying through the upper atmosphere produce fun reports.
  21. EVA, do report, re enter capsule, wait for new location, rinse repeat.
  22. This is what I did. I got 475 SCIENCE! from a single trip to Minmus. No batteries.
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