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  1. For anyone who is wanting to use the shuttles in game, I think it is time that you get a chance to try the community patch and provide your feedback. I have used this version of the patch to successfully launch and land both shuttles. Keeping the Super 25 and the station parts easily useable for people is my priority. The original shuttle (Dauntless) had flaws that were addressed by Helldiver designing the second shuttle. I understand people will still try to use the Dauntless, but it should be considered a legacy version of KSO. If you are eager to see this mod updated, test the shuttles
  2. PM me gamebreaking issues you are running into, and I will take a look. The existing shuttles were supposed to become legacy parts, but we have no idea when the new shuttle helldiver was working on will be finished, because he is busy with real life. I barely play KSP but my intent is to keep the parts useable.
  3. Yes, the contents of all 4 packs should be merged in "Gamedata/KSO/"
  4. I recommend a more shallow reentry, meaning enter the atmosphere earlier relative to ksc, and let it it take longer to slow you down. Your orbit path should appear to end out in the ocean once you do your reentry burn. In my experience keeping the nose up works, and will keep the heat bars from growing much.
  5. It will be released for the current version at the time it's ready. It won't be out for a long time. Several months. There is an angle adjuster that can be toggled on our engines. On top of that they will attempt to gimbal the same way the stock engines will. The boosters have different stats.
  6. https://github.com/Mihara/RasterPropMonitor/releases fix for navballs ^
  7. They are oriented the same way stock wheels are, and there is a reason for that. Are you saying the craft files will not move when you load one?
  8. All I saw was a wall of black characters, it looked like broken ascii art. Please keep posts regarding issues you are having clear and to the point guys.
  9. Ok, please do not spam the thread with whatever that crap in your last post is. 1) shuttles dont use ablator. You can add it in cfgs if you want. 2)Change the values in the heat files in the configs folder if you want the parts to be more resistant. 3) The values are meant to make angle and orbit altitude matter. At a certain point having enough maxtemp or ablator just makes heat mean nothing. Edit cfgs if you want to play with it that way.
  10. This goes hand in hand with Avalon's question, because the craft files in the OP are pre-configured.... but one thing to note is you will need to rotate all wheels and landing gear 90 degrees on X axis if you are building a craft manually. So you'll need to grab the part out of the part list, and hit S on your keyboard once. That should place it in the right direction and the wheel will work correctly. It is the same for stock wheels/gear, just harder to see on KSOS wheels.
  11. It should be fairly easy to slap a 2nd pair of boosters on and still fly the Super 25 to orbit. The actual engine configuration is different on buran (no 3 main engines) and i never experimented with that. Do us a favor and launch it , verify it is yawing to one side, revert to hangar and save as a new craft. Share the craft file here. Have you tried it without your other mods? Might be a good idea...
  12. I launched with our craft file several times last night and saw no issues like those in your video. Again, you have something else going on. A changed setting or mod affecting what you launched.
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