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  1. I think it could get better but i don't see any need for that at the moment. They should prioritise career mode, resources and more parts.
  2. When you look at the feet it seems they have some kinda base there that reminds me of the bases on a Warhammer miniature. Maybe they are miniatures?
  3. I agree. This should just be done right here on these forums. Reddit, Facebook is such a hugely bothersome mess i stay away from them no matter what.
  4. I can but whenever i make one it's with extreme effort/time wasted on failures and i can't accomplish much with it.
  5. I'm just hoping that either resources or career mode comes with 21. It's actually hard for me to get motivated to play KSP at the moment....
  6. I'm not very experienced but i can say this- Make certain that you don't go too fast when climbing out of the atmosphere. You can see how many G's you're at just to the right of the navball. Keep the indicatorneedle in the upper green area. Saves you loads of fuel.
  7. How about: A clearly mentaly ill kerbal scientist jumpstarting piece of experimental equipment by putting two powercables togheter using a risky method- By biting down on both of them at the same time. Bzzzzzt!!! Or a wackily deranged kerbal engineer digging through a scrap pile for usable parts. Behind him lies a small pile of his findings on a trolley.
  8. I think i can see 4 seperatrons on that thing. That can't have enough fuel to get out of Kerbin atmosphere. By the way. Was there a kerbonaut in that thing? Isn't it kinda cruel to send him on an infinite journey with no chance of returning?
  9. You should put up a few pictures that shows what goes wrong. It always helps. I can tell you what a gimbal is though. It's an engine part that allows the engine to make alterations to which direction it applies all of it's trust. Think of it as a rudder that can be used to steer in all directions. Keep in mind that in order to make fine adjustments you use RCS/flaps.
  10. Maybe Orks are Kerbals 40000 years into the future....That's a nice comforting thought. Soon a Kerbal engineer will go mad and start tinkering alone in a corner somewhere. Whenever anyone comes close he bites them. He picks up a wonky accent and sometimes goes on violent rampages that devastates whomever/whatever is closest to him at the time. Soon enough he proudly presents the result of his hard work which he describes as- -A red rokkit wid loads o' you-know-wotz, gubbins an' a few spiny bits. Wot'z dat? I don' know [Yanks the antenna of his creation and looks at it in wonder]. Probably not
  11. Thanks for leting us know KSK. But the part about drawings i mentioned earlier was about when this becomes a novel...not that i demanded it here... But some pics most certainly can't hurt. Oh well...good luck with whatever is distracting you from entertaining us spoiled forumbrats. We'll be here awaiting your return.
  12. Keep going KSK. Now i'm already impatient for the next chapter.
  13. I'm a wannabe author and i must say....this kick major ass. I'm actually serious when i say that you should ask squad if they want a novel for their game. Then you just need somebody who's halfdecent at drawing to draw some pics of those junky rockets and stuff. Something to look at every few chapters you know.
  14. I can't get motivated to play for long sessions without career mode. I actually need it.
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