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  1. If bought from the web store, then the Making History installer for Windows is an executable file. However, the web store, or GOG's offline installers if you bought from there, are the only places where this applies. If you have bought the product from the web store or GOG and the expansion installers are not working, please email [email protected] for assistance. If you bought from Steam or are using the GOG Galaxy client, then there should be no installer executables at all.
  2. Well, nuts. Promoting the secondary link to primary link. If it's still working, then yay.
  3. If you got the game via Steam, you can use the Beta channels function of Steam to go back to KSP v1.0.5, without requiring any kind of Beta key. If you bought via GOG, the earliest available version through the Galaxy client's beta branches is 1.2. (also: Ninja'd by adsii, heh).
  4. Hi. Unfortunately there is no support for BBcode in the current forum software, and allowing normal users to access raw HTML would very likely end up as a disaster waiting to happen. The best you could probably do is to compose your post in an editor that you're more comfortable with, such as Libreoffice Writer, or Microsoft Word (or, perhaps, LaTeX converted to OOXML via Pandoc). Once displayed in rich-text, most formatting should survive a copy+paste into the forum's own text editor. Hope that helps.
  5. Galaxy client release was simultaneous with Steam and the KSP Store. The website download may be delayed, but this is normal.
  6. There shouldn't be any problem with using the Beta Channels function to go back to prior versions of KSP. However, some people have tried to revert while KSP is running via the Steam client, and that won't work at all.
  7. You should also not forget that unless the author specifically relinquishes their rights to the code, simply licensing software under GPL does not mean the FSF is about to sue anybody on anybody's behalf. It's right there in Line 2 of the boilerplate. COPYRIGHT NAME OF AUTHOR. You still own the copyright to work you license under the GPL. You as the author decide if you're going to go after someone for violations. The FSF are not going to assume ownership over your copyrighted work, even if you use a copy of the license they made up. While your plugin may or may not work without KSP, KSP will certainly continue to tick along happily without your plugin. The ban against reverse engineering has been in there since the earliest versions of KSP, way before T2 were involved. Can we put that bit of the EULA-rage to bed now, please? And if you really want to be paranoid about it, then you can do Nvidia's trick that they use for putting a proprietary blob into the Linux kernel. Include a LGPL interface layer that references Assembly-CSharp and whatever other DLLs you're going to need. In the LGPL code, you do this: That's assuming any of this shenaniganry is necessary at all. I'm no lawyer, but I don't think it is. As the OP says himself, GPL is one of the most popular licenses for KSP mods. Nobody has been sued. In fact, while I've put the odd couple of modlets I've made out under mostly the MIT license, I'm thinking that any future little one and two-liners are going to be released under some version of the GPL, just to make a point. Copyright Me, of course.
  8. Unfortunately, that log is not from a stock copy of KSP. Even "just" Kerbal Engineer being installed may affect results in ways that cannot be predicted. Not saying there isn't a problem. I wouldn't have confirmed the issue if I didn't see it happen myself. However, logs and reproductions need to be on a totally stock game to be of the most use. As-is, the investigation continues!
  9. Can you upload that file to https://www.virustotal.com/ to see if it comes up with any hits? As @million_lights says, it's a file used by (quite a lot of) mods.
  10. Scatterer is a pretty neat mod, however it didn't get to where it is today in one step. There have been some awful glitches on its way to the GPU-battering prettiness that it's at now, and I'm not sure whether the dev team really want to deal with the hassle that would come from a whole new round of development, this time with Cg/HLSL. Not when they could be working on core game features and the Making History expansion. As I recall also, Scatterer's shaders are all based on shaders that are publically available but for noncommercial use. I'm sure @blackrack would be able to correct me if wrong, there. So while it might be possible for a mod author to grab some available shaders, inject them into the game and tweak them until they fit, that's not quite so possible for a commercial venture. Not unless either some actually-free shaders become available, or a whole lot of work gets done to make shaders from scratch. So while I won't say it's absolutely impossible for a shader and HD-textures update to happen, it's possibly not the highest priority for development right now.
  11. You may have applied trim. You can reset it by holding L1 and clicking L3 on PS4, or holding LB and clicking LS on Xbox. (edit: Assuming radial control mode. In cursor mode you use LB+A on Xbox or L1+X on PS4). Now this I have no idea about. It's something we tested extensively for, especially since that was one of the biggest problems with the FTE release, but apparently a few people have still lost saves. The problem has been noted, and it'll be a high priority for a future patch.
  12. You can toggle fine-control off again using LB+LS in cursor mode. The indicators should go back to their normal orange colour. Unfortunately there is no way at present (on PC or console) to completely disable those functions.
  13. That's fine-control mode. You should still be able to control the craft, but the response will be much slower. (edit: In cursor mode, it's toggled with LB+LS, which is the same as resetting trim in radial.)
  14. You know I just scrolled up and saw you're talking about cursor mode, not radial. To reset trim in cursor mode, it's LB+A, on PS4 it's L1+X. Sorry about that.
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