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  1. Unfortunately no, this mod does not account for fuel burn and neither does it calculate burn time. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to calculate burn time from Isp (you will have to make an assumption about whether to use vacuum or sea level). From that, the rocker equation, and some simple physics it’s pretty easy to calculate how high it’ll go. (I could link you the equations if you like but they’re all on Wikipedia and I encourage self-learning because it’s retained better) Now, those equations ignore drag and that’s one area where this mod can help. The ‘Velocity Curves’ tab will let
  2. Haha, soon I hope! I made sure to check the ‘Add to CKAN’ box when I uploaded it to Space Dock.
  3. Craft files are easiest (at least if they're stock) so I can recreate issues at will. It doesn't use the debug log for much since I don't want to spam at every frame but screenshots could help. It's interesting that you're seeing blades jump to too high of an angle. Are the blades 'regular' (do they emanate from the rotation axis and form a disc with zero deploy angle being flat in the disc)? The 'stuck' behaviour you describe could be what it does if it can't solve an equation - it will just leave the prop at the angle it was. It could also be that it's decided that that angle is optimal
  4. Well, I tried to use my own in-development mod to try to win this but the fact is that you all are simply much better aircraft designers than I. I humbly release my creation in the hopes that it can help you beat the speed records and that I can be a part of it in that way. @fourfaGood luck, mate.
  5. With apologies to the great movies starring Anna Kendricks. Ever get frustrated that your propeller aircraft don't seem to gain speed? Annoyed that mapping blade deploy angle to throttle can result in less thrust with more throttle? Wish you could just use the throttle to control the force of your propeller without finicking around? Well now you can! This mod will handle all of the details while you just fly. How to use: Add blades to any rotor. Make sure that they are aligned in the disc plane in their undeployed state and that increasing the deployment angle makes them t
  6. CPU utilization going to 100% is normal - it’s doing a lot of math. The freezing is bizarre but I’d have to see a log file and/or the craft file to reproduce it.
  7. Oh yes... Excuse me while I use the power of math to crush the competition before releasing my blade pitch control mod. Maybe this should get its own forum thread, but the automatic blade pitch controller is well underway. Your gut is absolutely correct - for the special case where the blade pitch axis is orthogonal to, and passes through the disc axis. It's really simple to figure out the inflow triangle (knowing forward velocity and angular velocity X distance) to figure out the relative inflow angle. Then if you know your max lift AoA (trick here is the lift curves in the CFG file
  8. To check a specific expansion you’ll want the ExpansionsLoader static method IsExpansionInstalled. Expansions.ExpansionsLoader.IsExpansionInstalled(string name) The string to check is the same as the folder name in GameData/SquadExpansions. “MakingHistory” and “Serenity” (Breaking Ground). There are similar methods under that same class to check if any expansions are installed or to check a list if you need more than one.
  9. New update is released! Propeller thrust and drag is accurately and intuitively shown. Forward and upward propeller forces count as thrust. Backward and downward propeller forces count as drag. Do the vector magnitudes not add up perfectly, maybe, but that's like a rounding error. It'll be fine! Propellers are simulated at the angle they are currently at in the editor. Optional optimization will come later. Enjoy testing it out while I take a break to update my other mods and maybe make a variable pitch propeller controller PartModule. Massive performance improvements! Propeller en
  10. There's also the case where the blade angles are set too shallow and the blade actually makes negative thrust. Using a tick box might be possible, but would complicate the code. I'm leaning towards counting it as thrust, which I think is what most users would expect. I might try a clever trick to count the hub and spinners as drag separately from actual rotating parts.
  11. New release is out. Thanks to @The-Grim-Sleeper for the pull request. I also took the opportunity to update the GUI to use the newer system for that sort of thing. The toggles to enable joints across robotic or KAS connections do disable themselves if the applicable mod or expansion isn't installed, so if you're not seeing them that could be why. The setting from the settings file are read and followed regardless, so if I've messed up checking for the mod or expansion there is a workaroun - but please let me know if the button isn't showing in some case when it should.
  12. Alright! I've got rotors and props roughly working. I still need to do some testing to sort out the deployment direction (there's four different flags listed in the API so I have to figure out how they interact). Question for the users: should the output from rotating part groups (like rotors and props) be shown in the graphs as negative drag or as thrust? Pros/Cons as I see them are: The drag of the hub and spinner will be hidden if the total is counted as thrust. VS Lift/drag charts get broken if the force is counted as negative drag.
  13. Hey! I haven't been the most active in the community recently because of IRL work, but I'm taking advantage of some time off over the holidays (Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, btw!) to catch up on my mods. Wind Tunnel is my passion at the moment so it's getting a lot of (desperately needed) attention. Next is CommNet Manager and then I'll be over to ReCoupler. I see the pull request now and I'll incorporate it alongside some other updates to the settings menu. Cheers!
  14. The CTDs are weird and occur randomly - they're a result of something one of my threads is doing interfering with the Unity game engine. I've resolved them by changing how I access certain information so that I stop doing things the game engine doesn't allow for. Whether a CTD occurs or not shouldn't be a function of accumulating anything but might be made better or worse by an increased or decreased CPU load. But don't worry too much about fixing them on your end, I'll have a new version out soon that will eliminate them completely. For propellers, I'm going to start by just locking them
  15. Oh. Oh... See, I was just going to rotate each rotating sub-component at its max RPM as set in the part menu. That sort of clever torque-splitting on a freewheeling one wouldn't propagate back upwards, and making it so would require a complete re-write and much more expensive computations. There are compatible contra-rotating setups that can be used with this mod, but that won't be one of them. I think basic propeller/rotor support is the most I'll be able to do. If I can figure out the vector math, I'll have it used optimized blade pitch angles, though. I need a bigger whiteboard by my c
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