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  1. Can confirm. Not a secret organization. I know because I never received my membership card or was taught the secret handshake.
  2. In case you haven't figured it out, you're looking for the massFctr number. Dropping that should do it. It was the fact that I was kind of cheating in how which resources the beacon consumes was stored that might have made it so that they always used Karborundum. Now it's truly up to the CFG file. I also added a new variable that was intended to work as an overall cost scalar, but I think I also need to add another one for scaling just the distance to better support other sized solar systems. Oh well, that'll be for the next release.
  3. Yeah... I got real close, but was running into threading issues (which are always a huge pain to sort out) and then got distracted with other projects because stock aero was good enough for me (since I don't personally use FAR). When I have more time for modding I'll take another crack at it. Probably in the fall or early winter when I'm less inclined to be hanging out outdoors or doing house renovations. This is true. I still mean to build a mode for gliders (to help with EDL), but that will involve a significant amount of work since the level-flight assumption is, by definition of gliding, no longer accurate. Thanks everyone for your patience!
  4. Interesting! It turns out the Accord Core library never loaded correctly, even on KSP 1.6. But, since the parts of Accord that WindTunnel relies on are in Accord.Math and didn't have any dependencies on Accord Core, the mod worked fine all along. I investigated exactly which types were not loading by comparing the loaded types vs nulls to the types that Accord contains. It turns out that the only types not loading are ones derived from System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations, which isn't included in the default Unity compilation. Anyways, since that's not likely to change any time soon, I extracted the needed classes from Accord.Math and published a release. This should fix any issues with this. It comes at the cost of not being able to receive updates to Accord, but compatibility with other mods is more important. Hopefully everyone's happy now! Sorry if I was grouchy the other day.
  5. Wow, @Snoman314, you have an awfully low bar for "abandoned", given that it's been exactly two weeks since you raised that issue. I have the same container of milk in my fridge now as I did then! Dunbaratu, in fact, has since un-narrowed it down, and the issue was never with "all other mods installed with it", just your report of kOS. I saw the email alert for this post (because I follow all developments with my work quite diligently) at 5:30 this morning and got so worked up by your misleading and incorrect claims that it is "broken and abandoned" that I couldn't go back to sleep. I kept thinking of all the ranting things I wanted to say, but I'll restrain myself - this is a thread about my mod, not about why mod-makers often seem so frustrated. I will look into the issue in case I can do anything to relieve the problem, but until then, use the workaround you've already identified so you can have your kOS and Wind Tunnel too. Just thought everyone should know before trying this mod: it's really awesome, took hundreds of hours to create, seems to works for 99% of users, and is in no way abandoned. -Sincerely, the author. ----- @Bla Bla, I haven't forgotten about your issue, I just haven't been able to recreate it myself to track down the root cause, even with multi-mode engines.
  6. I've finally solved this, so I'm posting the solution here for any future forum-trawlers looking to do something like this. It turns out that I was so, so close initially. There are two similar options depending on what you want, exactly. If a single patch is enough you can draw it with OrbitRenderer (you can also change the colour this way), or you can use the PatchedConicRenderer if you want multiple patches for encounters and escape. Working code that includes both is included in the ESLD Beacons code, found here. The key steps are: Create a new GameObject: this will hold all the necessary components. AddComponent<OrbitDriver> to the GameObject. Set the OrbitDriver.orbit to the orbit you want. Set the OrbitDriver.updateMode to OrbitDriver.UpdateMode.TRACK_Phys; AddComponent<OrbitRenderer> to the GameObject. If you want a simple orbit, populate the OrbitRenderer fields as needed, and you're done! Set the OrbitDriver.vessel to an Vessel object (I know, I know, we'll break this link later. See the comment in the code as to why we need it.) Otherwise, AddComponent<PatchedConicSolver> and AddComponent<PatchedConicRenderer> to the GameObject. Disable the OrbitRenderer by setting .drawIcons = OrbitRendererBase.DrawIcons.NONE and .drawMode = OrbitRendererBase.DrawMode.OFF; Set the OrbitDriver.vessel to null at the earliest chance AFTER the PatchedConicRenderer has run its Start() method. I use a Coroutine to check until PatchedConicRender.relativeTo != null and then set the vessel to null.
  7. Done! There's still one more bug that I know of (though I doubt any of you will encounter it, except maybe @eddiew ). I've fixed that exception and reintroduced the post-jump orbit predictions for jumps not using an AMU. And, if I may say so myself, they look good! Pick up the newest over at SpaceDock or Github!
  8. Great news! I fixed the error, and have something resembling orbit prediction working! I would like to make it a bit better-looking before I publish the update, though, so you might have to hold on a week or so. In the meantime, the workaround is to always have an AMU active on your beacon. The error only occurs when there is no velocity compensation. In earlier versions of KSP it would fail quietly and still work, but they made the error-checking more aggressive.
  9. Hey folks! I have some time tonight so I'm going to be looking into those errors and confirming this mod still works on 1.6.1. I'd also like to get the post-jump orbit predictions for jumps without the compensator.
  10. There’s a series of GameEvents that get fired when the scene loads. Maybe there’s a unique sequence or attached data for a revert?
  11. Right, that's because I'm trying to use the stock PopupDialog for that window (because it's apparently better?) and it has a very aggressive input lock. I don't think there's anything I can do unless I migrate that window back to the old OnGUI style.
  12. @neistridlar I tried making some stability envelope plots tonight. I managed to get it plotting stability range (range of stable AoAs around equilibrium), pitch torque coefficient derivative around AoA_level, and what I called stability score (the integral of the restoring force coefficient within the bounds of the stability range). Unfortunately, It ended up making the computing time longer than what I think is acceptable. I think I might just leave it disabled in the code for now unless I can figure out how to speed it up. After all, users can use the AoA plots to try speed/altitude combinations that are relevant to them for now.
  13. Alright! Good news! I think I found and squashed the "Stuck at 0%" bug. Try out the newest version (1.2.1) and let me know if it persists. This version also includes the much-asked-for feature of adjusting graph axes at will. Just click the settings button to the bottom left of the graph. The save data button has moved to the right side to accommodate the new button. Once you click 'Apply', the graph will show the new range. Be patient, because if the old data doesn't cover the new range, the graphs will refresh once the new data has been calculated.
  14. RO shouldn't be a problem from a Kerbal Wind Tunnel perspective. Though I haven't tested it, it pulls all the atmospheric and gravity data from the celestial bodies loaded in-game so that should be okay. FAR compatibility is on the horizon for KWT.
  15. @dkavolis and I are chatting in DMs right now, and it's looking promising. Is there any other tools you think would be a good fit to add to the Wind Tunnel?