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  1. I don't seem to have the original pictures, but I do have the Matlab script saved, thankfully. I've also contacted Imgur Support to see if they can say what went wrong on the old album. Images are recovered, and the original post has been fixed.
  2. Maybe? I'll see if I have the original pictures saved. Worst case scenario I brush off Matlab and try to generate them again. Sorry mate, I appreciate the feedback but I found that the original sizes are a little... unbalanced? The small tank has 3x the density of Karborundum than the others and they're all over the place in metrics like tank volume/part volume, cost/tank volume, and mass/surface area. I've gone ahead and made tanks that are more compatible with the stock sizes and that have more consistent metrics. On the plus side, the tank volumes have all increased for a given diam
  3. Interesting! Unfortunately, I’m not able to do much without more information. Can you post a link to your log file?
  4. Also, I'm finally re-doing the tank parts. Should the new ones be the same dimensions as the old ones or should they conform to standard tank heights?
  5. Introducing the new line of ESLD Lens Beacons! (And version 1.3.0 of this mod! Download links in the OP) Lens Beacons shorten the effective distance by focusing the superluminal pathways. Line up your sending and receiving beacons with a lens beacon and get up to 96% off the effective distance of your jump, cutting Karborundum costs drastically! Link to Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/6OtQBwW How to use: You'll notice a large number of fuel cells on the examples. There's a reason for that - these things run off Electric Charge so make sure you have plenty. There's also a m
  6. Model - Check. Particle Effects - Check. Emissives - Check. Normals - Mostly check. Just a few more tweaks to the code and we're good to go!
  7. Thanks for doing the testing on this! You seem to be in favour of only ReCoupling parts once the user clicks ‘Apply’ or ‘Reset’; is that the consensus? I could imagine a problematic case where a vessel makes heavy use of robotics and a user has deleted a bunch of ReCoupler links; they would have to go through and delete them all again after EVA constructing a part (subject to ReCoupler). This is a pretty edge case, but could cause someone a headache. Should I tap into OnEVAConstructionModePartAttached to automatically do the ReCoupler thing? For the Kraken strike, I’ll see if I can
  8. This is actually a feature I’ve been meaning to test in ReCoupler: whether it’s existing logic works for the new in-flight construction. It might not, but that’s definitely something ReCoupler should do.
  9. Oh I'm sorry, I didn't read the call tree on that one. My bad. More fun with environment manipulation!
  10. Do you know what field it's looking for? I wonder if you could make add a pair of LateUpdate methods and somehow sandwich OrbitTargeter to set the field to something and then clear it without breaking anything... But if it only shows up once per node, honestly I'd leave it (maybe add a log statement earlier in the same frame telling users that it's okay). Heck, ReCoupler throws an exception every launch but I'm not going to spend the hours tracking it down. :p If it's just Debug.Log, consider wrapping it in an #ifdef DEBUG/#endif to remove it from the shipped version and you're good to go
  11. This is absolutely true. Exceptions are the program's way of saying something didn't go the way the program expected. NullReferenceException is the program's way of flagging that something it thought should exist doesn't, which makes complete sense with stock code being bent to display an orbit without a real vessel. Looking at the call stack, it isn't even possible to hide this message with a catch block since it's from a Unity/Stock call tree... Does it show up every frame? 1MB/s seems like a lot (I'm not sure if other users see that rate or not), but it's going to hard drive and not RAM so
  12. Hey all! I'm working on a new part for this for the first time in... years! Anyone with graphics experience able to help texture it?
  13. Holy! Well done! I liked the post because I saw you'd had success drawing orbits. But after reading what you'd actually used it for makes me wish I could like the post multiple times! This is superb! Adding it to my 'must-have' list.
  14. I've considered making that as a separate mod, but the problem of optimizing atmospheric ascent profiles for multistage launch vehicles is beyond me. From the research I've done, that seems to be at the cutting edge of academic papers (though I'm sure industry has some lovely and complicated code for it). Like, if I could make it work for KSP, I could publish a journal article about the algorithm. Tempting for the cred, but no... Sorry. I'll do some more reading on the current state of research and if I come across something I can just adapt for KSP instead of developing from scratch I'll rec
  15. Unfortunately no, this mod does not account for fuel burn and neither does it calculate burn time. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to calculate burn time from Isp (you will have to make an assumption about whether to use vacuum or sea level). From that, the rocker equation, and some simple physics it’s pretty easy to calculate how high it’ll go. (I could link you the equations if you like but they’re all on Wikipedia and I encourage self-learning because it’s retained better) Now, those equations ignore drag and that’s one area where this mod can help. The ‘Velocity Curves’ tab will let
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