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  1. Sorry, I think I was misunderstood. The beacons only have infinite range to another active beacon. So the one beacon won't cover everything on the map, but it will link to another beacon regardless of distance. So you can use these as your deep space network nodes but still need to relay to things in their local area. My thinking is that if you can send matter at lightspeed, you should be able to send information.
  2. @wile1411, thanks for all the testing! There already is the ability to change the weightings in the jump cost function in the cfgs for each beacon. I haven't looked at it in a long time, but I'm pretty sure it was working for me. I like your thoughts about using the part upgrades feature. I haven't done that before so I'll have to look into how it's done. As for the techboxes all being available from step one, I haven't thought about it recently; I've been working on a new mod (tangentially related to making beacons work as infinite-range comms between each other). ^Which, now that I've written it that way, I think the no comms degradation or signal delay through beacons might be OP. Thoughts on making it balanced?
  3. Yes it can be done for the stock system, and this will be in the next version of ESLD. It just led me down a rabbit hole of modifying CommNet, realizing that people could only have a single mod that overrides CommNet installed at a time, and then engaging all the other modders of CommNet in a new project for them all to play nicely together. Work on that framework is coming along really well. This also means that when I add this, it will be compatible with the upcoming version of RemoteTech (which is built off of CommNet). I have a proof of concept working now and I've got beacons connecting to each other regardless of distance with no signal degradation between them, so I just need to get the CommNets-play-nicely mod polished up and I'll be set to send out a new release of ESLD that has that. So, this one confused me for a long time. The code that sends that error message is in only one place - when it checks the charge consumption for that time step, not when the beacon initializes. But it turns out that if the charge for a timestep is zero - like during loading or right on initialization - it asks for zero EC but because it receives zero EC it fires that message and shuts down. I've got this fixed now and depending what I hear from the other modders on timelines for point number 1 I'll either do a patch or just include it in the next release. I love that you have a jump start ship. In a way, the crazy EC consumption is part of the mod. I mean, if you're getting to jump from one planet to another instantaneously, what's a little 30-ton ship full of batteries? But I get what people are saying. I'll take a look at the balance of things. @wile1411, you were balancing things earlier. Thoughts?
  4. Interesting... I just checked and the SpaceDock download does have all the beacons and techboxes in it. If you're looking for ways of mining Karborundum, you'll either need to modify the stock drills to mine it or download and use parts of K+. This mod only adds the jump beacons and doesn't actually support mining Karborundum.
  5. Hey, I'm trying to make a new type of antenna that will communicate only with others like itself and it seems like CommNet:SetNodeConnection() is the place to force it to deny other connections. But that would require me to make a subclass of CommNet with just the one override. What happens if there are multiple subclasses of CommNet running at the same time (i.e. this mod and my antenna installed simultaneously)? Does the game just check all of them? Thanks!
  6. Oh that's a really great idea! I'll see what I can do. I wonder if I can hook into RemoteTech's API and not only provide support for RT too but make beacons communicating with each other not incur speed-of-light delay... It most likely can. But I'll need to look into what's causing it. Can you post a link to the mod that causes this and an example situation that I can try testing with?
  7. You do raise a good point. I, likewise, never send up a beacon without all of the techboxes. I'm open to raising the price of them (or having a few MM files with different difficulties included as an optional download).
  8. Update for 1.3 is live! Ooh, this was so close to being 1.3 compatible. They changed a protection level for a method I was calling. I've commented out that line (since it was in a section I'm going to redo eventually anyway) and recompiled it against 1.3 now. That was supposed to be there before... Maybe the other bugs were making it not show. Regardless, I'm glad to hear it's working! In theory they shouldn't be able to shut down if the vessel is unloaded. The part module can only track and consume EC usage when loaded. I think the bug with unloaded beacons shutting down actually occurred because of the weird consumption issues that I think I've fixed making it think it run out as it was saving its state during the unloading process. Please let me know if unloaded beacons shut down still.
  9. Hi folks, Sorry that this isn't an update for KSP 1.3, but it is an update! I've tried to fix the EC consumption issue and so far it's working for me. @wile1411, @Esquire42, @Jim Starluck if you guys are still on 1.2.2, would you mind letting me know if you're still encountering errors? The link to the release is below. For everyone else, thanks for your patience! Feel free to try this release with 1.3 and let me know if it works. Other than that, I should have time to update my dev build of KSP to 1.3 this weekend and try recompiling this for 1.3.
  10. Thanks for letting me know! I haven't had time to update KSP yet (I bought a house and am moving across the country!), so it's nice to know ReCoupler doesn't need updating. Let me know if any bugs show up!
  11. This is something I have seen too. With the update for KSP 1.3, I'll be doing some fairly major work on this now that I have more experience with modding for KSP. Unfortunately, I'm in the process of moving across the country and so I don't have a ton of spare time right now. I'll see what I can do, but my estimate is about the end of June/early July before I get an update out. Thanks for your patience!
  12. Version 1.3.0 is now live! (Of this mod, not KSP ) It features support for Infernal Robotics (basically just checking to make sure I'm not joining two parts that have a hinge between them), a new icon courtesy of @Rodger, and improved persistence of user-ignored part pairs. Download from the link in the OP. Enjoy! If I understand what you're doing correctly, having two radial decouplers connecting to a one-part booster would mean I'd have to somehow implement surface attach ReCoupling. I'm pretty sure it's doable for some cases, but would be a bit tricky to pull off. What does work is if you have another part above the booster (like a fuel tank) and connect that part to a radial decoupler and then get ReCoupler to join the fuel tank and the booster.
  13. Thanks @Rodger! The new version of ReCoupler features your icons.
  14. The included CLS dll is necessary for proper CLS functioning, ReCoupler works just fine without it.
  15. How does one create an input lock so that I can have the player left-click somewhere on the vessel in the editor but not have the part get picked up off the vessel? I've got it working when CTRL is held down (similarly to UbioZur Welding), but not without a modifier key. Any ideas?