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  1. Ten out of Ten! And throwing in a vote for WuphonsReachs idea of staggered lighting. I think them coming on in a staggered fashion as different systems trigger slightly out of sync with each other would just look so authentic as the automated lighting in our building here at work does just that. The outer building lights come on, then the entrance, then the parking lot and finally the rear of the building over the course of about five minutes. Now, I like the idea of a few seconds as in a game reality would be tedious. Maybe some type of extended grouping by function or type? Oh, by the way, on CKAN where I saw this mod pop up the homepage link just goes to the forum landing page, and not to this page. Thankfully the name was so perfect for this mod I just knew it would be worth the search! It's the little things like this that really add to the game. Thank you.
  2. pslytely psycho

    [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    @ShotgunNinja , Not going to waste your time with my log files. I R A Idiot. I have been running a lot of mods that are unnecessary and likely conflict with Kerbalism. I have used it so long that a lot of what is in your mod now was in the to-do list the last time I bothered to read it. So I bit the bullet and deleted all mods and started fresh. I haven't done that in over a year. There were mods in there that CKAN didn't see and some of them were very old mods that were rendered moot with the new update and some that I don't even know what they were for in the first place, some mods have very cryptic names after they are installed. Massive amounts of dead config files, etc. So far things seem to be working now.(only played 30 minutes) I never did re-install Remote Tech after reading the OP for Kerbalism. I will try later but at this point, I don't think it adds much anymore like FAR and Deadly Re-entry have pretty much become irreverent over the last year. I don't think Kerbalism did anything with signals when I first installed it so long ago. Basically my install has become so dirty that tracing a specific glitch likely has become well nigh impossible. Thanks for putting up with me. I was actually shocked at how much more Kerbalism covers since the last time I read the description. Took a lot of redundant mods out. You're the best man!
  3. pslytely psycho

    [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    @ShotgunNinja , Got off a little early tonight due to the snow, business dropped to nothing about three hours early. So I did some testing, I noticed that my probe had no signal, but I could launch a manned ship. Removed Remote Tech and bingo. Everything worked fine. I don't know for sure if it is a conflict with RT or with Ippo's settings for RT. I was basically only using it for the familiar interface, so RT stays out for the time being as I was waiting for Kerbalism and Construction Time to start a new save. I knew it had to be a conflict and that Kerbalism wasn't primarily responsible. Thanks for your help, I read the log file, and even though it was a bit over my head I could make out that there were a few errors generated, but none relating to Kerbalism, and nothing I could see that I would of thought of as an exception. It was quite educational. You can teach an old dog (57) new tricks. Thanks again for this amazing addition to my favorite game for the last four years!
  4. pslytely psycho

    [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    @ShotgunNinja, Oh yes, I'm very much aware that your mod is not causing this. I only mentioned the symptom in case you or someone else had ever run across it. Monday when I have time to play around with it to figure out what is conflicting it is going to take quite a bit of time. I was just hoping there was something known to be incompatible that would cause this issue when Kerbalism was installed. You know, trying the lazy way first as I am a totally irresponsible mod user.....
  5. pslytely psycho

    [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    @ShotgunNinja . I'm pretty sure this is a mod conflict, but I won't have time to test it on a clean install for several days as this is my last day off until next Monday. Anyway, when I install this on my mod-obese save, staging quits working. If I uninstall, it works fine, installed, I can't launch as the space bar no longer stages. As I have an irresponsible number of mods, testing it will take some time, I am only posting to see if anyone else has had this problem, or perhaps can suggest possibilities that may reduce my testing time. Since I have not seen this error reported before I'm pretty sure it is not with Kerbalism itself but with something that's not playing nice with it. This mod adds so much to the game that I will happily sacrifice whatever is conflicting with it to have this. I am unsure what logs (or where they are) might be helpful, I will happily post them if they will help. I will check this thread after work tomorrow and upload anything you request. I just won't have time to fire up the game again until next week. Thank you for this amazing mod!
  6. Thanks for maintaining this mod @MOARdV, I have used it for so long I don't even recall ever playing without it. My original account was about a month old when the forums got wiped out, so I've been here for a time. Think it was about 0.18 after putting 100+ hours into the 0.13 demo, which had limited modding support at the time. I recall coming across it very early on, so it's most certainly an essential.
  7. pslytely psycho

    [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Just popped in to see what was happening with one of my essential mods. Now after reading everything new, I'm positively salivating on my keyboard. This and KCT are two that I must have to make the game feel 'complete.' Yours gives consequence, and those absolutely beautiful magnetic fields. Jeb got radiation poisoning on my first flight. Had to cut it short and return him home quickly to save him. You made what was normally in the past, a routine flight into a tense nail-biter. 20 out of 10! Kudos! KCT removes the 'insta-build' that I find jarring. Launching five rockets in a day just doesn't feel right. These two have become must haves. Thank you very much.
  8. I loved RollKage. Are you intending on doing the bodies as well? RK made the coolest looking rovers. I forget when it started to have problems and I removed it. If I knew anything about fixing an old mod, this is the one I would of chosen. I know just enough to mess up a .cfg file really well. Sometimes I get lucky though...
  9. @linuxgurugamer Hahaha, yet another mod for my morbidly obese GameData file! This is one of those mods you don't know you need until you install it. And then you wonder how you ever lived without it. I just knew I had to investigate when I saw you were the author. I noticed it on CKAN and linked here to check it out. Thank you. Just noticed an earlier post where you stated you maintain 31 mods. Yes, you are a major contributor to my GameData's obesity. Thank you for doing so much for this community. You and countless others have made this the best group I have ever been involved with. So the old guy with the Bat'leth says Qatlho' !
  10. Oh thanks a lot, sigh, one more mod to my obese Gamedata file..... Looking forward to this as well, one of my essentials!
  11. pslytely psycho

    STOCK Fully Functional Rubik's Cube

    I bow before our new cubic overlord! Seriously, you guys make me feel like I have a sub 20 I.Q. Between walking robots, the Will it Blend blender, Spaceballs robot maid, rocket powered Bender, the zero gravity t-handle and now a WORKING Rubics Cube..........This community continually amazes me even after all these years. I always thought I could think outside the box, here, I realize I've never even seen the edges of the box. Thank you!
  12. pslytely psycho

    My farewell to Kerbal Space Program

    @HarvesteR A little over three years ago I was led here by a post on Slashdot by Capt'n Skunky. I played the Demo 0.13 for nearly 100 hours. That Christmas I told my wife not to spend $60 USD for a AAA COD game, that instead, I wanted this $17 indie game that was still in development. 1370 hours later, I still do not regret that decision. I did eventually get the COD game when it went on sale. It currently stands at 43 hours. Than you very much for the best game I have ever played. From fireworks and tinfoil men, to a full blown space simulator. I look forward to seeing what else lurks inside your head. Salute! Hats off, standing ovation.
  13. pslytely psycho

    Devnote Tuesday: Moving Forward, Moving On

    Nestor should call himself either "The Pale Alien" or "We are Nestor" A crew of five aliens called Nestor who all share the same mind (sound a little like the Borg, anyone),
  14. pslytely psycho

    What celestial body will you add into KSP?

    Yeah, I know, not actually possible.......but what fun they could be.
  15. pslytely psycho

    To outer planet mod or not to outer planet mod?

    @Snark is absolutely correct, as is everyone else endorsing this mod. It adds more of a feeling of 'completeness' to the game and feels very stock. And flying around the Sarnus System is eye candy at it's finest.