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  1. I've got a question that doesn't directly relate to this mod, but I've seen the pictures of other parachutes in game like the one in images from the OP. The parachutes aren't over lapping, and behave like you would expect in reality. How do you accomplish that, that isn't how they behave by default in stock KSP.. is there someway to tell the parachutes to have collision mesh after it deploys?
  2. Your media fire download triggered suspicious browser activity, actively attempting for force permission to install a 'media player' very uncool, I suggest you dump media fire and move to kerbal stuff of some other place that is less chancy.
  3. Soo.. my 400+ tonne space dock/ construction yard almost died.. I ran into the physics range bug, where the vessels match orbital velocity when they get into physics range.. but my tanker was travelling in a retro grade to the station and my orbital velocity was about 0 when I entered physics range.. and thus the tragic hilarity began.. docked - transferred Karbonite.. ditched all docked vessels, and hooked the ore hauler into the most central docking port and proceeded to drag the horribly A symmetrical station back into a stable orbit.. thank God it was Minimus, otherwise my poor sta
  4. I think you hit the nail right on the head, but in the same vein, perhaps managing is what he is good at and he might have good ideas. I know it is difficult for the 'specialists' (ie coder/artist) to imagine that a manager's position can be enjoyable, but it can be.. It might be worth a chance, albeit a long shot. Have done some software development work myself, the skills and abilities of the 'specialists' can be highly specialized and they rarely make good managers. All that being said and coming full circle, every manager faces an uphill battle when they come at their project like t
  5. Hmm.. I was using Karbonite conversion configs, so perhaps something in the cfg modules..? Not a big problem, I'll poke around the cfgs when I get chance.
  6. I added a metal bin, which allowed me to smelt some of the scrap into metal.. once I had space for scrap metal, the workshop started working again... So while I have no doubt that your intended function was as you stated, I seem to be experiencing something different.. it's not game breaking fortunately it is just another thing to keep in mind, an over abundance of ore and lack of metal handling capability can bind up the process.
  7. So, finally got my first space dock up and running.. churned out a couple parts for my growing station. Then started building in earnest a large ship... however as I'm sure many of you have run into.. parts stopped building.. turns out I have filled up my scrap metal and my metal.. and now parts won't build.. I presume its' because of the workshop generates scrap metal when making parts and there is no more scrap metal storage, and can't process the scrap metal into metal because the metal bins are full... really?? I mean.. that's it.. I can't just toss away some scrap metal or take
  8. Does this mean that Hexcans will be the only choice for containers? :-( Also, tweakscale won't be a requirement I hope. I find it a bit cheaty in early career.
  9. I've noticed and mentioned the same thing.. if you'll notice, its' the scale of the container that is the problem, not the node.. they are about 30% smaller than they should be, but fore reasons that escape me adjusting the cfg file to scale the model doesn't work. At least for me it doesn't
  10. Hey if this is still working with .25 you should update the version, even if it is just a repost of existing work, so this mod doesn't fade into obscurity. Love this on my space planes
  11. I pulled the cfg files for these and I can't find the problem.. I jumped the gun earlier, metal bin does show up properly, but ore and parts don't I don't use the hexcan bins, I actually delete them. I compared the metal bin to the ore bin, and aside from the expected differences all model scaling and nodes were defined identically. I'm going to try replacing the ore bin model with the metal bin model and see if the behavior follows the model.mu instead of the cfg file. EDIT: The issue does not follow the model.mu file.. almost seems like something in the plugin or some other mod is doin
  12. I just got back to this thread lol, but Mzxs I don't see that problem.. are there any asteriods or just no new asteriods spawn after the initial new game? I'm not seeing either behavior, and my mods in use is quite extensive.. but I shy away from part heavy mods if I can. mostly plugins.
  13. Has anyone experienced nodes on the bins being out of position.. I get nodes about .3 of meter from the model for ore, metal, parts bins.
  14. Oh I've had my eye on it for sometime.. I do plan on using it.. Probably just end up deleting the hexcans all together
  15. It doesn't fit the theme at all..They stick out like sore thumbs. They do make for some good surface attachment points, but their knobby shape and texture make them undesirable to use on most crafts. The other thing is you cannot see any function from its' form.. there are no access panels, nothing to suggest why a container of something like life support stocks such as food or water would be in that container in that shape..
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