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  1. KSP2 has a lot of new features that is coming with it, features that have me excited because with colony construction, orbital ship building stations, and interstellar solar systems, it should be possible to build a Von Neumann Probe in the game completely from stock parts! I always wanted to try to build one in KSP but I always had to download 150000000 mods that slow down my computer in order to get the right parts and for Star systems (because having a self-replicating probe stuck only in one system. Isnt as cool) and even then I can never get it right. That little rant aside, with th
  2. Thanks for pointing it out! I tested my game with each mod and removed the one that was causing the issue, works like a charm now!
  3. It is intact I know that, So I was completely confused as to why it wasn't working.
  4. I am planning an unmanned Mun landing, had the craft built, but for what ever reason it won't launch. I already have a geosynchronous relay network set up, and I have several antennas on the ship itself, and it is ion the landing pad, but for some reason it always says no connection. I check my power, added and removed antennas, and even removed the shroud to see if that was the issue, but nothing. Any ideas?
  5. I've always had trouble with going to other planets, to the point of relying completely on mechjeb for anything between planets. What are some tips you guys have for me?
  6. Yeah I would, lets see this monstrosity in all its glory!
  7. It is, knocK yourself out
  8. Oh sorry, I forgot to put that in! Yes you do,preferably TAC life support, but any other life support would do to!
  9. The world is dying. The oceans house no life anymore, the last fish dying long ago. The ozone layer is gone, showering the surface in radiation and driving almost all of Kerbal-kind underground. You are tasked with saving your race by building an Ark, a craft designed to bring Kerbals to a new home. The Ark must follow the following guide-lines: 1.It must carry as many kerbals as possible. 2.Once it leaves the Kerbin system, It must be able to sustain itself (Greenhouses for food, mining equipment, etc) 3. It must carry at least three probes to gather data on possible landing si
  10. Alright, I have this base all tried and true on Kerbin as a test run, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to build a carrier for the thing! Every time I try something, it either falls apart, blows up, or is so monstrously big that I can't even launch it! Any ideas on what I should do? Edit: I didn't know where to ask this so I made this thread in general discussion.
  11. As most of us know, there is a second KSC that can be found on Kerbin. As an easter egg it is cool little place, but wouldn't be great to be able to use it? Like every time we start a new game that there is a third option on the menu that allows you to choose between the classic KSC and the second KSC. Not only would it be a nice change in the environment, it would also provide its own challenges since it is surrounded by mountains that airplanes and returning spacecraft can crash into.
  12. I've always had a hard time with planetary transfers, I can never seem to get them except on some rare chances. Can I get some tips on how to do them?
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