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  1. I can confirm this behaviour. All contracts are deleted when using FMRS. For some modded contracts, like Tourism plus, they are all available again and I must start from scratch, but others like stock exploration just disappear, so I can continue with the next mission.
  2. Sorry for asking, but I guess this post confused me a little; was ge talking about RPM or ALCOR release? Man, I can't wait for this update, so many new things I think I won't know how to use it!
  3. Do you even sleep? Impatiently awaiting the new release!!!
  4. [0.90] Kerbin Shuttle Orbiter System v4.13

    Anybody could point me please why do I keep getting this when choosing dock camera? No image on KSO or SST.
  5. [0.90] Kerbin Shuttle Orbiter System v4.13

    Thank you so much, this was it! Reputation going your way!
  6. [0.90] Kerbin Shuttle Orbiter System v4.13

    Every time I update this pack, I get the same. All ships (KSO related) I had on orbit become unusable, odd things happen when coming close with another vessel and can't control them either (parts disappearing, unusable components, etc.) Do I need to rebuild the station with each update? Does this happen to any of you too? I use KSP Mod Admin 1.3.11 for faster and correct mod loading, maybe it has something to do with all this mess? Here a picture of some odd behaviour, FPS reduced to 1 and also THIS:
  7. Kerbin Mini Shuttle

    Yes, 0.22 for the whole KSP thing. What else?
  8. Kerbin Mini Shuttle

    Oh dang, I lol'd
  9. Kerbin Mini Shuttle

    Man, if I had known this would start such an argument, I wouldn't even mentioned it. Let's just focus on this great project which is finally close to release!!
  10. Kerbin Mini Shuttle

    The scientific world uses the International Sistem, no m/s speed lectures love for us?
  11. 1.- Burn to a 300k apoapsis (remember to save 10-15% fuel for reentry) 2.- Drop first stage 3.- Burn till orbit has been circularized 4.- switch to first stage and land it securely 5.- ?????? 6.- Profit. Also: 1.- Use kOS + TT NeverUnload 2.- Get best Kerbal experience possible.
  12. Kerbin Mini Shuttle

    So will we have to rely on the separatron force to keep the LRBs away from the EFT? will they properly detach as the Soyuz first stage does? Agree, seems like another blind bat here
  13. Kerbin Mini Shuttle

    Or even enneagonal... don't take it bad, just had to do it loving your work and ideas mate!
  14. Kerbin Mini Shuttle

    LOL appreciation you say?? Have you seen this whole thread? It is the most active en the development subforum, pleople love this shuttle (including myself, 'cause I love lurking this every day watching the incredible improvements and wishing for a soon release)