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  1. It also seems that nert removed the lift surface of the structural parts . Too bad, it was the first time I could create a shuttle that don't have 400 m wings.
  2. My SSO can't go in space anymore since the last update Is someone who knows what it could be?
  3. Good hit . I've just resolved my problem. Thanks .
  4. Hey people, I have a problem with my KSO. When I get in the SmartAss section in the RPM, I have "Autopilot software not installed". But I have the last mechleb version and I've fixed the mechleb controler on my shuttle... Any idea? Thanks
  5. Where did you get the Texture with the Aurora ? I have this Mod but I have only dynamics Clouds
  6. Is Someone who made a Nasa-like space shuttle that is able to land? (If possible with B9). I can't make a similar one, I alway have to do large wings...
  7. Kind of mega ship.. I use it to bring crew to Duna. Only 50% fuel consumed . Maybe I can dock a lander on it.
  8. Concerning the last inflatable habitat, What dock matches with what target? There is a "Set The target" button or even "Control from here", but what is the dock linked to the button? 2 ? 3 ? 4 ? Thanks
  9. Just building my station Nice view from the inflatable habitat :
  10. Is there any way to dock the shuttle to a station? I see the dockport but there is not any button "control from here"
  11. Is there a list of texture pack that are compatible as the other texture replacer mod? I'm actually to lazy to rename all the files and launch the game several times to check that everything works. EDIT : Forget, i'm stupid, the first post has been updated.
  12. A big shuttle . I think he is going to do smaller projects or stop (Apparently this one was a bit chaotic). But I wish that the shuttle will be updated with next KSP versions. There is a lot of work, it would be a shame.
  13. Please, Is someone who know how can I launch a rocket with no kerbal in it ? The antennas fall during the takeoff ...