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  1. RD, also as a note the Industrial Drills do not show up either but the small drills do. Glad to hear you are looking at the issue. I will write a issue in Github when I get home tonight if someone doesn't beat me to it.
  2. You will need a planetary logistics module on both craft. To push to Planetary logistics, you can use a logistics module or MPU. I recommend the MPU on mining craft. It enables planetary logistics without requiring any crew and it can convert the raw material into refined material, MatellicOre to Metal, ect. I make a separate miner for each material. This allows me to pick a spot specific to that material for mining. It also adds to the launches with the same vehicle. I just change the converters but all the parts are the same. So I get lots of practice launching and landing mining craft in different locations. Failure is not critical either. If something goes bad, no kerbals were harmed. Your base that is "pulling" materials from planetary logistics will need a logistics module with a pilot. I consider the logistics module to be the heart of every base.
  3. It helps to know where you intend to put your base too. Is this a space station, Mun, Minmus base or are you a lot further away like Duna? Dstaal's point is it is best to work the problem from end back to the beginning. Once you know what you want to do, then figure out what you need to make that happen. Questions you need to figure out. Where are you going? How long does it take to get there? What do you really need? This is the hard question that takes the most thought. It is also the most fun to answer because once you figure it out you have really used your brain. Another important thing to figure out is what is the DeltaV requirement to get there? Most important of all, what do I send up first? Don't worry about the complexity of MKS as that is what makes it fun? My suggestion would be to build your first base at the end of the runway. Build your second base on the Mun or Minmus, and your third on Duna. The further you go the harder it is.
  4. Nuclear reactors need radiators. You can mostly test this on the launch pad but keep in mind on an airless moon heat transfer is much lower. You need to figure out what you are going to use and what you intend to produce. Mostly you will send things at the end of the supply chain and produce things at the beginning to middle. The more advanced you get the more you can produce. Machinery is at the end of the supply chain. I produce all my supplies so I send up fertilizer as 1 fertilizer will produce 11 supplies. A kerbal uses 10.5 supplies a day so you need 1 fertilizer per kerbal per day and enough production to sustain that. I also use a lot of material kits and a little bit of specialized parts. So those are the three things I send up most. If I am just sending a supply ship, I also add supplies because what would a supply ship be without supplies. It also adds to the supply buffer in case something bad happens. Of the three sizes of drills in MKS, the medium and large drill do not load in 1.4, or 1.4.1. I updated using the USI_Constellation download. I do not know if this issue has been resolved. I hope you backed up your saved games before updating. I run multiple directories of KSP, one for each version. This way if I have an issue with a new version, I can go back and play an older version. It also helps protect my save games in situations like this.
  5. Updated USITools and it fixed the issue I was seeing. Thank you!
  6. I am having trouble with the drills stopping when the craft loads. I did not have this problem with Constellation 2017.05.28.01. When I updated to Constellation 2017.12.10.1 and KSP 1.3.1 and moved my saves, I started having the issue. It could be a mod interaction or a change in 1.3.1. I have read others have had similar issues. Does any one know exactly what the issue is? Is there anything I can do reduce or prevent it? Thanks for any help.
  7. Are you playing a career game? You may not have unlocked it yet. Check to see if you have it in Sandbox.
  8. Double checked it before I posted. It is there.
  9. Are you in sandbox? They may still be locked in career. As previously posted they are in the construction tab. The default docking ports are still in the usual spot but construction ports and default docking ports will not dock with each other.
  10. Turn up the force on the active ship. Be careful though, it can break things. Since you are having issues, also turn off snap. Just had the same issue.
  11. To all that are having trouble with the construction ports becoming root, Are you launching a craft with mating construction ports? Once the mating ports are uncoupled the part closest to the original root part should become the root of the new craft that was just decoupled. In this case that would be a construction port.
  12. Update to the latest version, this issue has been fixed. This is incorrect, as delta-v is exponentially linked to mass. So the more mass your ship has the lower the delta-v. A better thought would be to figure where you want to go. This determines the delta-v budget. The next is to determine what you need to take there. Understand that 'less is more'. The less stuff you take the easier it is to get there. Then create a craft that can do that. I like to work with 40 tons. I don't have any problem moving around 40 tons with my abilities. I can build a lander / rover that fully loaded will easily be able to land on a destination planet or airless body. Then build a craft to get it there. The key is to break the problem down into smaller steps. Also, remember that the Starlifter structural parts are heavy so if you can build a craft with less structural parts and more functional parts it will have more delta-v. Basically start by stacking Kontainers until you are satisfied then add fuel tanks and engines as needed to get you there. It makes it easy if you use Kerbal engineer or Mechjeb to do the calculations for you.
  13. Love SpaceY extended. I use the 7.5m parts to easily get heavy loads to orbit. I am a big fan of the radial 3.75m and 5m reaction wheels. Could we get 7.5m and 10m versions in SpaceY extended?