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  1. 4/10 How dare you defile our save files! How dare you!
  2. Ah, sorry, didn't see that. Well, new could be subsituted for Nova? Means the same and more space-like?
  3. Thanks alot for that, I'll keep it in mind. Though that can only happen once I've gotten a rendezvous, which is a rarity for me. Still, thanks again, once I manage a rendezvous with extreme luck I'll remember this.
  4. 65 It's an attrition war you cannot win!
  5. Banned for being slightly less young
  6. What is your biggest regret in KSP? Is it a past faliure which weighs heavily on your mind, or something which you can never quite achieve. For me, it's that despite owning the game for years, I have not managed a successful docking so far. I've attempted it a few times, but found it hard to get the launch time right when it's passing overhead, or can't get near enough to the other craft without zooming past it.
  7. Start planning how to "accidently" destroy the next rocket, since this plan didn't work
  8. 61 Just put a load of spaces after the number then a full stop
  9. Banned for youtube self promotion
  10. Done, but the depleted uranium weighs millions of tons inside the box, causing it to fall straight down through the floor rendering it unretrivable I wish for the ability to dock ingame.
  11. 57 I remember an older version of this here that was stopped in 2013, nice to see a variant of it back
  12. Likely named after the capital or major city of the country which funds and lands on it, assuming it's a single country. Then prefixed with new. So, New Washington, New New York, New Moscow, New Beijing, New London (You never know)
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