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  1. Unless you're working with aerospace and engineering majors, this could take some time.....
  2. This is capable of over 700, just don't have enough ground at KSC.
  3. I went to 3000 after these to land. I was going down because I went slightly above 1000 because it is difficult to control when you're shaking so hard from going fast in dense air.
  4. Even the green area is not big enough, I suggest either the poles.
  5. Now that people have caught on, here are the additional shots for this exact same plane and same run, so no I wasn't bluffing it:
  6. the difference is that with FAR, it is more difficult to predict, in fact It is so difficult, I don't think you can do it.
  7. that is why there is no point doing this without FAR, because the result is completely predictable.
  8. Not interested in showing off the design before anybody else has entered. and no it is not possible without FAR, you'll never get over 340 or so, not without seperatron abuse.
  9. highest speed under 1000m was 847.9 m/s. Not giving a good look at the plane is intentional as a second entry, I'll post them later on.
  10. Could've launched it without a launch vehicle by generating fuel and such, but I'm generous.
  11. If only all the other challenges have this mod.
  12. yes you can even if you couldn't you can just make their orbits arbitrarily close such that the relative velocity is only like 5m/s
  13. Still don't see the challenge I do it all the time when I'm too lazy to dock. It'll be a challenge to fail it instead of succeeding it.
  14. there is no mention of efficiency or fuel remain in OP? You win as long as you return safely, which is as easy as putting a parachute on top?
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