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  1. Aye, this mod so cool, I'm already building a Typhoon-class Replica! Coming soon.
  2. Hey, guys. Saxxy here. Ever since watching the movie "Interstellar," I am becoming an increasing addict over the epic sci-fi film, which is why, I am going to make a KSP-analogous story of Interstellar. Here is the preview plot that I put down for a future story: In the Kerbal year 2077, around thirty years after the Kraken had invaded Earth, invasive Micro-organism from the Kraken had already polluted Kerbin's lakes and waters, and that they are slowly eating away the Nitrogen and Oxygen in the atmosphere on a scale unforeseen throughout the centuries. In a desperate attempt to save Kerbal ki
  3. So, uh, after installing AVP's Interstellar pack, with the Outer Planets Mod, and a few other mods, I have witnessed something quite weird. Once I load into the game (after like 20 minutes), I am confronted with a horrific sight; Kerbin is all pink with a red haze. I did all I could to try and remove this, including deleting EVE/AVP-Interstellar, but it doesn't work! I would love it if someone could help me here... That is, unless the Kraken were to blame for this.
  4. I would like to suggest that a Trans-Kerbin railway be added. Having trains and a big, huge railroad stretching from KSC to the otherside of Kerbin would be very interesting, considering that it would pass through the ignored and beautiful scenery of Kerbin.
  5. What is your take on this? Are Arguments more valid than explanations, or are Explanations more valid than arguments?
  6. My Utopia is 1. Human presence everywhere in the Milky Way 2. New York City 2 on Mars 3. No biased Politics 4. No dictators 5. Lots of civil freedoms 6. Less pollution 7. Turning Venus into a somewhat massive factory planet
  7. To add to the cubesat, we should put a colored Titanium model of the Mk1-2 Command Pod with Bill, Jeb, and Bob inside with their facial reactions.
  8. I am so tough, I came out of Auschwitz with an A+. Welcome to the Saxxy Bar, how tough are you?
  9. Softer than a metal splinter going through your head. Welcome to Salty Spitoon. How tough are you?
  10. 4750: The Gravity of the Sun pulls in a new gas giant called Sentar
  11. I'm back from a two-month UN volunteering service in Afghanistan. So what happened while I was gone?
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