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  1. Skyrim does constellations very very well. Be great to see this in ksp.
  2. Where do you have this station? That's very nice. Mines in LKO. And I found myself asking.. Wtf can I use it for? Lol i can't for the life of me figure out how to utilize my station.
  3. Stitch that thing up bud. Triangles are your friend
  4. My station sits at 90km. Very easy to get too. Only downer is being under 120km for timewarp. If I forget to launch as my station rises in the east it takes too long to for them to meet at 50x. As for the station on the edge of Kerbins SoI....idk. id like someone else to chime in on that. It could be practical for interplanetary missions, but id imagine the fuel wasted to meet with a station that far out wouldn't be worth it. It take a huge amount of to circularize an orbit that large... I think. : /
  5. Now I gotta ask... All this is just role playing right? A Kerbal stranded can't actually die...yet...right? Lol because I've stranded a lot of kerbals on the mun. Well not stranded exactly. Basically what I do to leave my mark on a planet is land a habitat on the surface. 3 kerbals go then debending on how generous I am one Kerbal returns home or docks with my station for crew swap. I leave the other kerbals stay in the hitchhiker to man the fort and live on an alien world. They stay until I visit again and swap the crew. Now... I just noticed this. Did u guys see in the map view that your kerbals have stats? Lol so far ive seen a courage bar and a stupidity bar I lol'ed. I wonder if they eventually add in hunger, thirst.. life support.
  6. Ive been looking at SSTO Tutorials for about a half hour now. They get their planes into orbit, but never even mention returning back to KSC. So like the space shuttle is it possible to construct a 3 man SSTO that can dock with a space station orbiting at 90km then land back at KSC? Im trying to make something that can guarantee a spot on KSC landing everytime. I apologize if this is the wrong forum, but I find this quite challenging
  7. I made this part of my space station the other day. Its a great shame you cant do IVA from these seats.. that's something that needs to be added asap. Unless theres some way I don't know of..
  8. Whatever happened knocked his helmet off... Impressive.
  9. Is it me or does the kerbin planet texture seem to be a lower res since .20? I changed no settings everything is maxed.
  10. Yea its been a lot smoother for me too. I could've sworn my rocket last night was going to come apart. Thing was quite the wobbler. But amazingly it held together and got the job done. Even with stock struts..
  11. Question.. when you dock does the maglock rotate your ship before it snaps in to achieve symmetry? Or does it just snap in with whatever orientation you hit it with? If so then how do people build stuff in orbit so that everything is lined up good with the whole ship?
  12. If you sent that thing up all at once id love to see a pic of the lifter.
  13. If you could maybe get mechjeb to track the pro/retrograde marker you'd be set.. until you probably switched to another craft.
  14. What specs and settings? Are you running any gpu software overrides? I don't get that... It looks like a comet.
  15. That ram will certainty help when building a ship, but once that physics engine kicks in on the launch pad *farts* ... Id rather see performance updates then... flags. One thread utilized.. whats the reasoning behind that? That should be priority number one. If this game could utilize all four of my cores it'd be locked at 60fps with maxed Nvidia overrides.
  16. It'd be great to float around in that thing while I'm on my way to the mun.. Also.. how cool would it be if u could play games with other kerbals? A little table could slide out... "Anyone up for some hold'em? Got about 3 hours before orbital insertion."
  17. Hm.. I see. Well thanks for letting me know before I waited my time. Ill make due with the stock parts. How long did it last take to update the major mods?
  18. So whats up with mods for .20? Should I wait for them all to get updated? Ive only been using NovaPunch and well.. that broke. All my craft using the parts were missing said parts and buried in the ground. The parts were all colored real dark and some parts were just blank.. nothing there. So I deleted all the NP stuff and just did a clean save. So should I wait for an update before I reinstall? Or would a reinstall fix the issue?
  19. I fired up .20 today and found some strange effects. NP parts seem to be darkened and some part slots are just blank.. nothing in them. Now should I just re-download or wait for a .20 update for NP here?
  20. Bit of an old thread. There's been many changes since the last post. I've been wondering about this myself. On occasion I've looked into the sky to see if there were any "wondering stars." I'm an avid ameture astronomer so I find this to be really cool. Now I just wish we could get a more realistic sky/milkyway.
  21. I couldn't give a crap about flags... The ship I landed is my flag. The lander stays along with a Kerbal or two and the return vehicle goes home. Now.. ive never been to Jool. But I heard u can actually land on its "surface"? What Squad needs to do is make it a true gas giant. Just make it all atmosphere. How cool would it be to send probes into the heart of the planet? You could watch the pressure rise and rise until it gets destroyed. Effects like strong lightning/thunder and winds too. And if you can manage to build a probe strong enough it'd be great to see what the core of the planet is made of. Just imagine Jupiter... what in the hell could possibly be under all that atmosphere. Hell there's another suggestion. Not only clouds, but lightning and auroras as well would be amazing. A more alien feel to other worlds would be nice too. Different vegetation and even wildlife/microbes.
  22. Hello there this is my first thread in this forum. Ive come to a road block in the game and figured id finally reach out for help. After hours of trying over and over to land a very large lander on the mun ive finally did it. The return stage worked great. Underneath that I had a refuelable probe that was too be able to explore a the mun's surface and ferry around Kerbals. It all worked great until I went to activate the probe. Nothing... dead batteries. K.. no problem ill just open its solar panels. And.. I cant. I need batteries to open the solar panels. Damn... this mission took me days to design and it came down to this. So before I scrap it. Id like to see if theres a solution by any means necessary. Mods.. anything to get this probe some power. if I have to make another probe and send it to the mun that can charge this probe I will. Is there anything thay could allow me to do that? Ill even cheat if I have too. I just want these two batteries charged up.
  23. Are we talking stock parts? I got Nova Punch. I use the largest unfoldable legs for my big landers. So far they've been indestructible. I wouldn't hit the ground any faster then 2m/s though. Even that's a bit quick.