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    Heat Wave...

    Nothing but sunny skies and 70 degrees in Missouri. We also have AC so it doesn't really matter unless it gets above 100 then the AC can't keep up.
  2. Went from a 5400rpm drive to a Samsung 840evo recently. The initial load screen speed increased dramatically. Somewhat less dramatically with the in-game screens but noticeable nonetheless. As far as timing it? Two or three minutes down to less than 15 seconds. Modded can take upwards of 30 seconds.
  3. I use 120% heat. And for me the air around Duna is no longer able to be used for aerobraking its too thin. Got down to 10km at 1500m/s and still had to use my engines to get an actual orbit when I shot back out having used only a whole 2 units of ablator. Haven't been to Jool yet. Cant say anything about it. Kerbins is alright. Thick enough that straight in entries arent possible anymore. Forgetting a heatshield is a death sentence for anything orbital. Fairings are needed (for me anyway) stuff rips off or overheats way to fast. parachutes are fun(read: russian roulette whether they open in time or even at all). Useless on duna but fun. Thats the extent of my experience so far with ksp 1.0.4.
  4. I cant actually get a Duna aerocapture to work anymore. 10km PE @ 1500m/s and I still have escape velocity. Any lower and I run the risk of lithobraking into a mountain.
  5. Designing and building a Formula 1 styled rover to go to any planet with an atmosphere. With the new aero in the game, the aerodynamics on the car actually work. And at 60m/s the limits on the wheels (150mph) it needs the aero to turn or the whole thing lifts like a plane and proceeds to disassemble itself. Getting it to fly on a rocket was another mess entirely. Ended up with Tweakscale to get a bigger service bay to use as a roll out garage. It worked. Though 60m/s is way too fast for Duna.
  6. I have no way to check this since Squad doesn't post sales figures (with good reason). But I believe a lot of the hate comes with the deluge of new players to the community with the .90-1.0.4 releases and the advertising that went with it. Before .90 the community was the same as always. Then it seems that within 6 months we had 2 high profile releases with 1.0 and 1.0.3/4. That brought everybody back to the forums, or caused them to join the forums. Its not there is hate towards the devs, its just more people here to complain when a bug is found. Shoddy releases not withstanding.
  7. Was copying Scott Manley's cargo bay rover compartment except I was using tweakscale and had a 3 meter bay. First launch I was halfway to duna before I realized I had no crew. Second launch I watched as my rover continued to orbit Kerbin while i sped away on a duna injection burn. Finally got the whole thing to duna only to watch my hastily designed landers heat shield flip off taking the landers wheels with it during entry. A simple fix later and I was back at duna enduring a stupidly steep entry as I was getting aggravated when I realized that no landing legs in the game can survive a 400m/s impact(my engine/chute combo was not enough) so after all of the bull, it ended with my design being scattered for 30km across the surface of duna and Jeb standing there with a smile and me alt/F4 rage quitting.
  8. 120gb 840evo SSD, 3.4ghz i5. Loads in less than 20 seconds with a couple of gui mods.
  9. Im imagining its a normalized plane with wings and fuel and such. But I wonder about where you've place the fuel, as it gets used faster now. If the CoL is too close to the CoM, as soon as any fuel is used mass gets shifted backwards(fuel runs backwards) putting the CoL in front of the CoM, effectively ruining any hope of stable flight. Turn on the displays in the sph and empty the fuel front to back you can see it happening.
  10. My first rocket, and pretty much every subsequent rocket and plane have been called whatever the the default name is "Untitled Spacecraft" i guess. For some reason I just start a new sandbox everytime I load up. Usually because I forgot what I was doing.
  11. Its seems to me people are having wildly differentiating experiences with heating. Some are reporting the game is playing more like pre-1.0, some are saying its like oldFAR+DRE. Im gonna report that while I'm seeing an advancement towards some realism with the way re-entry heat works, It still plays like a cutesy 1/6th newtonian physics spaceflight game. While the realism and efficiency math may be the bread and butter for some gamers. Its still possible to land on the moon with an entire Munar Colony using 5 of the largest engines(I dont recommend this for your PCs sake) or to put a small satellite in orbit using nothing but RCS. I also found that KJR(kerbal joint reinforcement) worked right off the bat so Ive not actually experienced the stock part joint physics.
  12. I bought in a long time ago, even put it down for a year. They could have claimed "Done!" after they implemented docking ports in .18.x and I would have been happy with my purchase.
  13. Loving it for the most part. Doesn't crash. Framerates are the same. Radiators seem useless to me, don't seem to do anything. Left it to rotate through 5-6 orbits, whole craft still glowing bright red from launch. Didn't seem to matter much. Engines ran full thrust until it was out of fuel.
  14. I've run through a couple career modes modded and stock. Longest but easiest was the Interstellar extended career I just finished (more science parts). But I honestly spend the vast majority in Sandbox so thats what I voted. Testing. Lots of testing. Testing and building things from YouTube. Building and testing my own.