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  1. Hmm @RoverDude I'm just wondering, being a potential writer of a KSP mod (I'm an experienced software dev, but have never written C# or modded KSP) ... how hard would it be to write a mod to just re-root a vessel in flight? There's multiple mods, including this one, that really need that functionality sometimes (here for being unable to collapse ports because one is a root, KAS for being unable to destroy parts on vessels because they've become the root part too, RemoteTech too, IIRC.) BTW, to answer @Tonka Crash yes you can use Jr ports to collapse larger diameter parts together.
  2. Yeah, it's really only interfering with the aesthetics KSP end game is aesthetics though, to a large degree
  3. Yep, a quick save / load did correct the issue... mostly. One of the other parts is offset now. I'll keep doing that thing until it settles, I guess :-p
  4. Thanks, I'll try that (I do quick load/save often, but probably not with the crafts in question).
  5. The MKS mod has parts that will anchor themselves to the surface and I've found that to be a good solution for bases not moving around.
  6. Hi folks, I'm seeing this thing where random parts get a weird offset rotation when I switch back to some of my crafts. I do have a bunch of mods installed, but the offsetting isn't limited to any particular mod's parts (like, I've seen it with a stock decoupler). I thought I'd ask whether anyone has seen this too:
  7. Finally installed manually (no sight of it on CKAN). Wow. Y'all have done amazing work with this release!
  8. Is this mod supposed to be showing up in CKAN? I'm not bugging you to do it, I'm just wondering, because I can't see it, but I can see Universal Storage. Sorry, somehow I missed the other person asking that same thing on this page (I searched, but poorly, sorry!)
  9. OMG I love Universal Storage and I love where you've taken it with UvSII, congrats on the release!!
  10. Sorry, I've been unable to reproduce it with a reduced mod install set (just NFE and its required dependencies). My main game mod install set is over 100 :-(
  11. Since removing Dynamic Battery Storage I haven't seen the unbounded storage growth in new vessels.
  12. I noticed Nertea's reference to that up above but I'm actually not sure what it is. It didn't occur to me that it was a separate mod. I'll investigate when I fire up the game tonight.
  13. FWIW I've noticed the same unbounded energy in parts from other mods now also, so it's most likely nothing to do with this mod. Sorry for the noise!
  14. I've just discovered this thread, yay! I've been making small edits to the MKS wiki as I find things that I feel could be explained better. I see there's some stalled efforts at other things going on here but I think I'll stick with my efforts for now unless y'all have a better suggestion?
  15. Be aware that I've done this and the game has moved the root node back from the thing on top of the port to the port itself post launch. This happened in my most recent construction of a large interplanetary ship, I ended up having to launch a replacement for the (large, expensive) part that I couldn't re-root the darned node on. This is why I recommend manually choosing a root node back behind the construction port so it won't be moved to the port when the ship is reconfigured.