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  1. I didn't even clock until I saw the word Halcyon. Great to have him back!
  2. Yeah thats what I did. Any way I can fix it? Edit: Think I fixed it? Changed the suit thing in the Persistent from M GENERIC GENERIC to F GENERIC GENERIC
  3. Slight problem :/ - with the forceLegacyfemales set to false, Valentina keeps being set to a male model. I keep changing her back to a female in the persistent file but every time I restart the game she is turned back in to a male. Any help? Just to clarify, have uninstalled Texture Replacer and it fixes the problem. Also tried changing to true and it doesn't help :/
  4. After a long time of glaring in jealousy at everyone's creations, I took my hand to creating a space shuttle I would feel happy enough to post on here. I present to you, Velocity. A whopping 7 tons to LKO (I know) but its useful for smaller scale LKO operations - the shuttle itself is fully reusable and usually lands without disaster. Okay, time for the pictures.
  5. Bah. Two screens = refreshing forums on one and watching Nitch on the other
  6. They'll be able to fix the parts that can already be broken such as tires and landing legs. Also, they can repack chutes.
  7. I don't think this thread is quite as amazing as last years yet. Hopefully I can add it on when the hype really kicks in
  8. Yeah, uh, I totally need access early too. Same reason obviously. They wouldn't mind, right?
  9. Nice! Really good idea for a mod, and it looks really cool as well.
  10. Annoyingly I can't use visual packs without a little bit of lag which is always unfortunate but it still doesn't stop me using yours - seriously though Jool looks incredible.
  11. That picture loaded in beautifully - appeared to be a regular sphere from Portal and then BANG - he's in space (gotta go to space). Love it.
  12. It really is great that you are so active through modding, and God knows I can't do anything of the sort (despite trying to learn), but I would say your texturing needs a little work. Keep modelling though! I like the way you are going with this.
  13. Is there any scope for having a Kerbal stuck on the surface of a planetary body and having to rescue him?
  14. Today, I built a Dreamchaser-esque vertically launched shuttle that *can* land although I only just managed it once and it nearly crashed. This is it on launch - at the moment it is optimised to take 8 Kerbals in to orbit, but the cargo bay could take anything there. 6 passengers wait on launch Success! Beta is in orbit with plenty of fuel to spare (I reckon it could go to Mun orbit and back but untested) 'Maybe next time i'll pay extra for First Class.' Eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with.. K?! I had a lot of fun making this craft and with continued testing it could become the first thing I post in to the Spacecraft Exchange.
  15. I love the Forum Purge that happens every update - break all the rules!
  16. Inside out, upside down. Pants can last a lifetime using combinations like these, friend.
  17. If they do its really impressive, as its only 6pm UK time - it usually come much later.
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