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  1. I can't say that I've had any serious issues with people downvoting my craft. The thing with downvoting is it costs several points to downvote a craft. These points come from the downvoting user's own collection of points that they receive from upvotes or from other activity. It's in a user's best interest to only downvote a craft that is unplayable, extremely hard to use, or representative of something that would be in bad taste. You could also downvote a craft that is plagiarized from another user, but that would be a waste since you can simply report it and it will usually be taken down if the report is legitimate. But in the end, you will always have haters out there. I've experienced the occasional troll myself, but eventually the upvotes will outnumber the downvotes if your craft isn't unplayable, hard to use, or in bad taste. KSP generally has a lot more positive players that contribute to the KSP community than negative ones that detract from it, despite the negative players usually making a lot more noise. If the behavior becomes a serious trend that you believe is excessive, you can always report the activity to one of the awesome Kerbalx volunteer moderators.
  2. No and no. Unfortunately, due to real-life stuff, I haven't had much time for gaming recently.
  3. @Zenrer, it appears that Squad have thankfully fixed the bug that was causing your issues earlier this month with 'Skiff Sail' (and a lot of my similarly affected craft). You should be good now.
  4. When I saw the thread title, I was going to essentially post this exact sentence...but I was 13 mins too late.
  5. Nah, just too busy with work. Still haven't been able to boot up 1.8, let alone see what is or isnt working.
  6. @katateochi, that does sound painful for sure. Take care of yourself first, but don't enjoy those pain meds too much. I hope you kicked the cow back.
  7. Too soon to tell. I've been so busy with work recently, I haven't had any time to play KSP. I haven't even had time to download and install 1.8 yet. However, it would be cool to make an Antares and/or OmegA-style lifter that was really cheap, but we'll just have to see (whenever I can get back to KSP). I definitely plan to use the S2-33 Clydesdale for my Shuttle. But I'll probably keep the Kickback boosters on my SLS analogue; they already work just fine, and are sufficient for the typical payload masses I put into orbit with my 3.75m lifters. True, but the various lifters were primarily designed in such a way that revolved around their manufacturer. And since Rockomax is the intended manufacturer of the Thunder families, I went with the Thumper boosters. If anything, I would want to go smaller, but I doubt the new Shrimp would be sufficient, and I haven't even looked to see who manufactures each new booster. Again, I just need to get time away from work to investigate all of these possibilities.
  8. I figured I might as well post a few images I was messing around with for the KSP loading screen contest. I was mainly experimenting to see what kind of images I could piece together from multiple sources. The first one was my submission for the contest. The others were just some other ideas I didn't think would meet the guidelines but were still fun to make.
  9. Just tested it, and the LITE responds correctly. Like @Jestersage said, you might have had a non-standard control axis engaged.
  10. (Sigh) I'm afraid it's not just with the 'Skiff Sail', it's with all my rockets with fairings used as interstages (at least the handful I tested anyway). Apparently, if you stage (jettison) the interstage fairings that cover the LV-T91 engine on the upper stage, when the 1st stage decouples, the RCS thrusters work fine. However, if you don't stage the fairings, and let the 1st stage sepratrons pull itself away, sliding the interstage fairing away from the upper stage engine, those RCS thrusters won't work for some reason. Yet the aft-facing thrusters do still work like you said. Another subtle but significant behavior change that will force me to update almost the entire catalog. But, with the 1.8 update in the near future, and with it the Unity engine update...I really have no motivation to correct anything. Especially after just getting my computer operational again this past week, and about to go on a business trip for a few weeks. Hopefully the 1.8 update will correct any such behavior like that; but if it doesn't, I guess I'll have to find the time to tweak all my craft files with similar launchers sometime in the future.
  11. Aside from Kronal Vessel Viewer for making my graphics, Stock Visual Enhancements for screenshots, and Hanger Grid: Zero Deviation for ensuring proper landing gear alignment on aircraft/spaceplanes.
  12. Hey @Jestersage, my apologies for taking so long to answer your question. This week has been very busy at work, and I had to wipe my personal computer hard drive several days ago and re-build everything after experiencing some serious issues. Thankfully I had all my KSP work and various projects backed up so I had minimal data loss. Regarding your first question. Really it just came down to personal preference. Didn't make sense to place the crew compartment so far away from the docking port; and in real-world comparisons, having two separation events prior to reentry increases chances of failure. Another big reason is I didn't want to make my Soyuz analogue like everyone else's. I've had several people on KerbalX drive this point home on my Soyuz-inspired craft. It lead to some heated comments too, for one reason or another, but that happens sometimes on the internet when people are sending text-based messages. I prefer not to use aerobrake maneuvers unless I absolutely have to...since I'm not that skilled at predicting the outcome. The tests I performed and annotated on the graphics are all strictly propulsive-based.
  13. In the spoiler is a text-free version for any potential localization needs. Only mod used was stock visual enhancements for the atmospherics.