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  1. KSP Weekly: The Earthquake

    @SQUAD, thank you for sharing that very personal, tragic, but also inspiring story. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you (as well as our other friends in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean). It has definitely been a rough month for North America.
  2. KSP Making History

    @kosikutioner, welcome to the forums. One of the moderators might be able to better direct you to actual sources, but I believe the following points to be true, but have no references: 1) KSP Store and Steam purchases of the game can't be exchanged back and forth. They are separate purchases altogether. 2) If you purchased a copy of KSP in the KSP Store, you can (or at one time could) transfer said purchase to Steam, but this was irreversible. So assuming these two points are true, you may be able to transfer your initial purchase from the KSP Store (if you remember your account log in) to Steam. And since that early purchase qualifies for the DLC at no charge, you should be able to get the DLC on Steam when released, for that copy of your KSP. The second copy of KSP, however, would not qualify and the DLC will need to be purchased for that one if desired. Again, don't take my word for it, but that is my understanding of the purchase rules. Regarding the patcher nowadays, I haven't used it, I always start with a clean install and copy my save and craft files over.
  3. Mexico Earthquake 8 Sep 17 and again 19 Sep 17

    Glad to hear that as well.
  4. Awesome @katateochi, I know you've been working on this for a while. Well done. Lol, I am sorry.
  5. So your WIP project has been released upon the public after 9 months of development? Seriously though, congratulations.
  6. Cupcake's Dropship Dealership...

    Yeah, right? Where's the contract for that?
  7. I think I have the orbital components pretty much rounded out. I don't think I've missed anything. At this point, I'd be open to any "lessons learned" from other players that have been out beyond Duna. Namely any design features that they hadn't thought about when going to the Jool SOI. Power generation is of course the first thing that comes to mind, so I've been sure I've included options across the full breadth of generation methods: solar, fuel cells, RTG power. The latter example being a "Nuclear Reactor" module that has a cluster of RTG's inside. As stated before, the proving grounds for these craft will be Duna and Eve SOI regions, but I'm trying to think ahead as much as possible for use beyond Kerbin's neighboring planets. So now, it's down to fitting the handful of orbital elements to the appropriate launchers and generating graphics. __________________________ I spent last night building a concept demonstration base in the arctic region of Kerbin using the new surface elements intended for Duna [and elsewhere]. The main thing I'm using this to test out is all the docking clamp alignment heights and such when under various gravity strengths. It was assembled with the standard 1.0g gravity of Kerbin, but I'll be hacking gravity this weekend to test out Duna (0.30g) and Dres (0.12g) gravity levels. Anything in between or lower should, in theory, still work. In the image below, everything you see is still a work in progress. So far, I've designed 20 unique module types for surface base assembly. 13 of them can be seen in the above screenshot. Notable other modules include a surface "nuclear reactor", dedicated passageway modules between clusters of Habitation modules, more ISRU equipment, etc. In total, there are 26 modules and 1 rover in the picture, amounting to 359 parts. If I had planned it better, i would have had the solar array clusters on the opposite side facing south so the base modules don't obscure the sunlight, but whatever. Everything was placed and assembled using a pair of a new type of logistics rover. There are several versions planned; the one visible is an ore transport with an ore hopper, "regolith shovel" mounted on the front, and a remote sensor mast for tele-operations. Still working to perfect the lander and associated cargo off-loading method, but it's looking promising. I also want to point out that this was all done in stock without mods like KIS/KAS (as amazing as those two are ).
  8. Attention profilic programmers! Bobcat is alive!

    Ah, there's the distinction. Thanks.
  9. Attention profilic programmers! Bobcat is alive!

    Bobcat was one of the earliest modders of KSP since prior to 0.20. He made one of the earliest surface base modules with expandable/inflatable habs (see this post for his earliest work), but he made all sorts of surface modules, spacecraft, rovers (seen here in a Nassault video from 2013). I believe he might have made the first rover wheels for the game (as a mod of course). It was known as ClevorBobcat or similarly named.
  10. Cupcake's Dropship Dealership...

    Time to start towing the old airframes onto concrete pads along the entrance to the KSC.
  11. KSP Weekly: Cassini’s Grand Finale

    In the real world, stomping your feet and yelling "I want, I want" does not get you anything, let alone suggesting to the people you want "stuff" from that they're bad at what they do. The "hype" for 1.3.1 has been non-existent on Squad's side, and if you really think Making History expansion is really just a couple of parts and a few extra contracts, you clearly haven't read the majority of the info released regarding it. They haven't been cryptic at all about the scope of Making History, any read through the past several months of KSP Weekly's would make that apparent.
  12. strut symmetry issues

    Just wanted to follow up with this thread. I haven't been able to find anything substantial or reproduce-able in any of the pre-release versions up to and including 1855. I believe some of the issues I was having in the first pre-release build were fringe cases, possible from importing 1.3.0 craft files directly. I'm no programmer, obviously . I've not had any issues of this sort since, so I will say that my initial claim in the OP is probably no longer valid.
  13. What a monster! I like the strut structural latticework on the Mun descent.
  14. StarMods: RLA Recontinued 14.1.0!

    Oh wow, this brings back memories of pre-0.25 days. So much potential.
  15. Yukon's Stock Replicas

    Love the Vernor-made rocket pods on the F-89.