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  1. I just thought it looked better with the 1x6 versus the 3x2. If you look around on the internet, you will find some MOL concept proposals that did include solar arrays.
  2. Raptor9

    Cupcake's Dropship Dealership...

    Still looks like a fun exercise to use those R-7 style booster tanks as main fuselages. Interesting idea for sure.
  3. @Jester Darrak, I was in the process of designing dedicated interplanetary comms satellites, starting with Duna and Eve, when I went on my KSP hiatus.
  4. I'm rolling, that made my day. What the heck did I just see? EDIT: Watched it three times already, and still laughing.
  5. After you separate from the 'Thunder 2' upper stage, stage the engines on the cruise module, then cycle action group 3 by double tapping it.. It not only toggles the LV-1R engines, but also ensures the proper "Control From Here" axis is aligned with the thrust vector. Also, since the SAS system is rather retarded, when I'm flying with a craft that has sufficient gimbaling on the engines, as soon as I start my burn I turn RCS off and let the gimbals keep the craft aligned. Keeping RCS enabled when drifting, coasting, or burning with gimbals just wastes RCS needlessly in KSP IMO. Couldn't comment on MJ since I'm unfamiliar with it's function or use.
  6. I forget which parts I connected them with when placing them, because I really wasn't too concerned since I was about to move them anyway to their final positions. However, it sounds like you are hitting the initial limit of the offset tool. If you hold down the Shift key while using the offset tool, it doubles or triples the distance you can move the parts using offsetting. I'm running 1.4.4, but the current version of the Gilly Logistics Kit (with those fixed struts) was built in 1.4.3.
  7. I've been trying to develop* a variant of the SR-21 for Laythe for some time now. Specifically, with features such as VTOL or very short takeoff/landing rolls. For a spaceplane-style SSTO, the ideal way of getting it to the Jool SOI would be launching it to low Kerbin orbit, topping it off on propellant, and then sending it on it's way on rocket fuel only. After arriving in the Joolian system, the plane would again be topped off with propellant, to include the liquid fuel-only tanks; and it would start performing it's mission and refueled between sorties either on the surface or in Laythe orbit (depending on each player's ISRU strategy). However, SSTO's/spaceplanes are not my strong suite at all; @Rune probably has several models of such craft that would be beneficial to you. *pre v0.90 I had a working VTOL SR-21 variant, as well as an even larger cargo VTOL spaceplane, but that was before they nerfed the "Wheesley", re-sized it, and when it was still able to operate at zero airspeed without putting 30 air intakes on it. Both vertical- and spaceplane-style SSTO's have pro's and con's, but I would like to get to a vertical-style SSTO for no other reason than to simplify the capability to land anywhere on Laythe, to include floating sea platforms. I actually just typed a three paragraph rant about the various design considerations of both, but I deleted it to answer your question concisely: yes, I have plans.
  8. Raptor9

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    I really like the graphic template, with the parchment-like background and the handwritten font. It reminds me of sketched engineering designs that Leonardo da Vinci drew up. EDIT: Question, is "JS航天" essentially JesterSage Aerospace in Chinese?
  9. No doubt. Of course, I still like to conceptualize and discuss KSP and aerospace-related stuff.
  10. Raptor9

    KSP Weekly: The Asteroid Miners

    While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as well as posting it on a public forum, I personally think it's rather improper to insist KSP development should end in the Weekly development update threads. Essentially what you (and I mean a generic "you", not any one user) are doing is replying to Squad's work updates by saying you wish for them to end their current jobs and move on. Take 2 owns the intellectual property rights to KSP, but employs Squad and Blitworks to develop and maintain their respective KSP versions. If/when the development and maintenance cycles for Kerbal Space Program end, there is no guarantee Squad will continue to be contracted by Take 2 to develop follow-on KSP products, or any other software titles. Further, as an indie game developer, Squad could very well be shut down, and the individuals working under the Squad banner would have to find other jobs. As players, we have no obligation to ensure the continued employment of Squad's coders, artists, producers, etc, but repeatedly stating that you want KSP to end is sort of rude to the people that work on it. [Speculation: it's very possible Take 2 has future plans for Squad to develop other products, and we just don't know about it since that is internal knowledge only; I'm just using the facts that we know to make a point.] On the flip side, I understand the frustration of bugs introduced that affect existing craft behavior, especially when said behavior breaks the functionality of a proven craft. I'm taking a break from KSP for this very reason (structural tube drag). But what tempers my frustration is the fact that Squad is more receptive to community feedback than most game developers I've seen, even though it may not be readily apparent sometimes. Bottom line: Yes, I am frustrated with the bug fixing cycle as of late as well. However, because this game is targeted to such a niche community of gamers (i.e. nerds ), it could be quite some time before we see anything like KSP again. The study-level combat flight-sim gaming industry was quite prevalent in the mid to late 90's, but entered a dry spell for over a decade until recent years. I am hopeful for continued KSP development, and evolution, for a long time. I also have faith that Squad will also evolve their update/release practices to be more predictable, efficient and stable along the way.
  11. The only responsibility I feel is making sure I release a craft that is thoroughly tested with sufficiently detailed graphics to describe it. But the craft themselves have always been built for my personal use in my career, which is where my frustration has been coming from.
  12. In order to manage expectations, I'm taking a break from KSP. Besides real-life work being very busy the past few weeks, I've gotten kinda burned out on KSP. After going non-stop with revisions and updates since 1.4 was released, I gotta take a break. Right now my biggest frustration is this bug with the new structural tubes. Everything was fine in 1.4.1 when I started using them, and since 1.4.2 the structural tubes produce abnormal amounts of drag (even when empty), severely handicapping my 'Thunder' rocket family, which is my primary lifter series. I haven't seen this bug mentioned as being worked on yet (which I know doesn't mean it's not being worked on), and the tracker has had it listed as "Investigating" for 3 months. I don't want to be just another player complaining about bugs, but even I have to admit the last few versions have been a little shaky on the stability. When I'm not feeling inspired, I make crappy craft. So I'm going to step back from KSP until I get my creativity back.
  13. Raptor9

    Share to where?

    Yeah, I wouldn't be too concerned about it. When Curseforge was announced as the official mod-hosting site back in the day, the Spaceport (pre-Spacedock site) people felt similarly irritated, some even spoke about feeling betrayed. But the years since have shown that Curseforge is still not the preferred mod-hosting site. Spacedock still reigns supreme, by a significant margin from what I've seen. I wouldn't hold that as an indicator of how the Squad team regards KerbalX (not saying you do). Even legal and PR people have their own personal opinions that may differ from the "official" positions or announcements that they put out in the name of the company that employs them. As someone that draws a very distinct line between his personal and professional lives, I can understand how interesting that dynamic can be. BTW, thanks for holding it down, and I'm not changing my individual direction.
  14. Raptor9

    Share to where?

    This. +1