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  1. Ha ha, I'm not going to get into a pizza debate; I'm sure that would devolve into a New York-sized sauce-slinging contest in itself, worthy of it's own thread that would require heavy moderation. However I will say that pizza ingredients go into a clearly defined order, and the sauce does NOT go on top.
  2. There are some jokes being played here between a few of the forum users. KSP has no dependencies on any mods. Just some half-witted banter.
  3. Sweet, pizza for dinner AND @SQUAD updated KSP. Also, anybody notice these new forum emoticons?!
  4. I apologize, after re-reading the ascent profile, you are correct; it's not worded very well when to switch to closed-cycle. It should say something like this: "After the engines automatically switch to Closed-Cycle Mode, lock SAS mode to Prograde to minimize drag profile". You shouldn't need to do anything on the ascent in regards to engine switching, assuming the rest of the profile is adhered to. The rest of the ascent profile should still work since I've performed that same profile in 1.3.1. I'll add this to my list of many things to revise on the graphics as I update everything.
  5. In the OP of this thread, there is a Categorized Bulk Downloads Section that includes links to KerbalX hangers that allow you to download groups of craft files. If you want EVERYTHING, download the VAB, SPH, and Subassemby hangers that are bolded and italicized at the bottom of the table list. The reason I kept these separate is because it's easier to keep the respective folders separated for easier installation into your KSP directory. ___________________________________ Having said that, now that Kronal Vessel Viewer is updated (big thanks to @linuxgurugamer's & @Kerbas_ad_astra's relentless efforts), I'm currently generating graphics for my 1.4.x craft file updates and revisions. The priority at the moment is to update existing craft files, but some brand new craft designs will be coming out very soon. Unfortunately, I will also be removing a few craft files from my catalog. The primary reasons for any craft removals include redundancy, less-than-satisfactory performance (in my opinion), or me simply learning to hate them and no longer wanting to deal with them. Already identified for removal within the coming weeks: - SVR-23A & SVR-23B 'Raven' vertically-launched spaceplanes - MPC-L and MCR utility rovers The MCR is extremely impractical, and the MPC-L is fairly redundant after further testing. For example, the amount of resources it would take to place the Mobile Comms Rover onto a planetary body is much greater and logistically silly compared to simply placing a similarly-capable comms relay satellite in orbit. Likewise, designing a rover or base module with more thought to power supply negates the need to land an MPC-L rover to provide a small, however mobile, boost to solar power generation. In fact, I've taken a much more in-depth look at how I was managing both my communications as well as my satellites and probes. During my probe/satellite revamp project, I not only ensured the devices could physically perform their mission at their destination, but that they could (if a player desires) relay ALL of their science data back through the comm network. For example, the Gravioli detector requires a significant increase in power reserves to relay a measurement compared to the thermometer. Another example that I wasn't aware of until a player reported the issue was not having enough power to complete an orbital resource survey of larger planets such as Kerbin or Eve. Therefore, communications and power have become their own separate testing categories prior to publishing a craft file. A good number of craft files, while not being removed outright, will drastically change in appearance, functionality, and overall design. The best example of this is the currently designated LV-3D and LV-3E Duna landers. Not only have these landers been completely rebuilt from the ground up to be more accurate in both appearance and function compared to their real-life inspirations (as pictured below), but they have been re-designated as well to reflect their change in mission scope. More on this later. Boeing's Mars Crew Lander/Ascent Vehicle (left) and pre-staged habitation lander (right)
  6. Took it for another test drive. Looks like KVV is now fully operational. All buttons, sliders, and settings appear to be in working order. Thanks again @linuxgurugamer and @Kerbas_ad_astra.
  7. I'm afraid there is no change for me. To be sure, I redownloaded ClickThrough and Toolbar controller along with the latest version of KVV. Logfile attached below. The logfile is from my 1.4.1 install, but just to be sure, I tried it again in 1.4.2. Same results. Respectfully.
  8. Logfile attached. KSP v1.4.1, 64-bit for Windows. Only KVV, Toolbar Controller, and ClickThrough Blocker installed. I started the game, went to my Sandbox save. Turned on the Toolbar Controller, selected "None", and then "Stock" for the KVV line within the Toolbar window. Let me know if there's any other actions you would like me to try for the logfile.
  9. I hate to be the class idiot, but I'm having trouble getting KVV to work. I installed the current versions of KVV, ClickThroughBlocker, and ToolBarController (all from Spacedock) and selected "Stock" toolbar in the Toolbar Controller window for KVV to show up on, but the button still doesn't appear in the VAB/SPH. This was in an otherwise unmodded install of 1.4.1 as well as 1.4.2, both 64-bit Windows. I simply unzipped the respective zip files I got from Spacedock for all three plugins, and put them in the Gamedata folder. I read through (several times) the OP's of KVV, ClickThroughBlocker, and ToolBarController, as well as the readme files along with it. I'm pretty sure I haven't missed anything specific regarding install. Anybody have any suggestions before I attempt to post a logfile? I'm still hoping there's a bonehead step I'm overlooking.
  10. @linuxgurugamer, you beautiful, wonderful, under-appreciated human being! Thank you sir.
  11. Raptor9

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    I remember way back in the day when Maxmaps (one of the original producers that streamed KSP on Twitch every Friday) mentioned that they usually projected a fixed release date fairly far in advance, based on a running estimate on when the next version would be ready with the features they prioritized for that version. He said the main driving factor was coordinating press releases, syncing the website update with the new KSP game files, the Steam update, etc. Pretty much a bunch of stuff that was logistical in nature and for the most part not game development related. But I think that only applies with major updates, not patches; since those probably don't require huge database updates or press information. I regretfully don't have a citation link provided, it was quite a long time ago early in the alpha stages of development and I don't recall if he mentioned it in the forums or on one of his streams. I also realize that the current development cycle/team itself is undoubtedly much different than back then, with different producers, team members etc; but it would stand to reason that the logistics of getting updates "out there" hasn't changed much. Of course, I could be completely, blatantly wrong for all I know. The first paragraph is relying solely on my personal memory, and the second paragraph is pure conjecture on my part. Completely agree. Better to have speculation on when the next release will happen and let the "SoonTM" memes flow than let the pitch forks assemble when an update or patch is delayed beyond the announced date.
  12. Keep in mind that in this example, the image-hosting service is Photobucket. There is an Imgur button one button to the right of the "Spoiler" button, but I've never used it and I've never used Imgur. @SiriusRocketry, hope this helps.
  13. @SiriusRocketry, ok no problem. Give me a little bit and I'll piece together some screenshots and tips.
  14. Raptor9

    KSP Weekly: The Lunar Greenhouse

    Location, location, location
  15. What difficulty are you running into specifically? Posting pictures in the thread, setting up spoilers blocks, or putting content in the spoiler blocks?