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  1. I'll answer this here as well, just in case. RF needs ModuleEnginesRF to make the ignitions/ullage work. Real Plume - Stock uses ModuleEnginesFX. For RF/Stockalike, I'm thinking about how to handle this on my end, since I don't think there's any need to have Real Plume - Stock worry with it. There's some quick-fixes within the issue on GitHub.
  2. Answered this on the issue, but basically this is a "known issue". Short version is that ModuleEngineFX (which Real Plume - Stock uses) doesn't have ullage/ignitions/etc. And on that note, I'm in the process of getting a Linux install working so I can play with even more mods. So, right now, I'm not agressively working on Stockalike. Judging by the lack of bug reports, I'm assuming that these are working well enough at the moment. By this weekend I should be up and running, so after that it'll be back to normal.
  3. You probably should mention which engine configs you're using, and which specific part you're using. I know FASA has an LR89 engine, but many others could be named (or renamed) as such. Also, you might need to post a log so we can see the actual error (if any) that's going on. @Borogrove same goes. Also, read here for basic troubleshooting tips and logfile locations: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/92229-How-To-Get-Support-%28READ-FIRST%29
  4. I haven't been able to test/research this yet, but I'll bet this is the issue. Once I get a chance, I'm going to cross-check with the RSS config and see if it's just that.
  5. I don't recall if the Real Plume configs a few pages back has SXT, but HotRockets has SXT configs. You might have to do some work to get it to play nice with RF/Stockalike (I think you'd only need to replace any ModuleEniginesFX with ModuleEnginesRF). In fact, Real Plume - Stock has SXT configs already. Same as before, just change the MEFX to MERF. MM configs will do that for you if you don't want to find/replace in configs. Those should work, but they won't be "tuned" to Stockalike, so YMMV.
  6. Got a question for 64K users: anyone had your flight scene seem really dark? I mean, like, the KSC buildings on the shaded side look like they're on the night side of Kerbin. Same with any crafts. Is that a Kopernicus issue, or have I goofed something else with my install? (I can post pics/logs/etc if it's a legit bug, but if I'm just being dumb I'll keep the clutter down. )
  7. This is related to the FX "bug" I mentioned above your post. Basically, you need something that gives that engine an EFFECTS node. Side effect of my configs using ModuleEnginesRF.
  8. Yeah, I was wondering when/if that'd become a problem. Probably a good thing to do on a v3 release.
  9. I'll update this here as well: For anyone on the Stockalike config set, the FX on older engines or any that used just ModuleEngines with the old FX system do not have sound/FX out of the box. You'd need to either a) get Real Plume and use the configs found in the Stockalike thread, configure HotRockets to work with RF/Stockalike, or c) roll your own EFFECTS nodes to make everything work. Stockalike doesn't (currently) provide for FX, it just changes the engines to use the magic that is Real Fuels. In the future, I'm hoping to build on Svm420's Real Plume configs to offer a "fix" that way. More details are in the Stockalike thread, for those interested.
  10. It's a reference to ullage motors. Basically, the propellant needs to be at the "feed" end of the tank (wherever the pump grabs it to get it to the engine). In zero gee (or freefall or microgravity or whatever), the propellant tends to move around randomly and not "down" towards the feed. Ullage is needed to "settle" the propellant back to the bottom. That's the "vapor in the lines" issue; your fuel isn't at the bottom of the tanks. You have to add some kind of acceleration to get it there. Easiest way is to add some separatrons (or other mod's version of small solid boosters) to the stage you're on and fire them before you light the engine. That'll get the fuel stable so you can properly light your engine. Wiki article, and probably a more cohesive explanation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ullage_motor Given that this is all native to Real Fuels now, I should probably write a quick note in the OP explaining this stuff.
  11. Oh, wow, I'm an idiot. Replace "RealFuels" in my last post with "RealPlume". They go in /GameData/RealPlume/. And, in Kerbal fashion, it needs more (small) boosters.
  12. That's kind of what I was thinking, but didn't know for sure. The Stockalike configs update the ModuleEngines module to ModuleEnginesRF, so I'm sure that change is causing the game to mis-categorize them because stock doesn't know what the heck ModuleEnginesRF is. MM config that might work to get them in the right tab: @PART[RLA*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngine*]] { @category = Engine } Anything else you'd probably have to set individually. AIES does not have a consistent naming convention, so no slick MM patch for them, just individual @PART changes. Also, now that these issues have at minimum a workaround, I wanted to start moving forward with improvements and additions. Here's a non-exhaustive list of things I wanted to do: 1) Add BoxSat, SELV, Vanguard Astrodynamics to the list of supported mods, and update RLA (of course!) 2) Start "balancing" the ignitions, along the lines of what NathanKell mentioned upthread somewhere... (Orbital engines all have multiple ignitions, ignitions increase with TL) 3) Add the option to use the pressurized engine options in RF 4) Add above ignition balancing/pressurized engine switch to the options in the web app 5) Get some actual solid fuels in the mix besides SolidFuel since we have them now in RF/CRP 6) Filling out any Real Plume configs for engines not included in Svm420's configs, and rolling them into the Stockalike download somehow. Possibly even offering them within CKAN as a Real Plume set (so you can properly install it that way...) 7) Maybe adding Real Plume options in the web app for people to use (i.e. you have a Hydrolox CONFIG on a U-type engine, so here's you a Hydrolox-Upper PLUME, with possible position tweaks) 8) Add some of the engines only represented in the configs into the web app (so I don't have to manually update those every time NK adds another awesome feature to Real Fuels!) As always, please discuss any of the above points if you have some input. I'd especially want some input for #5, since I don't know the first thing about the differences between the solid fuels available in RF/CRP. Also, which engines should be pressure fed, and how many ignitions should we use per TL.
  13. Try them in GameData/RealPlume/. I didn't have any luck with them in just GameData, and the Real Plume - Stock install places the configs in /RealPlume. EDIT: Changed to the correct instructions. Edited pieces in bold...
  14. Thanks for these. Have you checked all tabs to make sure the parts aren't just hiding? They're all in the MM cache, and there's no part errors in the log from RLA parts. Just seems odd they'd just be gone, especially only when Stockalike is installed.
  15. Well, apparently, if you have everything installed correctly it does work. As NathanKell said, if you have no EFFECTS nodes the new setup won't work. But Real Plume does add those EFFECTS nodes. I had something messed up with Real Plume, so I reinstalled and it works now. Which effectively makes Real Plume necessary for RF/Stockalike to work. I could probably come up with a fallback to use without Real Plume, but it'd be hit or miss because the effects are very dependent on model shape/size. So, for now, make sure you have Real Plume properly installed, use Svm420's configs (Stock configs might work ok too), and enjoy more effects. I'm going to try and figure out why RLA engines are disappearing now.
  16. Yeah, I was thinking (hoping?) that ModuleEnginesFX was derived from ModuleEngines and therefore would take the defaults from the other. In any case, I seem to be goofing up something else with this, since HotRockets and Real Plume both seem not to "fix" it when they're installed. I'll figure it out this weekend.
  17. RE: No FX, so sound people - how many of you are using Stockalike configs? I recognize a few of you from that thread, but I can say that the Stockalike configs are not working very well (read: FX is completely broken on certain engines). Anyone having issues with RF + Stockalike, head on over to the Stockalike thread for updates. I'm working on it. If you're not using Stockalike, carry on.
  18. Ok, it seems in my testing that ModuleEnginesRF is the issue. Or, rather, that getting rid of ModuleEngine on older engines is the issue. Any engine that was previously a ModuleEngineFX engine (say KW Rocketry or Cryo Engines) works fine, but anything that was originally a ModuleEngine engine breaks entirely. And, sadly, I don't have a solution. The odd thing is that even with Real Plume configs, they still don't work. So even if you've configured new plumes for engines, they just don't work. I'm going to test a few more things to try and find what exactly broke the configs. Thanks bwoneill for the info, as well, and thanks everyone else for the reports. It's been very helpful!
  19. Thankfully, I work with code as my day job (web developer), so I'm used to the "Total systems collapse..." portion of the job. What's frustrating is having no idea where to start fixing. It's obviously not a mod conflict, and obviously something to do with my configs. But it's a non-obvious change. I can't imagine ModuleEnginesRF would cause any issues like this (since I'm assuming NathanKell didn't find missing effects in testing). So, I'm down to guessing what the $%^& is wrong! So, if anyone could take one of the stock engines (LV-909 or the LV-T45, preferrably) and start knocking out portions of the config. Say, remove the ModuleEngineIngitor sections and try again. Or remove the ModuleEngineConfigs and just see if the defaults work. I haven't found any obvious errors in the logs either, but if anyone finds something in theirs let me know. I'll be testing myself this weekend, so hopefully we can get this one fixed soon.
  20. Well, good to know. And I can confirm on my setup the missing effects. Have no idea why that is doing that. Can anyone confirm this on a Stock install with only RF (plus dependancies) and Stockalike? It's late here, so I won't be able to test until tomorrow evening or this weekend. And for now, I'd not install Real Plume - Stock. It changes the engine Module to ModuleEngineFX and runs after Stockalike. So, Stockalike changes the default to ModuleEnginesRF, and then Real Plume - Stock changes some back to ModuleEngineFX. Guessing we'll have to wait for Svm420 to finish his/her configs.
  21. HotRockets always screwed with this stuff because it doesn't use * operators in the MM configs. Ex: @PART[*] { @MODULE[ModuleEngines] { ... instead of something like: @PART[*] { @MODULE[ModuleEngine*] { ... IIRC, it nukes the effects and applies its own. But if you've already made the Engine module something new, it won't apply the new EFFECTS node to the actual engine (because it couldn't find the right MODULE). I've not used HotRockets personally for a while (for various reasons) so I can't say what it was before this last update. @Tellion: If you can, post the single part node from your ModuleManager.ConfigCache file. We'll see what got applied and such. Really curious on this one because, as I mentioned, Stockalike doesn't touch/add/remove any effects at all... With all this talk about effects, everyone should check out Real Plume - Stock Configs (link here). Svm420 was working on some plumes for Stockalike specifically, but the stock configs will work with Stockalike all the same. Always nice to have options anyway.
  22. I think already-launched/saved vessels will keep their old settings, which would mean no ullage on previous engines. PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP THOUGH! I'm not sure of that, so don't bank on your save being ok. But if you test that, let us know. Effects shouldn't get messed up by Stockalike. I only change ModuleEngines* to ModuleEnginesRF. You wouldn't happen to be running RealPlume or HotRockets, would you?
  23. Ha! Yeah, that's why I linked it. Random post buried in a long thread that perfectly explains the question; yeah, never gonna find it! But yeah, his explanation is good. You can turn it off if you want to, but that'd be a nice MM patch. Yes, it's possible. Just one line in the config to switch. But are you speaking in general for all engines? A particular one? A subset of engines?
  24. Dunno about that one. Can you post a log with that error? Stockalike shouldn't be nuking parts off the list... See here for explanation: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/81239-Stockalike-RF-Engine-Configs-v2-1-8-7-22-15?p=2060370&viewfull=1#post2060370 TL;DR: Because they're supposed to.
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